Naples in Winter

Naples and Southern Italy are commonly associated with summer, hot sun, and beach holidays, but there are many other facets to discover!

Naples is the third largest city in Italy, and it’s so rich in historical, artistic, and cultural heritage that it’s the perfect destination for a weekend getaway in any season.

Thanks to its mild and sunny winters, it’s also one of the few big Italian cities where it’s possible, and even pleasant, to stay in the open air for several hours in a row, even in January!

Dive into lesser-known Naples’ winter!

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Things to do in Naples in Winter

Naples in November

Weather in Naples in November

The minimum temperature in Naples in November is min 10°C, and the maximum is 18°C. November is a rainy month, but it’s usually mild, and it still feels like Autumn.

Events, celebrations, and traditions in Naples in November

  • Nov 2nd: Day of the Dead. Locals are used to visiting the cemeteries to bring flowers to the dead. Another habit consists in lighting up a candle and placing it on the windowsill the night before, as well as leaving some biscuits and snacks on the kitchen table for the dead family members who are supposed to visit the house.
  • Late November: opening of the annual Christmas Fair of San Gregorio Armeno. This festival is dedicated to the Saint who “invented” the tradition of setting up a nativity scene for Christmas, and it’s held in the iconic “Presepe street” and the surrounding area of the old town.

Things to do in Naples in November

  • Take advantage of a mild and sunny day to enjoy a stroll along the famous Spaccanapoli, the path leading you through the old town and featuring the main landmarks of the city center. You can start from the Spanish Quarter and reach the Forcella district.
  • On a rainy night, don’t miss the opening of the ballet season at San Carlo Theater, one of the most famous theaters in Italy and Europe! Check out the dates here.
  • In case of heavy rain, spend a few hours inside the National Archeological Museum, and learn more about the ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum indoors! Find more information here.

Why visit Naples in November

  • Pros: mild weather and Autumn vibes
  • Cons: it rains a lot

Naples in December

Weather in Naples in December

The minimum temperature in Naples in December is 6°C, and the maximum is 14°C. Winter is rather mild and sunny in Naples, and December is a great month to visit the city!

Events, celebrations, and traditions in Naples in December

  • From early December to early January: crib exhibition at the complex of San Severo al Pendino.
  • Christmas Eve:  local family dinners are based on fried fish, especially cod and eel
  • Christmas Day: if you happen to visit a local home on this day, you’ll be invited to take part in the traditional “tombolata,” a sort of bingo game.
  • Late December: the annual Napoli Gospel Festival is held inside the church of Santa Maria la Nova. Find more information here.

Things to do in Naples in December

  • Visit the local Christmas markets and buy some original and handmade gifts. The best ones are in Municipio Square, Bovio Square, Dante Square, and Diaz Street. Other than in San Gregorio Armeno street, of course!
  • Enjoy some ice skating at Edenlandia, the local amusement park in the Fuorigrotta district. Have fun at the Ice Kingdom and take a look at its amazing decorations
  • Watch the traditional Cantata dei Pastori sung in Neapolitan. It’s a theatrical performance held in a few theaters during the Christmas season. It can be performed by some local actors and singers, but also by groups of young artists. It’s a 17th-century religious play where sacred and profane are mixed with the addition of some ironic characters.

Why visit Naples in December

  • Pros: enjoy the magic of Christmas in Naples!
  • Cons: it’s a busy month, and the city can be crowded and chaotic since many locals come to visit their families and many tourists choose to spend their holidays there.

Naples in January

Weather in Naples in January

The minimum temperature in Naples in January is 6°C, and the maximum temperature is 14°C. The coldest month of the year is not so cold in Naples!

Events, celebrations, and traditions in Naples in January

  • Early January: winter sales are the perfect season to go shopping!
  • January 6th: the iconic Befana meets the kids in Plebiscito Square. She will come down from the sky thanks to a zipline, and she will offer candies and sweet treats to the kids.
  • January 17th: feast of Cippo di S. Antuono. S. Antonio Abate (S. Antuono in local dialect), is the patron Saint of animals, and locals celebrate him by lighting up a great fire in several corners of the city.

Things to do in Naples in January

  • Visit the Royal Palace and enjoy its art exhibitions indoors. Find more information here,
  • The winter sea is an amazing view: have a stroll along the Caracciolo Promenade on a sunny day, and breath some cool sea breeze! On sunny and mild winter days, you’ll spot many picnics on the beach!
  • Visit Capodimonte Museum, and enjoy the view from the top of the hill. This museum displays some amazing works by Tiziano, Masaccio, and Botticelli, but it’s usually skipped by summer visitors because it’s not in the city center nor close to the beach. Anyway, it makes a nice day trip in winter!

Why visit Naples in January

  • Pros: fewer visitors and mild weather
  • Cons: none

Naples in February

Weather in Naples in February

The minimum temperature in Naples in February is 6°C, and the maximum temperature is 14°C. February can be a rainy month, so be prepared to spend some time indoors.

Events, celebrations, and traditions in Naples in February

  • Carnival: taste some “chiacchiere,” the traditional deep-fried pastry ribbons covered in sugar that are so popular in Italy at this time of the year. The same sweet treat has many different names varying according to the Region. In Naples, it’s a common habit to taste it together with “sanguinaccio,” which is a chocolate sauce. If you’re traveling with kids, this is a great time to visit Naples because there are many parties and events specifically conceived for young people!

Things to do in Naples in February

  • Take the underground tour named “Napoli Sotterranea” and visit another city below the most famous landmarks: Naples Underground Entry Ticket and Guided Tour.
  • Keep your kids entertained even on a rainy day at Città della Scienza: a huge interactive museum that will make them interested in everything related to nature and science!
  • Try a cooking class, and learn to cook the true Neapolitan pizza: Make Your Own Neapolitan Pizza Workshop.

Why visit Naples in February

  • Pros: mild weather and Carnival events
  • Cons: it’s a rainy month

What to pack for a winter trip to Naples

  • Light coat
  • Winter waterproof jacket
  • Sweaters
  • Jeans/long trousers
  • Long sleeves t-shirts or shirts
  • Waterproof shoes or boots
  • Heels
  • Umbrella
  • Large bag

Remember to dress in layers so you can take something off inside the heated indoor spaces!

Where to eat and drink in Naples in winter


  • Gino e Totò Sorbillo: it’s said they make the best pizza in town, so you shall absolutely give it a try!
  • Owap Pizzeria: a new restaurant that’s become increasingly popular among locals thanks to its location in the old town and its high-quality ingredients.
  • George Restaurant: perfect for a special occasion and a gourmet dinner. Don’t miss their special nine courses menu.

Cafés & Bakeries

  • Pasticceria Poppella: they invented the iconic “Snowflake,” which is a soft brioche stuffed with ricotta.
  • Antica Pasticceria Carraturo: a historical bakery, perfect to taste the most traditional Neapolitan desserts like the famous “pastiera.”
  • Pasticceria Scaturchio: they are very creative, and they became popular thanks to their “Ministeriale,” which is a chocolate medal stuffed with liquor, ricotta, and fruits, and their “babà” in the shape of a volcano!

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Why visit Naples in Winter

  • You’ll find mild weather and sunny days, especially around Christmas, so it will be possible to spend several hours outdoors and enjoy the winter sea.
  • There are fewer visitors, so the city will be a little less chaotic than unusual (except in December!)
  • You can enjoy some Christmas magic in the famous “Crib’s Street” dedicated to San Gregorio Armeno.
  • There are plenty of indoor attractions and museums in case of heavy rain
  • You’ll be able to enjoy some shopping thanks to the winter sales starting in early January
  • You’ll find cheaper fees in local hotels in the low season (except in December!)

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