5 Things Not To Do In Iran

Iran is a stunning country full of both natural and human beauty. With a mix of endless deserts, ancient shrines, and rich culture, Iran really does have something for every taste. Whether you’re into hiking or hanging out, it shouldn’t be too hard to have a good time. Then add tasty street food and some of the friendliest people in the world, and you’ve got yourself a winner.

While this is all very nice, even an awesome country like Iran has a few challenges. We’ve put together a little list of things not to do to so you can have a hassle-free and epic trip!

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Don’t trust the street lights

This is something you’ll learn within your first days in Iran. Especially in the big cities like Tehran and Shiraz, there’s no such thing as traffic rules. Traffic lights seem to have a purely decorative function and both drivers and pedestrians generally go by gut instinct. Again and again, you’ll find yourself patiently waiting for the little green man to appear, while locals are crossing the street left and right.

It takes a bit of getting used to, but if you’ve ever ventured into the streets in south-east Asia, you should be alright. All you can do is cross your fingers, give it a go, and hope you have some undiscovered talent for obstacle racing.

Things Not To Do In Iran

Don’t believe the anti-USA propaganda

In Iran, you will see anti-USA and anti-Israel propaganda here and there. While it can all seem a bit hairy and scary, it’s important to note that this propaganda is the product of a smooth-running, government-funded machine. The reality is it doesn’t represent the beliefs of the vast majority of the Iranian people. You’ll meet plenty of locals who drink Coca-Cola, watch Hollywood movies, and check Kim K’s latest shenanigans on Instagram.

Don’t show public displays of affection

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, you might want to avoid Iran. The rule of thumb is you should steer clear of any PDA whenever you’re not alone. If you want to be on the safe side, this applies to when you’re in public as well as in private homes where you’re in the company of Iranians. By the way, the definition of PDA is pretty broad in this case and includes everything from holding hands to outright smooching.

Don’t sit next to the opposite sex on public transport

While we’re on the whole how-should-men-and-women-interact subject, here’s another don’t-do for you. When on public transport, you should not sit next to the opposite sex. That means a man can’t sit next to a woman that’s not related or married to him. That also means if you’re travelling with a partner or friend of the opposite sex, you might lose your human napping pillow.

The rules are often bent for foreigners, but it’s a good idea to step carefully. Perhaps start out by sitting separately and see how the locals around you react. More than once, we’ve had an older woman shake her head overbearingly and tell us to just go ahead and sit together.

Things Not To Do In Iran

And above all: don’t say no!

Of all the things you shouldn’t do in Iran, this is the most important one. Whatever you do, do not say no! Iranians really are ridiculously friendly and you’ll be surprised at how genuine their interest is. Don’t be surprised if someone random comes up to you to practice their English or have a little chitchat. It can happen while you’re drinking tea in the bazaar, while you’re visiting a shrine, or at the bus stop.

Whenever and wherever it happens, just say yes, go with the flow, and embrace the Iranian hospitality. And who knows, maybe you’ll get invited home for a lovely family dinner by a complete stranger?

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16 thoughts on “5 Things Not To Do In Iran”

  1. I am very glad and happy to see that, step by step, Iran is becoming a common destination and all the bad stereotypes are getting diluted to the extent that Iran is becoming the hot destination for the next coming years. I hope that one day, the population will also put an end to their current regime. Iranian people, especially those living in big cities, are pretty open minded and they don’t represent their cleric current regime. Thanks for this post 😉

  2. hi ppl im a iranian
    i just want to say you are welcome to my country when ever you come dont let media fool you we are not terrorist or terrorist supporters!!!
    btw iranian ppl love to make friends from other countrys <3

  3. hi,I’m Iranian …..i wanted to thank you about telling the truths …..we’ll be glad to have travelers from around the world 🙂
    (karen is a boy name in our country isn’t it wired????)

  4. hi im from iran…thanks for your definitions about my country but remember because of our regime we are not now a top country in the world however we could be one day…im sorry if iran is not the great country that it must be today…dont beleive the bad stories about iran they are not true about iranian people…we are not like what they show in the media

  5. Hi everyone , we all in iran like you and we love tourists who come to iran . What western broadcasting or goverment say about iran are not usually true . We are not terrorists but we like tourists . In iran you can eat foods that you never eat in abother country like “Avgusht” “kalepache “and …
    Exprence iran , we won’t damage you . Iranians are happy and merci-ful with forighner.
    And “sari bian iran” means let go to iran

  6. As an Iranian it was so interesting to know your idea about us. And how do our society look from your aspects. The funniest part was that people may come and practice speaking English which I have done so much in my childhood but still can’t speak and write very well.

  7. 6. But never buy or eat street foods as they may make you very strongly patient and the best way is that you yourself buy raw materials and then provide a food prepared in haste such as Tabriz cheese with bread or if you insist to go a restaurant please choose as much as possible the best and most expensive one.

  8. Hi^^
    I’m Iranian and I wanted to welcome you all:)
    Remember that Iranian people are curious about foriegn people and some times(rarely)
    become a little too curious about you.
    So, don’t be annoyed: We don’t have any bad intentions;)


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