Cavite, Philippines Tourist Spots – Must Visit Places and Activities

The Islands of the Philippines are filled with wonders – both natural and historical. It’s more than home to the Tagaytay and the Aguinaldo Shrine. Get a vacation rental in Cavite and explore places that are seldom heard of. If you have been looking for a unique experience in and around Cavite, here are some ways to turn your vacation into an adventure-filled experience.

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The Bahay na Tisa

Though the first place you would be advised in Cavite is the Victorian styled mansion of Aguinaldo, there is another place, unknown to most, where the president put up his first office. And this is unlike any other office premises you would see. The Bahay na Tisa in Cavite is a 19th-century bato-na-bato and is an Instagram worthy scene!

Pico de Loro

If you are an adventure junkie of some sort, the Pico de Loro offers you a rock climbing spot like no other. Start with some trekking amidst the beautiful forests to reach the start of the climb. It’s a fairly easy climb if you have been into the sport for some time now. However, the beautifully perched single, but humongous rock also offers the most breathtaking view of nature around.

Imus Cathedral

Cavite city Philippines
The Imus Cathedral in Imus, Cavite, Philippines.

The next time you go to Iglesia, make sure you pay a visit to this quaint cathedral. The 19th-century building has been the seat of the Diocese of Imus. The structure is also a great example of earthquake-proof Baroque engineering that was done back in the 19th century. You will see massive walls and even belfry. The Imus Cathedral has been a holy place for all Catholics.

Cabag Cave

Did you know that there is an underground river running right beneath you in Cavite? Well, you can actually experience it at the Cabag Cave. The 50 meters subterranean river is fed by the waterfalls that run at Cabag Cave and offers a natural mystery that you will hold on to for a lifetime. A trek into the caves is certainly one of the most recommended things to do in Cavite.

Paragliding in Carmona

In the past decade, Cavite has developed into a favorite spot for adventure enthusiasts. You must try out the paragliding experience in Carmona Ridge. Doable by all, it’s a good rush of adrenaline until you feel the calmness of the beauty around. This is also your chance to check out the beauty of the islands from the air. You can even choose to glide through the air with your partner!

Corregidor Island

Visit in Cavite
US Barracks Ruins Corregidor

You might have heard the name in horror commercials, but Corregidor Island is indeed strewn with horrific ruins. Bounded by a perfectly untouched turquoise beach, it’s a place that screams of the atrocities of the Pacific War. Aside from the thrill of the ghosts in the ruins, you might also want to try out some dirt biking, zipping lining, ATV rides, or just birding watching. The place is calm and cool.

This list will certainly keep your up at your feet! We hope you enjoy your stay in the Philippines!

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