An Evening Food Tour in Prague with Eating Europe

As the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague offers a variety of unique things to do. You can hike through forests, wander through museums, and explore ancient castles. Another great thing to try when in this city is a food tour. Prague is packed with exquisite restaurants, cafes, and specialty shops that are sure to amaze you. To experience all that Prague has to offer in the culinary world, you can take an evening food tour through the city with Eating Europe.

Besides tasting delicious dishes, you will be able to tour Prague’s beautiful culture and landscape while strolling to various restaurants and cafes. You’ll be taken around on the tour with an experienced guide who will point out the cultural attractions in the city you pass by. However, one of the best things about the tour (besides the delectable food and drinks) is that you will be able to take secret passages through the city rather than having to go through crowded tourist spots. This means you’ll be able to see a side of Prague most people don’t get to experience.

On this food tour, we were able to taste many special dishes and drinks that can be found in Prague. Below is the itinerary we followed on our journey around the city.

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Drink Some Beer at Kafe U Zelených Kamen

At this spot, we were able to gulp down some freshly brewed beer. The structure, built in 1541, was once a carpenter’s shop, before being converted into this small café. You can choose from many different selections of beer here, many of which come from the Žatecký Pivovar brewery. Besides beer, this cafe serves some homemade desserts and freshly made Panini with a steaming cup of coffee. This is a popular place with locals, so you’ll be able to immerse yourself into the Czech culture even more when here. We didn’t take something sweet here but instead we accompanied our beer with a platter of cold cuts and cheeses .

When you’re done enjoying your meal, you can step outside and explore a little bit more of the surrounding buildings, many of which are very historic. Some of the main highlights being the baroque houses lining the streets.

Try Some Traditional Czech Food at St. Martin

After enjoying a fresh beer and snacks, we were taken to St. Martin, a lively restaurant that offers a variety of culinary things to try, like traditional Czech food with modern twists.While dining here, you can sit back and relax while listening to the local jazz musicians playing inside.

The vast menu here offers many other things you can enjoy as well, like a roasted zucchini with dried tomatoes and hand-cut French fries seasoned with fresh herbs. We started our meal with an amuse-bouche made of tomatoes, capers and cheese. We then had a delicious sourcrout soup prepared with tomatoes and paprica.

After relaxing and enjoying our meal, we stepped outside and explored the area around St. Martin.

Enjoy Some Wine at Vinotéka U Mouřenína

Our next stop was the Vinotéka U Mouřenína which is home to an exquisite selection of both local and international wines. Here we had the chance to enjoy a selection of Czech wines while our guide told us stories about the wine production in the Czech Republik. We started our tasting with the Riesling 2016 Gurdau, a dry white wine made in the  vineyards of Kurdějov. We then had the Rose nad Zahrady 2016, a rose wine with aromas of strawberries and forrest fruits. We ended our tasting with a red Cabernet Sauvignon 2011, from Tanzberg in Mikulov. While sipping on our wine we munched on some fresh cheese, bread, and marmalade.

Eat Some Goulash at the Czech Slovak Lounge 

The Czech Republic is known for its goulash, and one of the best places to try it is at the Czech Slovak Lounge. Our, next stop was this quaint little restaurant nestled between various other shops. The hunting goulash, as it’s called here, is sure to please your taste buds with its satisfying blend of boar meat and dumplings.

Enjoy a Coffee and Dessert at Café Slavia

As one of the oldest cafes in Prague, Café Slavia certainly deserves a visit. The café is well-known for being the hangout of many famous artists and poets who enjoyed lingering around inside, like Arnošt Lustig and Jan Zrzavý. Filled with art deco décor, the café offers an array of treats you can try, like fresh sandwiches, or more traditional Czech dishes, like beef broth with potato noodles.

After so much food we tried some of the cafe’s renowned dessert options, a cheesecake topped with a fresh berry sauce, ice cream, and whipped cream and of course Czech’s famous drink the Absinth. The café also often hires local musicians to play inside. You can listen to them playing their songs softly inside the café while enjoying your food and hot coffee.

If you’re interested in taking part of this wonderful tour by Eating Europe, you’ll find it’s very easy to sign up for. The tour takes place on various days throughout the year at different times so you have a few options. All you need to do is book your tour on the Eating Europe site to reserve a place and pay a slight fee. If you eventually need to cancel your reservation, you can easily do so by notifying Eating Europe 48 hours before your tour begins for a refund. After signing up, you’ll receive the location where you are to meet up with your tour guide so you can start your culinary adventure.

If you keep your reservation, you’ll receive a Food Lover’s Guide to Prague book which will identify some of the top places to grab a bite to eat in the city, many of which you’ll venture to with the tour.

Other Important Information

The tour will last about 4 hours, so it’s important to bring comfortable walking shoes as you’ll be trekking through the city and on rough cobblestones.

Make sure to bring a camera as well. Besides food, you’ll also be taken to some famous spots in Prague, places you definitely want to snap a few photos of.

If you’re a foodie or just someone looking to experience Prague in a special way, definitely consider this evening food tour. It will not only allow you to try some of the city’s most scrumptious treasures, but give you plenty of time to sightsee along the way.

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