Can Hotels Track Your Internet Usage?

Most of the time, hotels provide free wi-fi access to their patrons. In fact, they also give rooms with desktops to the guests who require internet access. To speak in general terms, hotel staff and also the management is not supposed to read any of the emails which are being read by the guests or are being sent by them through the hotel internet. However, the server of the hotel has a long file that lists each and every connection that the server is making for the user when they browse with the help of the network. Hence, when you use the hotel internet service that are some steps that you need to take to protect your privacy.

Hotel Server Functions

The servers present in the hotel are not like the others since they collect a log file of all the transactions made by the client. The surfing patterns that you have are listed in the file. This will comprise of the time when you have logged in and also logged out. Apart from this, it contains id or name that has been assigned by the server and the room number. You deleted personal log or not, it will be irrelevant to the server. The entry that you have made is logged into the database of the server.

Security Protocols of the Hotel

Usually, hotels do not have the right to save or even view the emails which are being sent through their server. The only exception to the rule is the federal government. If they have a warrant to collect and check your emails or other online activity, they can do so. The procedure that has to be followed by the authorities in order to secure permission to check the server entries that is made from your room is quite complex. If you are not under any kind of criminal indictment or a suspect of homeland threat, the government cannot check your surfing history without a probable cause or a warrant. These log files in the server are deleted regularly, the surfing history is going to be available to anyone for a long time. Nevertheless, an employee of the hotel who has the capability to log into the server of the hotel can check the log file which lists the browsing details.

Privacy Standard of the Hotel

Most of the top league hotel chains take serious measures to protect their server data from their employees. Only it professionals can get access to server data. It is protected by many layers of passcodes, anti-viruses, and other devices. It is done for the benefit of the guests, as well as the hotel. Nonetheless, a determined and skilled hacker will be able to break into the hotel server network and collect the data.

In case you are concerned about your privacy when you use the hotel internet for browsing, you need to use a virtual private network which will disguise your IP address and will keep the best systems from seeing what you have surfed. As a matter of fact, it also encrypts the email which makes it almost impossible to find the sender or to read it. You can find the top ten VPN from

Benefits of Using VPN

In present times, it is necessary to be security conscious. With time, VPN technology is becoming more widely recognized. Here are some of the basic benefits of using VPN when you use hotel internet connection.

Improved Security

VPN offers a lot of benefits when it comes to increasing your safety while browsing the internet. It will offer protection from hackers and also the government. When you have a VPN, your IP address will be safe and will cover your real location. The data is going to be safe against prospective intruders.

Remote Access

If you use a VPN, you will be able to access information remotely from anywhere you want. In fact, you will be able to access content which has restricted usage.

Online Anonymity

You will be browsing through the internet with complete anonymity. It can hide IP software. One of the benefits of it is that it will give you access to websites, as well as, applications anonymously.

With a VPN, you will be able to enjoy better efficiency and get access to anything very easily.

When you choose a VPN, you need to check the length of the trial period. This is actually the period when you will be allowed to use the software for free. During this time, you can determine if it is the right one for you. Make sure that you do not buy one unless you have tested it and have confirmed that it caters to your requirements. Hence, choose a VPN service that has a long trial period. Test it yourself to know if it is the right one.

When you check a VPN service, you will notice numbers that are listed there. It actually describes the number of IP addresses, servers, countries, and locations. To a certain extent, this can be used for understanding the VPN’s scope. However, these might not be as important as you think.

VPN services are going to tell that the number of these IP addresses will increase your anonymity since the IP addresses have less chance of being reused in case it is a part of something big.

Almost all VPN have client software for android phones, windows pc, macs, and ios device. They also have client capabilities for routers and set-top boxes. Hence, you need to make sure that the VPN service that you have got works with your device. Be careful of the ones which sway away from the 4 primary platforms. This is because support might inconsistent and might require greater technical knowledge. You have to install edit setting, modify con files, special software, and much more. Ultimately, you have to go for the one that will provide you with better security when you access the wi-fi connection provided by the hotel.

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