The Best Money Belt for Women

If you are on the hunt for the best money belt for women, then you have come to the right place, as this guide takes you through everything you need to think about when purchasing the perfect women’s money belt.

When it comes to a money belt, women will love, it needs to be super practical and fit in all the valuables you need for a day of sightseeing. Plus for women, in particular, you don’t want it to be too bulky, as it needs to remain invisible under your clothes and also be super comfortable to wear.

This best travel money belt for women buying guide takes you through the few things you need to consider to purchase a women’s money belt for traveling that you’ll be happy with as well as takes a closer look at some of the more popular money belts currently on the market. 

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What is a Money Belt and Why Should you Consider Getting One?

First up, let’s cover the basics – what is a money belt anyway? A women’s money belt for traveling is just a small flat pouch big enough to carry your valuables. The pouch is then usually connected to a belt so you can wear it around your waist.  You can also get some pouches that are elasticized bands and go around your waist just like the top of a pair of leggings.

Women’s money pouches come in a range of sizes but usually are large enough to carry valuables such as cash, passport, cards and other documents out of sight. You can get some super tiny money belts too, which are just big enough to store your money. Some travel belt for women’s options just has the one zippered pocket, while others have multiple.

The purpose of a women’s money belt for traveling is to wear under your clothes, so it is great if you’re concerned with carrying your valuables in a visible way, such as in your backpack or crossbody bag. However, it is also possible to wear on the outside of your clothes – but if this is your plan I’d recommend just going with a small backpack or crossbody bag which has built-in security features. 

My recommendation is that you use your money belt to store your excess cash and other items that you don’t use regularly such as your passport and cards and still use a crossbody bag or backpack to carry a day’s worth of cash. The idea is to keep your money belt entirely out of the public view. So, if you do need to access something from it, go somewhere private to get what you need from your belt. 

My Pick for the Best Money Belt for Women: Peak Gear Money Belt 

Don’t have time to read my entire money belt womens guide? My pick for the best hidden money belt for women is the Peak Gear Women’s Money Belt. This money belt has it all and is great for the traveling woman, with RFID blocking, plenty of pockets, really comfortable and it even comes with two free global recovery decals so you can keep your valuables extra safe. 

Click here to purchase the Peak Gear Money Belt now or keep reading below for my full review.

Best Money Belt Women’s Comparison Chart 2020 

Check out the table below for a quick and easy comparison of the all money belts reviewed in this guide.  For further information, keep reading the reviews below. 

IMAGE PRODUCT Type RFID Multiple Pockets  
1. Peak Gear Waist Yes Yes Check Price
2. Boxici Waist Yes Yes Check Price
3. Travelon Leather Belt Waist No No Check Price
4. Lewis N Clark RFID Neck Pouch Neck Yes Yes Check Price
5. Stashbandz Waist No Yes Check Price
6. Day Tip Waist Yes Yes Check Price
7. Gearwear Running Pouch Waist No Yes Check Price
8. Surpasstime Running Pouch Waist No Yes Check Price
9. Travelon Travel Pouch Cross Body No No Check Price
10. Lanney RFID Pouch Waist Yes Yes Check Price


Things to Consider When Purchasing the Best Travel Money Belt for Women 

To ensure you purchase a money belt that is perfect for your travel needs, consider the following factors:

Type of Money Pouch

The term money belt is used generically to refer to a range of different types of hidden money pouches. While the most common do tend to be waist belts, you can also get ones that are designed to be worn around the neck. 

You can even get little pouches that you can stick in the inside of your bra or the newest kind that I quite like are the elasticised bands that you slip on around your waist – kind of like the top of a pair of leggings.

When it comes to which is the perfect type of money pouch for you, it really depends on your thoughts to some of the other factors mentioned below. 


Ask yourself what you plan on carrying in your money belt. Will you carry your passport, mobile (if so what size is it), or just a bit of cash? I recommend just getting a money belt big enough to carry what you need. 

The more you want to carry the bigger and less concealable the money belt will be. If you do want to carry multiple items in your money belt, you may like to consider one with multiple pockets, so you can easily organize your items.

If you do want to carry a bit of stuff in your money pouch (i.e. mobile, passport, keys, cash and cards), I’d recommend getting an actual money belt with an adjustable strap as this will be more comfortable for you. Only consider a neck pouch or elastic waist pouch for lightweight items.


The best money belts are made from a material that will be soft against your skin and comfortable to be worn all day. Particularly in hot climates, you should be looking for pouches made from breathable moisture-wicking fabrics to keep the sweat away from your body – this also prevents rubbing and chafing of the skin.

Comfort and Fit 

To ensure a good comfortable fit, look for pouches that are adaptable to fit your body. Generally, this comes in the form of adjustable straps on waist belts or neck pouches, or the elastic ones come in different sizes to ensure a good fit. 

Security Features 

Unfortunately thieves today aren’t just interested in stealing your money, they also want to get their hands on your electronic information. If this is of concern to you, consider getting a money belt with RFID blocking protection. 

RFID is the same technology that is found in your passport, key cards, driver’s license, smartphones, etc, which allows you to swipe or tap to pay for items or to be identified. RFID makes life easier for us; however, it also provides an opportunity for thieves to use an RFID reader to electronically steal our information without us even knowing.

A money belt with built-in RFID protection will block the ability of an RFID reader to access your personal information.


Some money belts come with just the one compartment while others come with multiple ones to keep your valuables organized. Whether you need one or multiple compartments is really a matter of personal choice and how much you plan on storing in it. Personally, I think the one compartment is plenty. 

Best Money Belt Women Reviews 2020

 1. Peak Gear Travel Money Belt 

This high quality money belt from Peak Gear is suited to anyone looking for a trustworthy money belt that is discreet and comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The Peak Gear travel belt comes in a range of colors and is made from a 210 denier, water-resistant nylon material with premium stitching and high-quality YKK zippers. The back panel is made from a breathable material, so you won’t feel uncomfortable if worn for a long time. The travel belt is secured using a double release safety buckle that is attached to adjustable comfort soft elastic, making it suitable for most waist sizes.

The belt comes with two main compartments and multiple pockets within the pouch so you can store passports, credit cards, and cash all in one handy belt. The layers of RFID blocking material built into the fabric keep your credit cards protected without adding bulk. Each money belt also comes with two free global recovery decals, which can be stuck to valuables, such as your mobile, and easily tracked if lost, via the 24-hour call center.

This money belt from Peak Gear offers amazing value for money, made from breathable material so suitable for warm climates and with plenty of space to store all your valuables. A real bargain!

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.


2. Boxiki Travel Money Belt 

This travel money belt from Boxiki offers a comfortable way to carry your valuables around unnoticed and has some great internal pockets for organising everything efficiently.

The Boxiki money belt is made from a water-resistant and lightweight 210D Nylon ripstop that is heavy duty and rated for superior strength, so it is tear and rip-resistant and has a long lifespan. The breathable mesh material on the rear also makes this a great travel belt for hot weather and the elastic belt extends to fit up to a 41-inch waist.

There are two main compartments to the Boxiki and a few different pockets within the main compartment make it easy to organize your cash, cards and other valuables. This travel belt also comes with RFID shielding material so you can be safe in the knowledge that your digital information is secure.

The Boxiki travel belt is a comfortable and secure belt for anyone who intends on travelling to warmer climates and doesn’t want something itchy next to their skin. 

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.


3. Travelon Womens Leather Money Belt 

Anyone looking for a seriously discreet way to store their money while travelling will absolutely love this Travelon womens leather money belt. Nobody will ever suspect this is anything other than just a regular belt.

The Travelon leather money belt is made from 100% genuine leather and has high-quality metal fittings and looks just like a quality leather belt. However, flip the belt over and there is an interior zip pocket running almost the entire length of the belt to securely and discreetly store your cash. This belt is an adjustable size and will fit from 32 inches to 46-inch waists.

If you need an extremely secure way to store some cash on your travels and want everyone to be none the wiser, this leather travel money belt is the perfect choice and looks great too. 

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.


4. Lewis N Clark RFID Neck Travel Pouch 

If you don’t like the idea of having to wear something around your waist all day or don’t want to have to lift your shirt every time you want to access your money, a neck travel pouch like this Lewis N Clark one might be the way to go.

This travel pouch is made with an exterior durable Nylon ripstop fabric, to prevent tears, and internal breathable mesh layer, and fabric on the back that helps wick away moisture, making it perfect for warmer climates. The pouch also has an adjustable toggle which allows you to make the strap longer or shorter to suit your body length.

With four separate zipped compartments plus a slot for an ID, there is plenty of room to store a mobile, passport, cash and credit cards without the pouch looking overly bulky. The internal RFID material blocks unwanted scans to make sure your private information stays confidential.

This neck travel pouch comes in a choice of five colours and offers a brilliant alternative to anyone who is not keen on the waist belt options that most people go for. 

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.


5. Stashbandz Travel Money Belt 

If comfort is your number one priority when keeping your money secure on travels, you should take a serious look at this Stashbandz money belt. Not only does it hold an incredible number of items safe, many people forget they are even wearing it!

Stashbandz is made from a high-grade stretch spandex fabric that is moisture-wicking and has a supportive compression fitting. This 6-inch wide band is non-slip, so you don’t have to worry about continually readjusting, and it comes in a choice of five sizes, so you are sure to find the perfect fit.

The belt has a total of four large, top-loading pockets, two at the front and two at the back, the largest of which is a secure zippered pocket, which fits even the biggest mobile phone on the market. A fold-over flap covers all four pockets for extra security. The belt also comes in a huge range of colors to suit any style.

With 360 degrees of storage space, you really can store just about every valuable you will need while travelling in this lightweight and fitted travel belt. 

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.


6. Day Tip Money Belt 

If you want to make sure your valuables are safe during your travels but you don’t have a lot of spare cash to spend this budget-friendly Day Tip  money belt could be precisely what you are looking for.

The Day Tip money belt is made from a waterproof 210D ripstop Nylon fabric that is hard-wearing and resistant to tearing. The back mesh panel is breathable and moisture-wicking to prevent feeling sweaty and itchy if the weather is hot. The sturdy quick-release buckle and the elastic waist strap is fully adjustable for size 26 inch to 46-inch waist so no need to try and guess which size to buy.

There are two main zipped compartments to the front and an extra hidden pocket on the back of this money belt. The zipper pockets have different sized slots for organisation, and one has a key buckle as well. The main compartment is made of RFID blocking material so you can be safe in the knowledge your cards cannot be scanned.

A lower price does not always have to mean compromising on quality or functionality, and this Day Tip money belt proves it. 

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.


7. GEARWEAR Running Belt 

This running belt from Gearwear also doubles as a great travel belt to keep your money and valuables safe without adding bulk to your outfit.

The Gearwear running belt is a thin elastic style material that fits snugly to your body, and the adjustable buckle strap will fit 27 inches to 45-inch waists without problems. The band also comes in four color choices, and the snug fit creates a no bounce feel when walking, hiking or running. The belt has one large zippered compartment at the front which can fit mobile phones up to 7 inches, passports and of course cash and coins securely.

If you’re looking for a money belt you can wear while travelling and you live a reasonably active lifestyle either running, walking or hiking regularly, this money belt would be a great investment. 

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.


8. Surpasstime Running Belt 

TheSurpasstime running belt would make a great cheap money belt for travelling in warmer climates and being designed for exercising means it is comfortable to wear even in hot weather.

The money belt is made from a waterproof nylon lycra fabric that is both breathable and comfortable with no itching or chaffing in warm weather conditions. The sturdy elastic strap ensures a comfortable and snug fit for waist sizes from 25 inches to 45 inches.

This functional money belt has two small side pockets, one of which has a key buckle, one medium-sized zippered pocket on the front perfect for your cash and coins and one larger compartment behind that big enough to fit most mobile phones. There is even a small headphone hold if you want to listen to your favorite music or audiobooks while traveling.

This cheap security money belt comes in a choice of three colours and offers an easy way to securely store not only your money but also keys and phone too, with a snug yet comfortable fit. 

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.


9. Travelon Women’s Travel Pouch 

If you find waist money belts uncomfortable and don’t like the idea of a neck pouch, don’t worry! This Travelon crossbody travel pouch can store all your cash and cards and is easy to hide discreetly under clothing.

This travel pouch is made from a lightweight cotton blend material that is breathable and perfect for hot, humid conditions. The elastic strap is adjustable from 30 inches to 48 inches and can be worn tight to the body or a little looser for added comfort in hot weather.

This travel pouch only has one zippered compartment, but it is big enough to hold a large amount of cash as well as credit cards and still be unnoticeable under your clothing. The bag also features an extra security strap, which can be clipped to your bra strap as an added safety measure.

If you are looking for a unique and comfortable alternative to the usual waist style money belts, this crossbody money pouch could be the answer. 

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.


10. Lanney RFID Travel Money Belt

This money belt from Lanney is a really secure way to store both your cash and cards safely and has a low profile, so it is practically invisible under your clothing.

This money belt is made using water-resistant ripstop nylon and reinforced stitching; it is tear-resistant and long-lasting. The breathable mesh panel on the back is moisture-wicking making it perfect for long journeys and warm weather, and it comes in a choice of 6 colors. The fully adjustable and comfortable waist straps fit 24 inches to 50-inch waist sizes.

This travel belt makes it easy to keep your money and valuables organized with two large zippered pockets, the biggest of which has two separate mesh pouches, and a concealed back pocket for extra security. This money pouch also has three layers of RFID blocking material to ensure your credit card information is super secure.

If you need something comfortable but hard wearing and durable that fully protects your digital information, this money belt from Lanney really does the job. 

Click here to read more reviews and to check the current price.

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