The Best Travel Pants for Long Flights

If you are on the hunt for the best travel pants for long flights, then you have come to the right place. This guide takes you through everything you need to think about when purchasing the most comfortable pants for flying.

When it comes to the best pants for long flights, given you are going to be sitting for a very long time, it is essential that you wear something that you’re going to feel super comfortable in. The best pants for airplane travel are not too restrictive and allow you to move around freely, including (fingers crossed) getting in a position to be able to sleep in. Plus, not only do you want comfy pants for flying, but you also want something that you can wear once you reach your destination.

This guide on the best pants for flying takes you through everything you need to consider in order to purchase the perfect travel pants. The guide also takes a closer look at some of the most stylish and most comfortable pants for long flights currently on the market.

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Our Pick for the Best Travel Pants for Long Flights: PrAna Halle Pants

Don’t have time to read my entire comfy pants for long flights guide? I just love the PrAna Halle Stretch Pants.

The PrAna Pants are a great all round option that not only look great and are super comfortable to wear when traveling but also double as great activewear trousers for hiking, climbing and all sorts of other outdoor adventure. The stretch fabric is warm, yet breathable and being able to quickly roll them up makes them suitable for any weather.

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Comparison Chart for the Best Pants for Long Flights 2019 

Check out the table below for a quick and easy comparison of all the comfortable pants to wear on planes reviewed in this guide.  For further information, keep reading the reviews below. 

IMAGE PRODUCT Type Material Price Guide  
EDITOR’S CHOICE 1. Popana Loose/Wide Leg 95% Rayon & 5% Spandex $ Check Price
RUNNER UP 2. TLC Yoga Pants 85% Viscoe & 15% Elastane $$ Check Price
3. prAna Halle Stretch/Hiking Pants 97% Nylon & 3% Spandex $$ Check Price
4. Columbia Just Right Stretch/Hiking Pants 100% Nylon $$ Check Price
5. ScotteVest Margaux Cargaux Cargo Pants 36% Polyester & 2% Spandex $$ Check Price
6. Joop Joop Bohemian Tapered Elephant Harem Pants 100% Rayon $ Check Price
7. Ecupper Cropped Wide Leg 100% Cotton $ Check Price
8. Rekucci Travel in Style Straight Leg 96% Polyester & 4% Spandex $ Check Price
9. Naviskin Yoga Capri Pants Loose/Capri 88% Polyester & 12% Spandex $ Check Price
10. Yogipace Pants Yoga Pants 87% Nylon & 13% Spandex $ Check Price


What makes the Most Comfortable Pants for Flying?

When it comes to what makes the most comfortable pants for flying, it really is a personal choice. However, here are a few things I recommend you consider in order to purchase the perfect pair of pants for your next long-haul flight.


There is no one type of pants that are perfect for long haul flights, it really depends on your individual style and what you find most comfortable. However, here are a few different types of pants that are ideal for long haul flights:

  • Loose Wide Leg Pants: Pants that are loose and have an elastic waist are great for traveling, plus they usually look great so you can wear them out and about once you reach your destination. Quite often this style of pants do tend to wrinkle easily though.
  • Active Wear: For those who prefer comfort over style, your favorite pair of active pants are ideal for long haul flights. They are comfortable, wrinkle-free and take up next to no room in your luggage while you’re traveling and are great for sightseeing if you’re ok with a casual look. 
  • Leggings: Similar to activewear, a good pair of leggings are great for long haul flights. The added advantage with a good pair of leggings is that you can usually dress them up for wearing out and about once you reach your destination.
  • Hiking/Cargo Pants: Provided they have some stretch; a pair of hiking or cargo type pants can be a good one to consider for long flights. Plus, these types of pants often have loads of pockets which are great for keeping your passport and tickets in while you make your way through the airport. 

 Wrinkle Free

 You don’t want to wear a pair of pants that wrinkle as soon as you sit down. Think about when you reach your destination, you want your pants to look at least half presentable, so look for pants made from materials that don’t easily wrinkle.

 Machine Washable

 Like any clothes you travel with, you want them to be easy to clean. You don’t want to be looking for a dry cleaner on your trip, so ensure your pants are machine washable.


 Any clothing you take traveling should be super versatile and be able to be worn in a variety of settings. Ensure whatever pants you wear for your long haul flight are also suitable to be worn once you reach your destination.

Best Pants for Flying 2019

1. Popana Wide Leg Pants

If you prefer loose and baggy clothing for your long haul flights, these wide leg pants from Popana are a great choice. Super stylish too!

With these wide leg pants you can add a simple white t-shirt for a casual look, or choose to dress them up. They are really versatile and you will be able to wear them in a range of settings once you reach your destination. Wear them for a day of city sightseeing or down to the beach.

Made with 95% rayon and a touch of spandex, these pants are like wearing your favourite pyjama pants. They have the perfect amount of stretch and are easy to clean, being machine washable.

The only downside about these pants is trying to choose a design! Coming in over 20 different designs and colours, you can be forgiven if you end up buying a few different pairs. They also come in a range of different sizes, so you’re sure to find the perfect size for you.

Click here to read more reviews and to check current price.


2. TLC Sport UK Women’s Yoga Pants

Yoga pants are a popular choice when it comes to travel pants, so it’s no surprise I’ve included a few in these reviews. First up we have the TLC Sport yoga pants.

As well as being super comfortable, these yoga pants are designed to pull in your waist and flatten your tummy, so you will feel confident wearing them in a range of settings. Made from a 100% opaque fabric of viscoe and elastane, these pants won’t lose their shape or colour.

What I love about these pants is that as well as coming in a range of different sizes, they also come in different lengths, so you’re able to get the perfect pair for your body. Plus with the bootleg shape, if you’re planning on doing any hiking at your destination, you can easily pair these pants with your hiking boots.

For a pair of pants that make you feel confident as well as comfortable, these TLC Sport yoga pants are a good one to consider.

Click here to read more reviews and to check current price.


3. prAna Women’s Halle Roll Up Stretch Pants

If you want travel pants that are multi functional and give you that fitted look but are still comfortable, the prAna Halle pants are a great option. In fact, they should be at the top of your list if you’re going on an adventure holiday as they also make great riding, hiking or climbing pants.

The best thing about these pants is the special stretch Zion fabric they are made from which is water resistant, quick dry and offers UPF 50+ protection, so whatever the weather at your destination, you’ll arrive prepared. The fabric fits nicely to your body but still offers a great level of stretch and movement with becoming baggy and out of shape after a few wears.

These pants also come with a whole heap of extra features like a hidden security pocket in the thigh (perfect for passports) and the roll up leg snaps make it quick and easy to shorten the length and freshen up your look. The colour range has an impressive selection of under stated, earthy tones so there is sure to be something to suit your taste.

If you want a fitted look with flexibility and you’re not sure what the weather will be like when you get off the plane, the prAna Halles would make the perfect travel pants.

Click here to read more reviews and to check current price.


4. Columbia Women’s Just Right Pants

TheseColumbia Just Right pants are designed with the active lifestyle in mind, so if you like to travel for hiking and adventure they will suit you well.

They are made from a comfort 2 way stretch nylon and elastane fabric, so they won’t get uncomfortable on long flights and they move with your body. The fabric has an omni-shade and omni-shield treatment, giving them UPF 50 sun protection as well as making them both water and stain resistant.

These pants are really lightweight so they would be a great option to take in hand luggage for a change of clothes. They also have a small security pocket, although this is the only pocket so they’re not ideal for keeping things handy.

A great comfortable travel pants option, the Just Right pants make a great choice for anyone on an active holiday looking for multi use pants. 

Click here to read more reviews and to check current price.


5. SCOTTeVEST Margaux Cargaux Travel Pants

If you are looking for versatile pants that come with tons of places to keep your valuables, you will struggle to find better than the SCOTTeVEST Margaux Cargaux pants.

These cotton, polyester mix travel pants were designed with both practicality and comfort in mind and the material is machine washable and wrinkle resistant. The fold down waist band means you can avoid that uncomfortable digging in feel, even when sitting down for long periods, and the stretch panels allow extra space for movement. Pull on the ankle drawstrings and the lightweight material easily cinches up to turn these pants into capris.

The most impressive thing about these pants is the 11 pockets throughout! If you think that many pockets means that you’ll be weighed down and uncomfortable, think again, the weight management system has the pockets placed perfectly to distribute the weight of all your essentials.

These pants from SCOTTeVest are the perfect travel pants for anyone who likes to keep their essentials handy but doesn’t want their pants to look too bulky. 

Click here to read more reviews and to check current price.


6. Joop Joop Bohemian Harem Pants

These Joop Joop Bohemian Harem Pants are perfect for those who just want a budget pair of travel pants or who prefer a more relaxed, loose fitting pair to travel in.

These harem pants are 100% rayon and made under strict fair trade and ethical regulations. The material is ultra-lightweight and super breathable and the elastic waistband makes them comfortable to wear for long periods at a time. Some colours are so sheer they are slightly translucent but they are so small and light you could easily pack them in hand luggage to change into once on the plane.

Joop Joop are a great pair of travel pants to keep cool on the plane and they are so lightweight and affordable you could easily throw a few pairs in your hand luggage. 

Click here to read more reviews and to check current price.


7. Ecupper Elastic Cropped Wide Leg Pants

If you prefer to wear natural materials wherever possible, these 100% cotton pants from Ecupper are just that and as a plus they also look incredibly stylish.

These pants have a loose fit and wide leg with a high waist and low crotch which makes them perfect for lounging around the airport in or trying to get comfy on a long journey. The 100% cotton material is lightweight and comes in a large range of colours to choose from. The wide elastic waistband means they fit most body shapes and the cropped length would suit either dressing up or going for a more casual look.

The Ecupper wide leg pants are comfortable and stylish and you could easily dress them up to get straight into socialising when you arrive at your destination.

Click here to read more reviews and to check current price.


8. Rekucci Travel in Style Classic Pants

These Rekucci travel pants are comfortable for travel but look great dressed up with heels and accessories, making them a great choice for anyone wanting a more chic looking option.

These pants are made from a polyester spandex blend material that’s a medium weight knit style fabric, meaning they are lightweight but still feel warm. The material is also wrinkle resistant, making them great for packing in hand luggage and meaning you won’t arrive looking disheveled.

The Rekkuci pants feature a wide waistband with hidden elastic giving them extra support. The length is a little longer than other choices in this guide, which makes them particularly great for pairing with heels and going straight from travel to business or socializing.

These pants have a much more professional wear look to them and would make a great option for anyone who likes to look chic while they travel. 

Click here to read more reviews and to check current price.


9. Naviskin Women’s Yoga Capri Pants

If you’re a big fan of active wear or yoga pants, but prefer a cropped, Capri style pant to travel in, these Naviskin yoga Capri pants are a great option, particularly if you are traveling to a warm climate.

The material these pants are made from is lightweight and breathable so it’s perfect for sunny and warm destinations. The fabric has UPF 50+ protection, is quick drying and wicks moisture away from your skin to avoid that sticky, sweaty feeling when traveling. The fabric is also totally opaque, meaning no embarrassing see through pants situations whilst keeping a breathable feel.

Other features of these pants include two large side pockets and an elastic waist with added drawstring for a comfortable, custom fit. The tapered shape is very flattering for different body shapes and gives a great slimmer fit without having to compromise on comfort and space to move.

I really love these pants as a super casual pair of travel pants that you can still feel comfortable exercising in or heading out for a casual day exploring on holiday. 

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10. Yogipace Yoga Pants

If you want a pair of travel pants that fit perfectly these Yogipace Yoga pants come in an amazing array of sizes and lengths and they look great on almost any body shape.

The Nylon spandex mix fabric on these pants has good 4 way stretch allowing for great movement and a comfortable feel for traveling. It’s also moisture wicking and the wide waistband won’t dig in so they’re perfect for long haul flights. There are also two large back pockets and a small hidden security pocket in the waist.

The best feature of these yoga pants though is the incredible range of size options in both length and waist measurement. The size choice coupled with the great advice on how to choose the right one means you’ll have travel pants which fit incredibly well.

These great Yogipace pants will give you the chance to get a great fit without having to pay a small fortune. 

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