Ultimate Guide to Braubach, Germany

One of the loveliest hidden gems of the Rhine River Valley is located only 13 Km away from the city of Koblenz, in Rhineland-Palatinate. Braubach is a small fairy town immersed in a beautiful natural landscape made of vineyards and forests, and overlooking the majestic Rhine River.

Like many other destinations nearby, it’s famous for its castles, and for its picturesque and romantic old town, other than for its wineries and typical restaurants. It’s also surnamed “The Town of the Roses”, which makes it a perfect location for any romantic Spring gateways.  Of course, if you’re planning a Rhine River Cruise, Braubach is definitely a stop you cannot miss!

Best Things to See & Do in Braubach, Germany

Braubach town Germany

How to get to Braubach

  • By plane: if you’re flying to Germany, choose Cologne or Frankfurt as your base. You can reach Braubach by train in about 1h30 from Cologne, and in about 2h from Frankfurt. A drive to Braubach will take you about 1h15 from both airports.
  • By train: reaching Braubach from Koblenz is fast and easy, and it only takes 13 minutes! For more information check here.
  • By boat: KD company offers many cruises stopping in this lovely town. You can either choose a long one, or simply enjoy a couple of hours on the river to admire its banks and its castles. For more information click here.
  • By car: renting a car is another excellent option in case you are planning to explore the entire Rhine River Valley!
Braubach Rhine River towns

When to visit Braubach

The best time to visit Bacharach is summer, but keep in mind that August might be a rainy month. If you’re interested in flowers and you’re up to taking romantic strolls in beautiful historic gardens, May and June are the best months! If you’re a wine lover, don’t miss the harvest season in late September and early October! Braubach is small and it can be visited in one day, so it’s the ultimate day trip from Koblenz!

Where to stay in Braubach

Landgasthof Zum Weissen Schwanen: a vintage atmosphere in a traditional building. It also offers a restaurant and a nice view.

Hotel Garni Maaß: a cozy hotel including a traditional konditorei (bakery).

Things to do in Braubach, Germany

Step back in time at the Marksburg

marksburg Castle - Braubach Germany
Marksburg Castle

The main attraction of Braubach is its fortress, which is built on top of a hill, like many other medieval castles you can find in the Rhine River Valley. Its view is worth the visit both from the old town and from above, and you’ll immediately realize why it is so famous: it’s like a fairy castle, and it’s the only perfectly preserved fortress of the Region!

bedroom at Marksburg Castle in Braubach Germany

While the other ones are in ruins, or they were heavily damaged and then partially restored after battles, invasions, and wars, this one has managed to stay intact throughout the centuries, keeping its original look.

It has been possible thanks to its particular function: it’s been a prison until the XIX century! You can still visit some original rooms like the Knights’ Hall, and the kitchen, other than seeing the original patrol walkways and visiting a small exhibition of ancient weapons.

inside Marksburg castle in Braubach

You can only enter the castle with a guided tour. Tours are available in several languages from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on weekdays, and from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekends. The cost is 11 euro for adults, and 8 euros for kids up to 16 years old. Getting there is easy: just take the trail from the old town and head to the top of the hill!

Remember the soldiers who died here by the Kriegerdenkmal

The local war memorial looks like a guard tower, and it was built to remember all the soldiers who lost their lives during the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71) and WWI.

War memorial Braubach
War memorial Braubach

Visit St. Mark’s church

The local Evangelical church is rather recent since it was built in 1901. It was heavily damaged during WWII and it was completely restored in the 60s. Its colorful windows dating back to 2004 are worth a stop!

Have a look at the ruins of the ancient walls and the Obertor

Braubach was entirely enclosed by ancient walls, but now they are in ruins. You can still see some traces of these fortifications by the so-called Upper Gate, which was one of the main gates of the town, giving access to the trail leading to the castle and being the main checkpoint for the goods directed to Wiesbaden.

Braubach town on the Rhine

Visit St. Martinskapelle and its small cemetery

The oldest church in the town dates back to the Middle Ages and it is worth a visit for its Renaissance wall paintings. In the small cemetery, you can pay tribute to the famous opera singer Heinrich Schlusnus who was born in Braubach

Beautiful Braubach

Enjoy a romantic stroll in the Renaissance Garden

If you happen to visit Braubach in late spring or in early summer, don’t miss this flowered garden located in Schloss Strasse 5! Entry is free, and it’s located in the former internal courtyard of Schloss Philipsburg.

In 2009, an authentic Renaissance Garden with typical plants, flowerbeds, and fountains was established according to the directions found in some original documents dating back to the XVII century and belonging to Wilhelm Dilich. Inside the building, the European Institute of Castles set up the largest library about castle documents in Europe.

Have a lunch break at the Eckfritz house

One of the most picturesque buildings in Braubach is this half-timbered house located in Obermaktstrasse 11, right at the heart of the old town. It was built in 1597, and it represents the typical German Renaissance architectural style. Inside, you’ll find a restaurant specialized in meat dishes and local wines. Don’t miss their ox roast beef with a glass of Riesling!

Take some pictures at the Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is a lovely park by the river, and that’s why Braubach is surnamed “The Town of the Roses”. You can admire hundreds of roses of all colors and shapes, but you shall definitely search for one of the rarest ones: the World Heritage Rose named “Magic of the Loreley”!

Braubacg, Germany

Visit the former church of Santa Barbara

This former medieval church is now the parish hall of the local Protestant parish. Its tower was once part of the town’s fortifications and you can still see some early Gothic mural paintings inside. It’s open for a visit upon request, and it’s now a popular location for civil weddings thanks to its beautiful interiors.

Enjoy some trekking

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, you’ll find many trails and scenic places nearby! One of the most popular hikes starts from the riverbank in Koblenz. Just take the trail leading to Lahnstein to have the chance to reach Lahneck Castle before you go back down to Braubach.

This hike takes about 6h. As an alternative, you can directly start from Braubach, and go up to Marksburg Castle. From there, it will be easy to reach Dinkholder Mountain and enjoy a stunning view.

Enjoy the view

Do you want to take some Insta-friendly pictures? The best viewpoints in town are the Marksburg castle and the Kerkester Platte, easily reachable from Braubach!

Join a Rhine River Cruise

There is a number of themed cruises stopping in Braubach! You can seize the opportunity to learn more about local legends, myths, literature, and history, and enjoy a day trip on one of the KD ferries offering guided tours. A few examples? Take the Nostalgia Route and discover some icons of German Romanticism, or take the Loreley Tour to learn more about that mythic fictional character.

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