Best Towns on Lake Como

Envisage deep blue waters sheltered beneath commanding, luscious green mountains and traditional Italian lakeside villas perched effortlessly on the sloping hills, and you have the magnificent Lake Como. Situated in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, and not far from the hustle and bustle of Milan, Lake Como is a paradise to escape to for tourists and Italians alike. In the summer, visitors can enjoy boat rides on the Lake, hiking around the spectacular natural scenery, as well as exploring the various towns and villages that are scattered around the Lake. This list will educate you as to what all of the towns on Lake Como have to offer, as well as the key highlights and experiences of each.

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If you cannot stay in one of the beautiful towns of Lake Como for the night I suggest one of the following day trips from Milan:

13 most beautiful towns to visit on Lake Como

#1 Como

Como, Town in Lake Como

Perhaps one of the Lake’s largest, most vibrant and also, most popular towns, is Como. Filled with lively cafes, authentic Trattoria and plenty of places to sample Italian Gelato, Como is a great place to spend a day exploring. One of the highlights of Como is the spectacular Duomo, with its grand, dominating façade, and equally astonishing interior.

A great thing to do in Como is to wander around the harbour, which is particularly beautiful in the early evening and at sunset; here you will discover couples, families and locals alike, all exploring the breath-taking views that are visible.

There are also many people that go swimming in the waters nearby to Como town, particularly on the famous Italian summer days. A great thing about Como is that it is really well connected to Milan, taking just half an hour on the train, meaning it is a hub for day-trippers and tourists.

Where to stay in Lake Como

VISTA Palazzo Lago di Como

VISTA Palazzo Lago di Como is a stunning hotel located in Como with spectacular views over the surrounding lake and mountains. The modern interiors are finished with artistic flair and no matter whether you choose a Deluxe Room or a Junior Suite you will be graced with elegant furnishings, comfortable beds and sleek bathrooms with plush robes and complimentary toiletries.

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Avenue Hotel

As you walk into Avenue Hotel and the nearby sister restaurant, Il Pinzimonio restaurant, you will be impressed by the bright, modern décor that welcomes you. Further inside you will find simple, comfortable rooms that are the perfect place to unwind after a day exploring the lake.

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#2 Bellagio

Belaggio - Lake Como Towns

To many visitors, Bellagio is the true gem of Lake Como. Famed for its majestic Italian villas over-looking the Lake, and for being the home to famous individuals, Bellagio is a dreamy destination for so many reasons. The town of Bellagio is a classic, traditional Italian town, with its winding, narrow alleyways, steep-stairways and immense plethora of eateries and wineries.

Bellagio is filled to the brim with beautiful gardens and villas to explore, and has an abundance of incredible photo-opportunities. Head to Via Giuseppe Garibaldi to splurge on some luxury Italian leather goods, such as bags, shoes and jackets, as well as exploring some independent stores that sell an array of unique items as well as souvenirs, which you can take home or gift to loved ones.

Where to stay in Bellagio

Borgo Le Terrazze

With breath-taking views over Lake Como, Borgo Le Terrazze in Bellagio is a serene hotel designed to make the most of its prime location. Guests can take in the views of the lake from the terrace, the garden or from their private balcony. Rooms are impeccably furnished and the bathrooms are bellissimo!

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Villa Vitali

Nestled in the hillside overlooking the lake, Villa Vitali is a fantastic hotel with a swimming pool, hot tub, gym and garden as little added luxuries. Each room features apartment facilities such as a kitchen or kitchenette, dining area and a small lounge.

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#3 Varenna

Northern Italy Cities and Towns you must visit - Lake Como

Located on the eastern shore on the Lake lies Varenna, a small and picturesque traditional fishing village. A great thing to do in Varenna is to visit Villa Monastero, which though mostly used for conferences, it occasionally open to the public to explore its traditional Italian façade and gorgeous interiors. The Villa is most famous for its long, thin gardens, which are beautifully detailed with exotic plants and flowers; they also offer breath-taking views of the Lake and luscious green mountains.

Though Varenna itself is small, there is a plethora of authentic Italian eateries that serve up traditional dishes with locally sourced ingredients. Moreover, it is a great place to sample delicious local wines, as well as experiment with the abundance of gelato flavours.

Another highlight of Varenna is the friendliness of the locals, who are more than willing to welcome and help out tourists and visitors.

Where to stay in Varenna

Apartments Rossini

Ideal for group trips, Apartments Rossini offers large, self-catering accommodation located on the banks of Lake Como. Each apartment is well-equipped with bright, spacious kitchen and living areas and excellent views.

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Michelangelo B&B

Michelangelo B&B is a warm, welcoming hotel with friendly staff and wonderful views over the lake and surrounding landscapes. Rooms are cosy and comfortable and feature lovely artwork over the bed. A buffet breakfast is included that can be taken in the breakfast room or perhaps out on the terrace.

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Selected Tours in Lake Como

#4 Tremezzo

beautiful towns in lake Como, Italy - Tremezzo

One of the most popular tourist towns on Lake Como is Tremezzo, meaning that it is built up with gran hotels and incredible villas. Nonetheless, Tremezzo is one of the most beautiful towns on the entire Lake, which is saying something.

Located near to Bellagio, the town is a stop-over point for many tourists and visitors who wish to visit somewhere slightly quiet, but still with enough buzz and vibrancy about it. One of the highlights of Tremezzo is the Church of St Maria, which is famous and popular for its incredible statue of Madonna Nera; the Church itself is also beautiful, and offers incredible views.

Moreover, like most towns on Lake Como, there are so many villas to explore; most notably in Tremezzo is Villa Carlotta, with its grand white façade and commanding size, it has enticed visitors for years.

Where to stay in Tremezzo

Podere Brughee

For a unique family getaway or group vacation, head to Podere Brughee, a traditional, rustic Italian farmhouse that has been updated to become a stunning holiday villa. The farmhouse can accommodate 16 guests and features a swimming pool, hot tub, sauna and table tennis table. Many of the traditional features have been kept to retain authenticity and add charm!

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Hotel Villa Marie

The Art Nouveau property, Hotel Villa Marie, features elegant décor such as painted ceiling frescoes, high ceilings and exquisite furnishings throughout. Guests can enjoy breakfast on the terrace before retiring to the swimming pool that overlooks the lake.

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#5 Lecco

Lecco - towns in lake Como you should visit

Nestled on the southern tip of Lake Como lies Lecco, a bustling town on the water’s edge. Unlike some of the other towns on the Lake that are predominately tourist hotspots, Lecco is a real working town, with lots going on, making it ideal for visitors who would perhaps like to see the authentic way of life on Lake Como.

One of the highlights of Lecco is Visconti Bridge, which dates back to the fourteenth-century, and still exudes its traditional Renaissance charm. Moreover, ensure that you spend some time just wandering around the time, as there is a lot of Medieval and Baroque architecture to explore, not to mention some of the grand villas that you will be so used to seeing at this point!

Because of its less-touristy nature, Lecco has some incredible restaurants that serve up absolutely delicious, authentic Italian dishes in traditional style restaurants.

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Where to stay in Lecco

Villa Puccini Bed & Breakfast

The charming Villa Puccini Bed & Breakfast has been designed with grand features throughout and the eating arel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer” fresh, continental breakfast overlooking the lake with classical Italian music playing in the background is the perfect way to start the day! All rooms are comfortable and well-equipped and the staff are fantastic.

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Villa del Cigno

The Villa del Cigno guesthouse is located a short, uphill walk from the main square of Lecco and the rooms are comfortable, bright and airy. The breakfast spread is truly heavenly with fruit, cereals, pastries, meat and cheese to fill you up for the day.

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#6 Bellano

Bellano - Lake Como towns

The quaint town of Bellano is situated on the eastern side of Lake Como, and is far less touristy than many of the other towns on the Lake, such as Bellagio and Como. If you are someone who prefers the slower-paced lifestyle and significantly less tourists in favour of authentic Italy,

Bellano could be the ideal place for you to base yourself on your trip to Lake Como. The top things to do here include relaxing on the lidos that line the shores; with breath-taking natural views, what better place to spend the day catching some sunrays and getting lost in a great book?

There are also several lakeside hotels and restaurants that are perfect to stay in or sample some amazing food. Also, make sure you visit the famous Bellano Gorge, that was formed 15 million years ago due to immense erosion; it is a spectacular place to spend the day exploring and hiking around the area.

Where to stay in Bellano

Villa Marina

Villa Marina is a striking building located on the edge of Lake Como, with terrace seating, a hot tub and sun loungers all making the most of the view. Rooms are decorated in a traditional, elegant style and the natural stone walls give it added charm. Villa Marina also has its own private lakeside beach!

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The Cozy Nest

The Cozy Nest is a chic, modern holiday home in Bellano, with a private pool and terrace overlooking the lake. The one-bedroom house is well equipped with a full kitchen and lounge, and is ideal for a couples’ getaway on Lake Como.

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#7 Menaggio

Menaggio in Lake Como

Many people who visit Lake Como agree that Menaggio is perhaps the most beautiful town on the entire Lake, which is saying something, as they are all so impressive and individual. Menaggio is on the western side of the Lake, and is one of the largest towns, meaning that a lot of visitors base themselves here when exploring everything that they Lake has to offer.

In Menaggio, Piazza Garibaldi is lined with nineteenth-century buildings, and is essentially the hub of the town, with its abundance of cafes, bars and restaurants, all filled with a sense of life and excitement. Menaggio played an important role in the First and Second World Wars, and there are many tours and excursions you can embark on to learn more, and visit famous and significant sights as well.

Where to stay in Menaggio

Hotel Garni Corona

The bright, clean Hotel Garni Corona is located in the heart of Menaggio just steps from the shores of Lake Como. Rooms are chic and comfortable and the private balconies offer wonderful views of the town and surrounding landscapes.

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Villa Navalia

Villa Navalia is a luxurious property offering deluxe, self-catering apartments with expansive terraces, perfect for dining al fresco in summer! Furnishings are comfortable and modern throughout and each villa boasts a private hot tub from which to enjoy the view.

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#8 Argegno

Argegno in Lake Como

This small and quirky town is situated very near to some of Lake Como’s major towns, such as Como and Tremezzo, making it a great stop-over point to explore. The town of Argegno is beautifully old and historic, with small and narrow stairways and little alleyways and side-streets that seem so intriguing and enticing to follow.

If you are looking for a brilliant place to grab a late lunch whilst visiting Lake Como, Argegno is the perfect place to do that, as though it is small, there is a plethora of authentic eateries, many of which serve incredible, and locally sourced seafood, making it all the more enjoyable and memorable.

Aside from eating, make sure you visit the Church of Santissima Trinita, which dates all the way back to 1632; the Church itself is beautiful and quintessentially Italian in architecture, but it also looks incredibly picturesque with the dominating mountainous scenery.

Where to stay in Argegno

Villa Peroni – Vintage

Villa Peroni – Vintage is a traditional Italian home from the outside with wrought iron balconies and ochre paint, yet inside lies a modern apartment with quirky furnishings and plenty of character. The self-catering apartment has a comfortable lounge, well-equipped kitchen and spectacular views over the lake and mountains.

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Villa Lilla

Great for groups, Villa Lilla is a stunning five-bedroom property with panoramic views and a private pool to offer Lake Como luxury and comfort. The house is well-equipped throughout and the owners are friendly and knowledgeable and are just a phone call away if you need anything during your stay.

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#9 Cernobbio

Cernobbio town in Lake Como

The small town of Cernobbio is situated on the northwest of Lake Como, and is definitely one of the most scenic. It is also one of the best places to visit if you love to explore the Lake’s villas, as Cernobbio is home to the famous Villa d’Este; this astonishing Renaissance building has historically housed many famous individuals, ranging from scholars to intellectuals, whereas now, it has been converted to a luxury hotel.

Another villa worth exploring in Cernobbio is Villa Bernasconi; once the home of the massively wealthy Bernasconi family, the Villa is now a sought-after venue, particularly for weddings, due to its beautiful and unique exterior, and stunning gardens and views of the Lake. From every corner of Cernobbio, you are destined to find incredible views, so ensure that you spend a lot of time just wandering around the waterfront and absorbing the natural beauty in front of you.

Where to stay in Cernobbio

Hotel Asnigo

The four-star Hotel Asnigo is a pristine hotel with bright, modern interiors, a terrace restaurant and a swimming pool with exceptional views. The Art Nouveau building stands out in the town and the floor-to-ceiling windows of the breakfast room allow you to soak up the atmosphere while enjoying a delicious continental breakfast.

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La Corte di Zizi

Loctaed in the heart of Cernobbio, La Corte di Zizi offers one and two-bedroom apartments with comfortable rooms, well-equipped kitchens and modern bathrooms. These cosy apartments will feel like a home away from home in Cernobbio, Lake Como.

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#10 Gravedona

Gravedona town in Lake Como

Gravedona is a town on Lake Como that evokes a sense of historic charm, as well as exuding a sense of peace and quiet, unlike some of the other larger towns on the Lake, such as Menaggio and Bellagio. During your time in Gravedona, make sure you visit the Church of Santa Maria del Tiglio, a twelfth-century Church built in the Romanesque style, providing it with a sense of charm and elegance, which is emphasised by the beautiful surroundings.

You can also visit the house of Alessandro Volta, the inventor of the electrical battery; the house is where he spent a lot of his youth, and today holds a commemorative plaque on the outside of the building. Finally, make sure you visit Palazzo Gallio, a grand palace built in 1586, that has so much history just waiting to be uncovered; the building itself is astonishing, and looks so picturesque with the Lake and mountain background scenery.

Where to stay in Gravedona

Agriturismo alla Poncia

The large, farmhouse-style hotel, Agriturismo alla Poncia, offers well-furnished holiday apartments located in sprawling garden grounds. The property features a stunning swimming pool along with plenty of space within your apartment to relax.

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Tullio Hotel

The modern Tullio Hotel is an exceptional property located in Gravedona on the shores of Lake Como. Guests can enjoy comfortable bedrooms, a large swimming pool, a daily breakfast buffet and one-hour use of the spa facilities during the stay.

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#11 Cadenabbia

Cadenabbia town to visit in Lake Como

At a population of only 700, Cadenabbia is one of the smaller, but equally beautiful towns on Lake Como. The town is a small and closely-knit community, and many visitors are fascinated by the slow-paced life that is evident in Cadenabbia. Moreover, there are particularly gorgeous mountains enveloping the town, and the views of the Lake are stunning.

Some of the best things to do in Cadenabbia include visiting the first Anglican church in Italy, Church of the Ascension, which was built during the early 1800s. There are also some incredibly luxurious villas in the town, and many tourists decide to take a day-trip to Cadenabbia just to visit them all. There is also a great amount of history in the town, for example, many famous individuals visited Cadenabbia, including Queen Victoria and Nicholas II of Russia.

Where to stay in Cadenabbia

Royal Cadenabbia

For modern, self-catering apartments in Lake Como, look no further than Royal Cadenabbia. These spectacular apartments are furnished with stylish, eclectic interiors along with everything you need for a self-contained holiday. You’ll fall in love with the designs and the views and won’t want to leave!

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Hotel Villa Hadeel

The three-star Hotel Villa Hadeel is bright, fresh and elegant throughout and offers a perfect location right on the edge of the lake. Breakfast is served overlooking the lake and the friendly staff are on hand should you need anything during your stay.

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#12 Domaso

Domaso - Lake Como Towns

Located high up on the western side of Lake Como lies Domaso, a small and tight-knight village. One reason in particular why Domaso is famous is for its white wines, known as Domasino wine, which is now very rare, and has been in production since the Roman era.

Another reason that visitors head towards Domaso is for its extensive history; for instance, you can visit Villa Miani, which was built by the painter Vasques in 1800; it is quintessential Italian with its beautiful gardens and powerful façade.

Many people are drawn towards Domaso because of its beautiful beaches and waterside restaurants and bars; if you are in Lake Como on holiday, particularly in the summer, this is the perfect place to head to if you wish to relax on the beach and catch some well-deserved sunrays.

Where to stay in Domaso

Villa Vinicia

Villa Vinicia is a stunning 17th Century property that has been refurbished to house a range of rooms and apartments. The interiors are a breath-taking mix of old and new, with wrought iron beds side-by-side with modern Jacuzzis. The property also features a large swimming pool and a hot tub.

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Hotel Europa Venini

Hotel Europa Venini is a great choice for families, with double, twin and family rooms available. The hotel features comfortable bedrooms, a swimming pool, a restaurant, small gym and pristine gardens. The hotel is family-run and the staff are fantastic so you’re sure to have an incredible stay.

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#13 Lenno

Lenno town in Lake Como

As you will surely realise when you visit Lake Como, there are many touristy towns on the Lake, and some which are more authentic and inhabited predominately by locals, and Lenno is certainly one of these. For visitors, Lenno is the perfect place to spend a day, or even just an afternoon wandering around, taking in its abundance of natural beauty and Italian charm.

The village of Lennon is also accessible by boat, so many tourists opt to travel there on a scenic, romantic boat ride instead. As anywhere in Lake Como, there are also an abundance of majestic villas to explore in Lenno, for example, Villa del Balbianello which is incredibly famous due to its relation to Star Wars.

Where to stay in Lenno

Hotel Lenno

Hotel Lenno is a superior, modern hotel located in a grand building on the edge of the lake. The hotel features everything you need for an exceptional stay including comfortable bedrooms, a bright terrace, a swimming pool and even a sauna!

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As this list has demonstrated, Lake Como offers visitors a variety of different attractions, from its spectacular natural scenery, incredible hiking trails, beaches and gorgeous towns and villages that are quintessentially Italian. Whether you prefer to be in the centre of activity or prefer being more isolated and enticed by the local way of life, Lake Como has something for everyone to enjoy.

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