Which Airlines Rewards Program is Best

Every airline rewards program is obviously different from another. Due to this vast space between the rewards programs, customers may have to face situations ruled by personal dilemmas. The strengths and weaknesses of every program have to be given a closer look to contract the phase of confusion.

Getting free upgrades or free flights for an awesome travel experience can be an advantage of submitting to an airline’s rewards program. However, to make the best out of every program, every globetrotter should make an essential contribution to his personal choices of airline rewards programs by considering the following points.

  • How simple it is to gain quick points?
  • How much you actually need to spend to obtain the assistance of important perks?
  • How quickly can you spend your points?
  • How is the network of particular airlines and where do they fly?

Once you agree on these points, you will know which airlines reward program is totally meant for you. A good read of this article will provide you with an idea about two outstanding airline rewards programs that provide you with a lot of margin for making wise decisions.

United Airlines’ Mileage Plan

With its motive to cover more than 1,100 tourist destinations across the world, United Airlines along with its Star Alliance collaborators allow you to pick up the most exotic locations in Europe, South America, and Asia. United Airlines has outsmarted its rivals in its policy to cut down expenses on its reward flights. The enormous resilience of this program and massive points earning potential makes it worthy of some consumer attention without a doubt.

Plus Points of the Program

  • United makes it easier for you to go for free flights which are altogether more beneficial than that which are offered by American and Delta Lines.
  • With approximately 60,000 precious points you are all set to travel to Europe by investing your time in United Saver Awards tickets. Furthermore, if you want to utilize a rewards card for traveling in England, then you can opt for Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card. This will allow you to attend a good dining environment and purchase more rewards.
  • There are four major tiers that are generally associated with United namely Premier Silver, Premier Gold, Premier Platinum, and Premier 1K. Premier Silver is exclusively for those who have to spend at least $3,000 on flights of United and who have traveled 25,000 miles. To get yourself more improved advantages for Premier Gold, Premier Platinum, and Premier 1K, you need to spend more. The primary perks will include a cost-free upgrade to important Economy Plus seats, priority at the time of entry, and preference for security lanes.

Important Points

  • Being a complicated program, earning points can require a lot of patience and time.
  • Due to 18 months of regular inactivity, the points may not be valuable anymore.

What Makes this Program a Little Less Favorable?

The United Airlines’ Mileage Plan needs some careful understanding due to its intricate structure. Therefore, you are required to carry out some brief research and reading process to understand the same. Moreover, until you become adept at the MileagePlus formula, you will find it hard to know what to do next or when to stop.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

The rewards program offered by Alaska Airlines has built genuine lines of customers for many years now. Under this plan, you are fortunate enough to travel to 115 destinations from New York, Atlanta, and Seattle. Its biggest advantage is that points are gained not on the basis of how much you spend, but on the distance, you cover in your flight.

Plus Points of the Program

  • You are given bonus miles based upon the fare class you wish to go for. The first-class flights tickets will gain you around 75% more miles, while the normal economic-class air flights will put 25% to 50% miles in your pocket.
  • Moreover, you are also offered a single Mileage Plan mile for each mile that is covered by the flight. For instance, if your flight’s distance comes to be around 500 miles, then the airline rounds up to the exact target of 500.
  • Almost every status category will expose you to several benefits like discounts on visiting the lounges, free drinks, special boosts for travel partners, availability of upgrades with abundant space for top class travelers, and priority boarding.
  • Mileage Plan has three important status tiers: MVP Gold, MVP Gold 75K, and MVP. For passing for MVP tier you need to cover 20,000 to 25,000 miles in Alaska in one year with your qualifying companions, for MVP Gold 75K, you need 75,000 or 90,000 miles with qualifying partners, and finally, for MVP Gold, you need to gather 40,000 to 50,000 miles on your qualifying partners.

Important Points

  • Due to 2 years of inactivation, the Mileage Plan miles are sure to expire.
  • Blackout dates may diminish the value of reward tickets over a period of time. Also, on particular air flights reward seating may be subject to limitation.

Why this Rewards Program is the Best?

The Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan is exclusive and the best of all other airline rewards programs since you earn both points and leisure by traveling as far as you want to. Additionally, it paves the way for both national and international flights that satisfy you with complete comfort and travel fun.


After extracting a fine perception of the two most imperative airline rewards programs, it will be easier for you to establish the platform for your preferred airline rewards program. While the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan seems to be a perfect fit for every traveler, going for it cannot be a deplorable part of your air travel.

Hence, earn rewards and implement them to add an extraordinary, unforgettable bliss to your air rides!


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