The 10 Best Walking Sandals for Women In 2019

The best walking sandals for women will keep your feet super comfy during your travels and prevent your feet from getting tired whilst sightseeing.  The last thing you want during that dream getaway is to waste precious travel days due to sore and tired feet.

A good quality pair of women’s flat sandals are designed to provide your feet maximum comfort and be sturdy for a range of surfaces. So, leave your favourite everyday dressy sandals at home, as they’re just not going to cut it for days and days of walking.  But don’t be mistaken in thinking comfy women’s walking sandals aren’t stylish, as you will see from the list below you can have great supportive ladies walking sandals that look good too.

If you’re after a pair of women’s comfortable walking sandals for your upcoming trip, then you’ll love this good walking sandals guide.  In this guide I’ll take you through everything you need to know to ensure you buy the most comfortable walking sandals, including the essentials features for comfy sandals for walking as well as look at some of the most popular walking sandals currently on the market.

My Pick for the Best Walking Sandals for Women: Ecco Damara Ankle Gladiator Sandals

Don’t have time to read all the women’s walking sandals reviews?  Well my pick for the best walking sandals for woman are the Ecco Damara Ankle Gladiator sandals.  I just love how these sandals have the perfect balance between providing great comfort and looking fantastic too.  You could easily wear these sandals with a casual outfit for a day of sightseeing, then wear them with a dress later to go out for dinner.

These Ecco sandals are a great choice if you’re after not only the best sandals for walking long distances but comfortable walking sandals that look good too.

Keep reading below for my full review on these walking sandals.

The Best Women’s Walking Sandals 2019 Comparison Chart 

The table below provides a great overview of the various options for the best walking sandals reviewed in this guide.  You can easily compare their features side by side.

Keep reading below for the full reviews.

EDITOR’S CHOICE 1. Ecco Damara Ankle Gladiator

  • Material: Leather Upper
  • Colours: Blue, Red, Black and Grey
4 Check Price
RUNNER UP 2. Clarks Morse Tour

  • Material: Leather
  • Colours: Black
4.5 Check Price
3. Teva Verra

  • Material: Synthetic
  • Colours: 19 Different Colours
4.4 Check Price
4. Merrell Terran Convertible II

  • Material: Leather Upper
  • Colours: 7 Different Colours
4.5 Check Price
5. Teva Tirra Athletic

  • Material: Synthetic Upper
  • Colours: 27 Different Colours
4.6 Check Price
6. Birkenstock Yara

  • Material: Leather
  • Colours: 15 Different Colours
4.3 Check Price
7. FitFlop Skinny Z-Cross

  • Material: Leather
  • Colours: Silver Snake, Dark Tan, Gold Black
4.2 Check Price
8. Gold Pigeon SNAP Lock

  • Material: Synthetic
  • Colours: 5 Different Colours
4.6 Check Price
9. Skechers Reggae Slim-Vacay

  • Material: Synthetic
  • Colours: Black, Brown, Navy and Beige
4.3 Check Price
10. Vionic Amber

  • Material: Synthetic
  • Colours: 7 Different Colours
4.3 Check Price


My Favorite Women’s Comfortable Walking Sandals Reviewed

1. Ecco Damara Ankle Gladiator Sandals

These ankle gladiator sandals by Ecco are both super stylish and comfortable, making them a fantastic choice for women after sandals for travel.

High quality polyurethane is used for the outsoles which last 2-3 times longer than traditional materials.  These outsoles are made to be flexible and shock absorbing and require little to no break in period.  The inlay sole contains a unique soft layer underneath which is designed to wick away moisture and help eliminate foot odour and bacteria.

Unlike conventional sandals, these Ecco sandals have a roomy toe box so that your toes can spread naturally to support your weight and provide more comfort overall.  Whilst the soft flexible leather upper naturally moves with your feet.  Many happy customers report that these sandals allowed them to walk for miles every day without getting sore feet.

Not only do these sandals provide great comfort, they look fantastic too.  Coming in four different colour combinations including blue, red, black or grey, you’re sure to find the perfect colour for you.

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2. Clarks Morse Tour Sandal

With a brand like Clark, you know you are getting a quality product, and these Morse Tour sandals are no exception.  These sporty sandals provide all day comfort whilst maintaining a stylish feminine look.

These sandals have a synthetic and flexible sole, which provides excellent traction as well as comfort.   The foot bed is generously cushioned as well as containing moderate arch support to ensure your feet aren’t sore and tired after a day of sightseeing.

These great walking sandals also come with hook-and-loop straps that allow for an adjustable and comfortable fit for your feet, whilst the inside straps of the sandals are lined with soft fabric for additional comfort.

The Clarks Morse Tour sandals are highly rated and are a great choice for women looking for sandals to wear during their travels.

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3. Teva Verra Sandals

Teva is one of the best names in the business when it comes to comfortable sandals for travel.  With Teva making so many great sandals for travel, I’ve included two different ones in these reviews.  First up let’s check out the Teva Verra sandals.

The Verra’s are made with a synthetic and webbing upper which dries quickly after getting wet, so ideal if you are looking for sandals for a beach vacation.  These sandals also have a sturdy and durable thick rubber sole with water channeling lugs which provides great traction. In the heel is a cushioned pad which is designed to absorb impact and the midsole and top sole is made from a contoured EVA foam for great arch support.

These women’s walking sandals with arch support have a fully adjustable ankle strap as well as one strap across the foot for a secure and perfect fit.  The straps are simple to use with an easy hook and loop Velcro closure design.  These sandals are even treated with a special antimicrobial coating that helps prevent your sandals from smelling.

For women that prefer a casual look, these sandals are a great option.  Also coming in 19 different colours, you’re sure to find the perfect colour to match.

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4. Merrell Terran Convertible II Sandal

Merrell is another great brand when it comes to comfortable walking sandals for travel.  These Merrell Terran Convertible II sandals have a similar casual look to the previous Teva Verra sandals.

These sandals come with a hook and loop closure system, which allows for quick adjusting and a nice fit for any foot. With a breathable mesh lining along the straps, these sandals can be tightly secured to your feet whilst remaining breathable and comfortable.

This pair of walking sandals also feature a microfibre soft sole with remember me foam. This essentially means that the shoe will ‘remember’ your foot, and mold itself to your foot whenever you wear it. Together with the incredibly soft sole, these sandals are super comfortable and provide great support for a day of sightseeing.

The Merrell Terran Convertible II’s come in 7 different shades and are super versatile as they can easily be worn with a pair shorts for a day of sightseeing or paired with a casual dress for dinner.

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5. Teva Tirra Athletic Sandal

The second Teva’s in this review are theTeva Tirra Athletic sandal, which are perfect for a day of city sightseeing as well as light hiking making them the perfect travel sandal.

These Teva women’s sandals are made with a synthetic and webbing upper which is suitable for walking through water.  They also have a sturdy and durable thick rubber sole with water channeling lugs which provides great traction. In the heel is a cushioned pad which is designed to absorb impact and the midsole and top sole is made from a contoured EVA foam.

The sandals have a fully adjustable ankle strap as well as two straps across the foot to ensure a perfect fit.  The straps are simple to use with an easy hook and loop Velcro closure design.  They are even treated with a special antimicrobial coating that helps prevent your sandals from smelling.

These Teva sandals come in over 20 different colours from basic black to bright pink, so you’re sure to find the perfect colour for you.

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6. Birkenstock Yara

With Birkenstock sandals being so popular, I had to have at least one pair in these reviews and I’m sure you’ll love the Birkenstock Yara sandals. The comfy leather flat combined with the stylish finish of these sandals allows for these shoes to be useful for a day of light hiking, or for a day of city sightseeing.

This elegant sandal features an adjustable ankle strap and toe loop, allowing for maximum comfort which is paramount for long days of walking. Combine this with the Birkenstock classic footbed and shock absorbing EVA sole and you have one incredibly comfortable pair of sandals. You thought that was all? The Yara’s also feature a leather made with no additional dyes, which keeps the leather breathable, durable and comfortable.

But don’t let all this comfort fool you, the Birkenstock Yara Women’s Walking Sandals still remain fashionable and fun. You could just as soon combine these into an outfit made for a simple lunch out rather than travel.

Coming in 15 different styles, the Birkenstock Yara’s are a flexible pair of sandals perfect for any woman’s wardrobe.

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7. FitFlop Skinny Z-Cross

FitFlop is a lesser known company, and these shoes are a slightly cheaper choice compared to the other options, however, these Skinny Z-Cross sandals make the list as they don’t sacrifice on quality.

FitFlop actually use their own bio mechanically engineered, ergonomic foot bed. This foot bed has been given a seal of acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association, which essentially means these sandals are great for those of you who need some extra support for their feet.

An adjustable buckle closure at the ankle allows for a better fit to your foot, with an EVA midsole featuring a high-density heel, low-density mid-section and mid-density toe cap. This is all a fancy of way of saying; “These sandals are really comfortable!”

With a durable rubber outsole, these sandals are sure to last you on your travels and won’t break on you halfway through. The Skinny Z-Cross is also stylish, they can easily be worn to a work meeting or used on a holiday; their uses are endless!

With a slightly lower price tag than the other options, the FitFlop Skinny Z-Cross Women’s Sandals are possibly the perfect choice for those looking for a sandal that is not only comfortable and stylish, but will also keep your foot in good shape.

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8. Gold Pigeon SNAP Lock Sandals

Yet another not so well known brand, Gold Pigeon makes our list with their SNAP Lock Sandals. These are a great choice if you’re looking for a pair of waterproof sandals for your vacation.

As the name suggests, the sandals feature a snap lock system. The straps have a safe and secure stainless-steel magnetic closure, making for extremely easy adjusting and removing of the shoe, whilst also ensuring the shoes have a secured fit to your foot.  You can even remove the ankle strap to convert these sandals into a pair of slides for a more casual look.

A great selling point of these sandals are that they are totally waterproof. If you’ve been looking for the waterproof sandals, then these may be the pair you’re after. A textured insole also allows for extra grip in wet conditions.

These sandals also include a shock-absorbing sole which provides cushioning, flexibility and support for  all terrains. You can even put them in the washing machine for easy cleaning!

Designed to survive through wet conditions, if you want some waterproof sandals, the Gold Pigeon SNAP Lock Sandals are a great choice and are sure to keep your feet comfortable in the wettest of conditions.

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9. Skechers Reggae Slim Vacay

It is no surprise that a pair of Skechers sandals make our top ten, Skechers is an award-winning global leader in the lifestyle footwear industry, developing footwear that is trend-savvy for not only women, but also men and children. The company prides itself on high quality at a lower cost.

The Reggae Slim-Vacay sandalsare no different, coming in as a bit of a more budget option, the sandals sacrifice no quality. With a smooth faux leather finish keeping the shoes breathable, these can be worn for hours on end with no build-up of heat on your feet. A rubber sole combined with the original Reggae slim footbed results in maximum comfort for the wearer.

The shoe also sports memory foam, which means the sole will mold to the shape of your foot over time, meaning the shoe will get more comfortable for your feet as you use them more. The Reggae Slim-Vacay’s don’t forgo style, coming in four different colours and keeping a sleek, fashionable design, these Skechers can be worn almost anywhere.

However, these shoes do not come with any adjustable straps at the heel, so if you have exceptionally wide or narrow feet; then these sandals may not work for you. But they are fine for the general sandal user.

The Skechers Reggae Slim-Vacay Women’s Sandals are an excellent choice no matter the occasion and would be a great addition in any women’s sandal travel bag.

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10. Vionic Amber

Last, but certainly not least, Vionic makes our list with their Vionic Amber Women’s Sandals. Smart and stylish, the Vionic Amber’s have incredible adjustability and are perfect for those long flights or sightseeing days when your feet need that little more breathing room.

With four points of adjustability on this backstrap sandal, there are endless possibilities resulting in complete comfort. A lightweight, flexible EVA midsole absorbs shock, reducing stress on feet, ankles and knees – perfect for those impromptu light hiking trips! A durable rubber outsole with a patterned tread provides excellent traction on any surface; whether it be the great outdoors or simply walking to the fridge for that second chocolate.

Orthaheel Technology within the shoes heel is bio mechanically designed to hug your arches and provide your feet with the ultimate comfort. Even better, this technology is proven to effective in helping treat heel pain, so these sandals are an excellent option for those of you that need that extra bit of support in your shoes.

The Vionic Amber Women’s Sandals are available in a variety of colours and you also have the option to choose between a ‘wide’ or ‘medium’ width, great for matching your sandals to your feet. Stylish and practical, the Vionic Amber’s are an excellent choice no matter the occasion.

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Things to Consider when Purchasing the Best Ladies Walking Sandals

Before purchasing your sandals, be sure to do your research and consider the following factors to ensure you purchase the best walking sandals for you. 

1. Comfort and Support

 When it comes to sandals that you are going to wear day in and day out during your travels, the most important factor is the comfort and support they provide your feet.  Generally comfort and support comes in the form of arch support, a good foot bed and deep heel cup.

Arch Support

Unlike your dressy sandals, good quality walking sandals are designed with great arch support, like what you’d expect to see in a pair of hiking boots or sports shoes.  Good arch support helps maintain alignment of your foot, maintain good posture and ensures your feet stay comfortable after hours and hours of walking.

Foot Bed

The best walking sandals have a foot bed with cushioning which cradles your foot.  It is recommended that you look for sandals with a curved foot bed. 

Deep Heel Cup 

Ideally your walking sandals should have a nice deep heel cup in order to hold your heel in place and support it from all sides.  A deep heel cup also prevents your foot from rolling all over the place in tough terrain.

Metatarsal Pad “Met Pads”

This part of the sandal helps support and spread out the transverse arch as well as help to prevent forefoot pain.

2. Traction 

Ensure your sandals have a nice thick rubber sole with deep grooves and patterns for maximum adherence.  This will ensure you have great stability for most surfaces. 

3. Straps 

Look for sandals with nice thick adjustable straps, not thin and flimsy straps which most dressy sandals tend to have.  Fully adjustable straps allow you to get the perfect fit and even let you adjust for swollen feet.

Ensure the straps make it easy to put on and off, this is particularly important if you’re travelling to places where you’ll need to take your shoes off for entering temples for example.


The best walking sandals are ones that are well-constructed from durable materials (leather walking sandals are a popular choice).  You don’t want your sandals falling apart mid trip.

For good quality sandals, look for ones with nylon or mesh straps, synthetic uppers, and rubber soles.

5. Style

As well as being comfortable and practical, you of course want sandals that look great too.  I mean after all you may well be wearing these sandals every day during your travels.  You probably are going to have to make some compromises when it comes to the aesthetics of your sandals, but these days there are some great looking comfortable sandals that come in stacks of colours and designs.

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