2 Days in Seattle, Detailed Itinerary

So you’re looking to spend 2 days in Seattle? That’s a great choice! The city will blow you away with its excellent coffee, art and music scene. Seattle is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the United States and has been home to humans for at least 4,000 years. Did you know the city is the birthplace of the global chain of Starbucks? Entrepreneur Howard Shultz founded the company in Seattle.

If you like live music, you’ll love Seattle because it has the second-highest per capita amount of live music performances in the United States, only behind New York City. The famous rock band Nirvana started the grunge scene in Seattle, a scene that became globally popular. There’s so much to see and do but luckily we have the perfect Seattle itinerary for you!

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Two Days in Seattle: Where to Stay?

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How to Spend 2 days in Seattle, a detailed itinerary

Seattle in 2 days: Day One

Space Needle

Space Needle is a musr see on your 2 day Seattle itinerary
Space Needle

If there’s an iconic landmark in Seattle it would have to be the Space Needle. At an impressive 184 metres tall, it gives you superb 360-degree views of the city. There is even a revolving glass door!

view from Space Needle - 2 days in Seattle
view from Space Needle

The Space Needle originally opened in April 1962 for the Century 21 Exposition World Fair. But the architecture of the building quickly became world-famous for its unique style. That’s why it gets 1.3 million visitors yearly, with over 60 million visitors since the tower opened. It is a must-do on your Seattle itinerary.

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Chihuly Garden and Glass

Chihuly Garden and Glass - Seattle in 2 days

The Chihuly Garden and Glass is a museum in Seattle exhibiting the studio glass of Dale Chihuly. The exhibition first opened in 2012, featuring a glasshouse, three drawing walls, an exhibition hall with eight galleries, and beautiful gardens that act as a backdrop for the glass structures.

Chihuly Garden and Glass - 2 days in Seattle
Chihuly Garden and Glass

If you’re spending Two Days in Seattle, this is a convenient and easy attraction to see. The glass is a practical and beautiful example of Dale Chihuly’s work. Better still, it is at the bottom of the Space Needle, so it is easy to access!

Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)

Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) - 2 days in Seattle
Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP)

There are so many super fun things to see at the Museum of Pop Culture, including the Sky Church, the Blue Lounge, The Lounge, the East Lobby + Culture Kitchen, and the Sound + Vision Theater. Each one offers a fascinating insight into creative expression. Visitors also love the inspirational musical and artistic performances that showcase local talent.

Kerry Park Viewpoint

Kerry Park Viewpoint - 2 day Seattle itinerary
Kerry Park Viewpoint

Do you want to see epic views of the Seattle skyline? If you visit the Kerry Park Viewpoint, you’ll get postcard views of the great city so it’s a must-do on your Seattle itinerary.

The park is on Queen Anne’s south slope, so there are some excellent views from high above the city. You’ll even get to see Mount Rainier, which is Washington’s main natural attraction.

Capitol Hill Neighbourhood

Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle’s Capitol Hill

The Capitol Hill Neighbourhood is the city’s most popular nightlife and entertainment district, and it is the best way to finish your first day in the city. Visitors love the counterculture, music, and LGBT scene in the neighborhood.

Do you love Nirvana? This district is the birthplace of Nirvana and the grunge scene. You can still visit some of the places where the scene started. If you love grunge music, you have to have this on your Seattle 2-day itinerary.

Seattle in 2 Days: Day Two

Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is a must see in any Seattle itinerary

Pike Place Market is a famous public market in Seattle. Furthermore, it is one of the oldest public farmers’ markets in the US. You can easily get to the market because it is next to Seattle’s Central Business District.

Pike's Market in Seattle - two days in Seattle
Pike Place Market

The market is immensely popular and attracts 10 million visitors per year. But it isn’t just a place to buy produce, you can find crafts, fine art, and vendors selling many different types of goods. It is an excellent spot to include on your Seattle itinerary.

Gum Wall

Gum Wall in Seattle itinerary
Gum Wall

Seattle is home to some of America’s most astounding creativity. If you want to see something quirky and cool, you should check out the gum wall. This is a famous wall in Seattle that people have covered in used chewing gum.

Parts of the wall are centimeters thick in used chewing gum. In 2015, the local government cleaned the wall for the first time in twenty years to prevent erosion, but chewing gum soon came back.

The First Starbucks

The First Starbucks- 2 dys in Seattle
The First Starbucks

The First Starbucks is in Seattle and offers an incredible insight into how the global business started. The store is one of the major attractions in the city and, of course, offers some of the most excellent Starbucks coffee.

To keep the company’s heritage, Starbucks decided to keep the store as original as possible. Therefore, it doesn’t look too different from when it first opened in 1971. Why not check out the first Starbucks on your Seattle 2-day itinerary if you love the chain?

Eat Mac and Cheese at Beecher’s

Eat Mac and Cheese at Beecher’s on your 2 days in Seattle

Beecher’s Homemade Cheese is in Pike Place Market and offers some of the best cheese in the United States. They pride themselves on making food with ingredients they trust, are proud of, and love to eat themselves.

The Mac and Cheese is delicious and will warm you up if you’re visiting during the cold and wet winter months. It is a must-try if you’re near Pike Place Market.

Seattle Waterfront

Seattle Waterfront - things to see in Seattle in 2 days
Seattle Waterfront

Seattle’s Waterfront is the city’s pinnacle, and you will find heaps of excellent seafood, souvenirs, and cool shops. Visitors also love the superb views of the skyline from the waterfront.

One of the most popular shops on the waterfront is the 120-year-old Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, where you can find quirky souvenirs. Furthermore, you should visit the Seattle Shirt Company, which offers excellent Northwest apparel and cool clothes.

Harbour Cruise

Seattle as seen from the water- 2 days in Seattle
Seattle as seen from the water

Experience the city’s waterfront on a harbour cruise and get live narration with facts and the history of Seattle, 360-degree views of the skyline, and fabulous views of the Olympic mountains.

Furthermore, you’ll enjoy some fantastic food, cocktails, local wine, local beers, and entertainment on the cruise. It is a tremendous addition to your Seattle 2 day itinerary.

Underground Tour

Underground tour in Seattle - 2 days in Seattle
Underground tour

Why not do something a little unusual on your two-day Seattle itinerary? The Underground Tour provides an incredible insight into the sidewalks below the city after locals rebuilt Seattle on top after the 1889 great fire.

Underground Tour of Seattle - 2 day Seattle itinerary
Underground Tour

On the 75-minute underground tour, you’ll see Doc Maynard’s Public House, Pioneer Square, and Seattle’s Birthplace. Finally, you’ll end the tour in Rogues Gallery and the Underground Gift Shop, where you’ll enjoy displays of Seattle’s history and great souvenirs.

Pioneer Square

Pioneer Square is a famous district in the heart of Seattle. From here, you can see the city’s early structures, many of which were damaged by the Great Fire of 1989. It is the city’s oldest neighborhood and has by far the best history.

A great option is the Smith Tower Observatory, where you can witness superb views of the city from the 30th floor. Be sure to visit Occidental Park, on summer days you can enjoy live music and entertainment.

Seattle Public Library

The Seattle Public Library is a 24/7 library offering games, movies, books, tv shows, and much more. But the library’s main attraction is the building itself. Even if you don’t go inside, you’ll love the incredible architecture.

The building is 60 meters tall, holds over one and a half million books, and has over 400 computers. That’s not a bad way to finish your 2 day Seattle itinerary.

Practical Information For Your 2 Day Seattle Itinerary

Seattle Monorail car - 2 days in Seattle
Seattle Monorail car

When is The Best Time to Visit Seattle

A good time to visit Seattle is during the summer months when you’ll find many outdoor activities on offer, and the weather a pleasant average of 22C.

It is much colder during the winter and does get windy and rainy. So the best time is between May and September unless you want to brave the 8C December weather.

How to Get From the Airport to the City Center?

There are so many options to choose from because Seattle has such an excellent modern infrastructure.

Light Rail: Light rail is a superb option if you don’t mind carrying your luggage, because it is the cheapest way to go. The trip takes around 35 to 40-minutes, and once you arrive downtown, you can easily take the escalator or elevator to your hotel.

Uber Taxi: An effortless way to get to the city center is via Uber. It isn’t the cheapest, but it is a fantastic way to get there. Either catch an Uberpool or an UberX, and you’ll be there in around 40- minutes, depending on traffic. You can also try and catch a Lyft, which is the same price and a great alternative.

Airporter: If you don’t have a lot of luggage, you can catch the airporter. You’ll get there reasonably fast and won’t have to carry your luggage to the light rail station.

How to Get Around Seattle

Walk: If you choose a central hotel it is possible to walk to almost all the major attractions. For the rest, you can use one of the options below.

Bicycle: Seattle is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the US; you can find many bike-sharing services here. Popular ones include Jump Bike and Lime, so be sure to download the apps to find the docking areas.

Taxi: There are so many taxi options, and if you don’t mind spending a little extra, it is the best option. You should try Lyft, Uber, and metered taxis. You’ll quickly find them from anywhere in the city.

Monorail: The Seattle Center Monorail travels through Westlake Center to Queen Anne Hill, and it is a superb option if you’re around the downtown areas. It is relatively cheap, with a one-way adult fare at $2.50.

Seattle Street Cars: Seattle Street Cars connect the South Lake Union neighborhood to Downtown Seattle. It is an effortless way to get around, but they don’t run 24/7. There are nine stops, with numerous shopping malls and restaurants along the way.

King County Metro Transit: The King County Metro is an excellent bus service that travels around the entire city. Get yourself an Orca Card, and you can jump on wherever.

There is so much to experience in this vibrant city but with this guide, you will taste some of the best that Seattle has to offer in 2 days.

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