Florence to Siena: Best Route To Travel (Via Bus or Train)

Last summer I spent 8 days traveling around Tuscany using the public transport, mainly trains and buses. Traveling by car in Tuscany is easier but in my case, it wasn’t possible. On this post, you will learn how to travel from Florence to Siena and vice versa by bus and by train and which is the best option.

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Florence to Siena travel guide - El Duomo Florence
El Duomo Florence

How to get from Florence (Firenze) to Siena by bus:

The bus station in Florence is exactly next to the Santa Maria Novela train station. The exact address of the train station is Via Santa Caterina da Siena 15 in case you want to put it on google maps.

There are two bus options to Siena the rapida (fast bus) that goes non-stop to Siena in 1 hour and 15 minutes and the ordinaria (ordinary bus) that makes a stop to Poggibonsi and Colle Val d’Elsa. The journey time from Florence to Siena with a regular bus is 1 hours and 30 minutes. Sometimes it might take longer depending on the traffic.

Both buses run regularly and you can buy tickets from the bus station or on board (there are 3 -4 buses leaving every hour). Please note that it is cheaper to buy tickets on the bus station. One way tickets (bought from the train station) between Firenze and Siena cost 7,80 €. For more information on the bus schedule, you can check here: http://www.sitabus.it/en/florence-siena-bus/

Map of Florence Bus Station

Now if you are traveling to Siena with your luggage and you want to leave it at the bus station and then catch a later bus to another place like we did you can.

To leave your luggage and buy tickets from the point the bus left you, you have to cross the street and take some stairs to a level below. The counter for the luggage is open until 6 p.m and the cost for a luggage is 7 euros.

The bus terminal in Siena is 5 minutes away on foot from the historical centre.

How to get from Florence to Siena by bus and train
a view of Siena as you arrive by bus

How to get from Florence to Siena by train

Although it is faster and cheaper to travel around Italy by train, in this case, it isn’t. First of all, a direct train from Florence to Siena takes 1 hour and a half. Sometimes you even have to change trains at Empoli and then the journey will take around two hours.  The direct train from Florence to Siena leaves once per hour and tickets cost 9,10 € one way. For more information check: http://www.trenitalia.com/tcom-en

The main reason why you shouldn’t take the train to Siena is that the train station is located 2km away from the city centre and that there is no storage for your luggage there. If you want to get from the train station to the city centre you need to either take a bus or walk uphill for more than 20 minutes.

The only advantage of taking the train to Siena are the better views of the countryside.

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All the information you need on how to get from Florence to Siena by bus and train. Click through to read more

I hope I helped you find out how to get from Florence to Siena.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below.

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23 thoughts on “Florence to Siena: Best Route To Travel (Via Bus or Train)”

  1. DONT GO BY BUS!!!!
    The bus company are thieves, extorting tourists. Trust me. Get the train unles you want a 63euro fine for not having the right tickets.

    • I am sorry you had a bad experience. I personally took the bus and it was very easy. I went to the bus station and bought the train ticket from an employer at the station. I did the same on the way back. Actually I used a lot the busses to travel around Tuscany.

    • Hello Karen,

      I suppose you want to go there by public transport? I would take the train from Rome Termine to Firenze and from there the train or bus to Siena and take a taxi from there or request someone to pick you up from the hotel. There are a couple of buses that get close from Siena but you will still need to walk at least 2 km to get there.

  2. Hi Chrissy, I saw your in your reply to another person that the bus travels from Siena to Florence on Sunday, is it possible to find a bus schedule? I tried using this website
    http://www.trenitalia.com/tcom-en but Japan comes up? not sure if you can help?? Also do have any info re renting a car once we get to Siena, we will need to return it on Sunday. Thank you so much! Debbie

  3. I’ve gotten the message that we should take the bus to Siena, BUT how about if we take the train back so we get the better views? also, if we want to see more of Tuscany, does it make sense to get out at any of the train stops? thanks!

    • I am afraid there is no interesting stop with the train between Siena and Florence. What I recommend is that you leave your things at the Siena bus station and take a bus to San Gimignano. Another option is to do a guided tour from either Siena or Florence to Pienza, Montepulciano, and Montalcino. We didn’t have a car in Tuscany so we took the bus to San Gimignano Volterra and col de val d’elsa and did a guided tour with a bus to the above villages mentioned.

  4. Can you advise how often are the buses from the train station in Siena into town and vice versa? Is there a schedule? I am using Siena as a base to go to some nearby towns. Thank you.

  5. Hi

    thanks for the relevant and great inputs on travel within tuscany. we are a couple and we are travelling to italy in september. we would in florence for 5 nights and we want to see tuscany( pisa, lucca, siena, san gimignano, chianti). i checked a lot of guided tour options bu most of them either have a half days tour to 1-2 places or a full day tour covering pisa, siena, san gimignano and chianti. i feel that in both the cases we would not be able to really explore the places and would be merely touching these. hence we have thought of doing pisa and lucca on our own in 1 day from florence, then siena and san gimignano in 1 day from florence and check if we can get a guided of the chianti region( since i have read that it is not possible to do this without your own vehicle). now my question to you is:

    1. does this itinerary look doable?
    2. is there any guided tour that you can recommend for the chainti region?
    3. how can we travel from pisa to lucca and then from lucca to florence?
    4. how can we trael from siena to san gimignano and then to florence from san gimignano?
    5. how early in the morning should we leave from florence for these places?
    6. any other tips.

    thanks a lot in advance

    • Hello thanks for your comment. Let me answer your questions:
      1. As far as I can see you can spend 2 days in Florence (book skip the line tickets to save time), 1 days in Lucca- Pisa, 1 day Siena and San Gimignano and 1 day in Chianti.
      2 I totally suggest that you do a guided tour to Siena and San Gimignano you will lose a lot of time with the public transport.
      3 From Pisa Centrale to Lucca you can travel by train, you will need only 30 min to get there non stop. and from Lucca to Firenze S. M. Novella by train, it takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes with a change in Pisa train station. You can check the trains here http://www.trenitalia.com/tcom-en
      4. From Siena to San Gimignano you can take the bus 130 from the Siena bus station. It takes an hour to get to San Gimignano as the bus makes many stops. For the time schedule see here http://www.tiemmespa.it/ enter Siena Bus station to San Gimignano Puerta San Marco. Then to get from San Gimignano to Florence. You need to take the bus to Poggibonsi and then another bus or train to Florence. I suggest that you do a guided tour https://www.getyourguide.com/florence-l32/san-gimignano-siena-and-chianti-full-day-tour-t7679/
      5. I suggest that you leave as early as possible so that you get to enjoy the places.
      I also did this tour and loved it.
      Generally, keep in mind that the public transport takes time, roads are small and sometimes buses aren’t always on time. I am talking from personal experience. The only one i would do on my own is the Lucca Pisa part. Any other questions let me know.

  6. I actually have a question about transportation from Florence to Cinque Terre. There are 3 of us traveling in October. We fly into Florence and then need to go to Cinque Terre for 3 nights. Because we have not traveled by train in Italy before and connections by train have 5 minutes to connect from one train to another…would you just suggest splurging on a private driver?


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