Ceara, Brazil: 9 Things to Do

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The varied and dramatic state of Ceará in the northeast of Brazil, with its mountain ranges and stretching coastline, has loads to offer to travelers from all over the world. With beaches and Brazilian food, to sand dunes and souvenir shopping, there is plenty to keep you entertained. While spots such as Rio de Janeiro and Saõ Paolo usually draw in flocks of tourists, Ceará stays fairly under the radar allowing you to experience a great taste of the real Brazil. Ceará is home to the largest water park in Latin America, some epic dunes which you can explore by buggy, and some fantastic nightlife so you can dance the night away!

What to do in Ceara, Brazil

1. Fortaleza

Fortaleza is the largest city in Ceará and probably the best place to start when it comes to exploring the state. The capital offers a bustling concoction of historical architecture, myriad markets, tasty cuisine and the lively Beira Mar boardwalk which spans the length of just one of Fortaleza’s 25 beaches!

In the markets of Fortaleza photo by Leonardo Albuquerque

There are plenty of stunning hotels to choose from that allow you to stay slap-bang in the centre so you can make the most of the city. Make sure you visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Mercado Central and the Praia de Iracema at the very least!

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2. Beach Park

Beach Park, Ceara

Being the largest water park in Latin America, Beach Park is an absolute must for those who love the thrill of the slides and want to take in the spectacular surrounding views from the top of Insano, the largest slide in the park.

You’ll truly feel the fun of childhood rushing back as you race around the park enjoying the rides. With bars and restaurants on site you can easily spend a long afternoon here having fun in the sun.

3. Cumbuco

Cumbuco Beach

For a quieter take on Ceará’s beautiful beaches, head to the quaint fishing village of Cumbuco around 25km from Fortaleza. This picturesque and peaceful village has long swathes of palm-fringed beach, as well as a smaller water park, Cumbuco Acqua Beach, for the kids.

Moored jangada boat over Cumbuco Beach

Outside of the village itself are a number of swanky hotels which are perfect for a beach vacation getaway. Cumbuco is also a top spot for kitesurfing so if you want to enjoy some water sports by sunset you’ve come to the right place!

4. Canoa Quebrada

Canoa Quebrada symbol Ceara Brazil
Canoa Quebrada symbol

The red cliffs of Canoa Quebrada that meet the perfect white sand beaches are one of Brazil’s many idyllic spots and are well worth a visit. Not only is the landscape stunning but this slice of paradise is the place in Ceará to get your heart racing.

Dune Buggy Tour photo by Leonardo Albuquerque

Join a dune buggy tour that allows you to race across the coastal dunes on the back of a buggy while taking in the view along the way. Not only this, but you can also enjoy a steep zip line down the dunes to a blue lagoon before cheers-ing with a caipriniha at the end of the day!

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5. Slavery Museum

Ceará was the first state in Brazil to abolish slavery and as such the slavery liberation museum in Redençāo is an important site of history.

It is extremely sad and moving to see where the enslaved people were forced to live and the dreadful tortures that they endured, but it is vital to remember these cruelties to ensure nothing of this kind ever happens again. This experience is pretty different to all the rest in Ceará but it still worthwhile in its own way.

6. Coffee Plantation

Exploring the coffee plantation photo by Leonardo Albuquerque

For those that love coffee, tasting a traditional Cup of Joe in Central or South America is usually high on the bucket list. Thankfully, this can be done in Ceará with a visit to the Guaramiranga coffee plantation.

Wander around the plantation, seeing the coffee plants and learning about the harvest and roasting processes before stopping to taste the perfect brew at the end of the tour – heavenly!

7. Morro Branco

The beaches of Morro Branco are another Ceará must-see with rich golden and burnt orange sand dunes perched next to the sea. Visitors can wander on and between the labyrinth of dunes before heading to the beach to relax.

view of Praia das Fontes Morro Branco

The nearby town is awash with rustic restaurants serving up sumptuous seafood and the sunsets from here are usually superb. If you don’t have much time you can easily enjoy Morro Branco (sometimes called Morro Blanco) as a day trip from Fortaleza.

8. Itarema

Beach of Almofala, Itarema Ceara
Beach of Almofala, Itarema

The region of Itarema in Ceará is home to a selection of splendid beaches such as the Praia de Barra do Ceará, the Praia de Taíba and the Praia de Almofala. The best way to explore this area is to hire a car or motorbike and make your way from beach to beach until you find your favourite.

Each beach has its own character and charm, with restaurants, water sports and palm-shaded sunbeds for you to enjoy.

9. Jericoacoara

Paradise Lake (Jericoacoara, Brazil) - things to do in Ceara Brazil
Paradise Lake (Jericoacoara, Brazil)

Jijoca de Jericoacoara is a popular resort town with sandy beaches, lively nightlife and fun activities for people of all ages. Not only does the town itself have loads to offer but the nearby lagoons and dunes and the Jericoacoara National Park provide nature lovers with some spectacular spots to discover.

Horseback rides, sunset dune drives and cracking kitesurfing are just some of the activities to keep you entertained, that’s not to mention the pristine beach where you could simply sit and soak up the sun for hours on end!

Jericoacoara - ceara Brasil

If beaches are your thing then you won’t be able to get enough of the Brazilian state of Ceará! You could explore beach town after beach town for days or even weeks on end, dining on fresh seafood platters, drinking cocktails at sunset and trying sports and activities on both land and sea to get your heart racing.

The landscapes here are breath-takingly beautiful and will fill your photo albums with unforgettable memories of your time in this super state. With both cultural cities and laid-back beaches, Ceará really does have everything you need for a vibrant vacation!

I was a guest of the State of Ceará, Brazil but all opinions are my own. 

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