The natural splendor of America is wonderful to behold, from the Grand Canyon in the US to the Glacial Lakes of Canada. New York and San Francisco are just two of the fascinating cities to visit – cultural meccas filled with magnificent architecture. The vast shores – Atlantic, Pacific, the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf of Alaska – team with natural wonders. North America is a thrilling destination for nature and culture. 


The turquoise waters of these famous seas have enchanted us for centuries. These exquisite islands have their own unique characters. Cuba’s music and cuisine are wonderful, and the people even more so. The Caribbean also holds some of the most elite destinations in all the world, drawing visitors with their exquisite shores and top dining and accommodations. The Caribbean is truly a fantasy destination.



Who has not dreamt of experiencing the miracle of the rainforest? Or scaling the peaks of Machu Picchu? The natural wonders of South America include the Galapagos islands and its unique inhabitants, the peaks of the Andes, the majestic Iguazu falls. And the cultures of South America are no less fascinating, from experiencing the culture of Tango in Buenos Aires to Samba in Rio de Janeiro. South America is a thrilling destination for culture and nature.