Things to do in Rome at night

Rome will offer you a brand-new landscape at night: well-lit streets, monuments, and buildings can turn a chaotic and dynamic city into an elegant and romantic scenery. It’s no coincidence that Rome has always been considered a city for lovers! Nevertheless, there’s something for everyone and you’ll never get bored during your Roman nights!

Let’s see how you can spend a night out in Rome!

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Rome by night: Top activities and attractions

If you are in town for just a couple of days and you want to squeeze in as much sightseeing as possible:

Visit the iconic Colosseum at night

Night view of Colosseum - things to do in Rome at night

It will be an impressive experience and you’ll also have the chance to visit it without the usual crowds of tourists that can ruin its evocative atmosphere. This tour will also let you explore the undergrounds.

Admire the masterpieces of the Vatican Museums in peace

Being (almost) alone inside the museums and in the Sistine Chapel is an emotion that you’ll never forget. Moreover, the artificial lights will let you enjoy the bright colors of the paintings even more! Check out this tour.

Have a night walking tour

If you are in Rome for just a couple of days, you can take advantage of a pleasant night walk to see some iconic spots. This walking tour will take 2 hours and it will leave you plenty of time to visit the main museums the day after. Check out the night walking tour here.

Enjoy an overview of the city on a night Segway tour

St Peter's Basilica in Vatican at night - Rome by night

You’ll see the most important spots in less than 3h30. You can return to visit the ones you enjoyed the most the following day. Check this Segway night tour here. 

See the best of Rome by bike

An unconventional way of sightseeing. It is perfect for hot summer evenings and it will let you explore the most popular sites. Find more information here.  

See the most picturesque attractions lit up

Navona square at night = things to do in Rome at night

Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s Square and Navona Square look beautiful at night. Also, remember that St. Angelo Castle is open until midnight during the weekend – for more information check here.

Looking for more Rome inspiration? Check out these 25 things to do in Rome.

Things to do in Rome at night for food lovers

Refresh yourself with a “grattachecca”

Summer nights can be hot in Rome, so what’s best than a glass of shaved ice with yummy syrup and some fresh fruits? Grattachecca is a typical summer street food in Rome and it’s something between a drink and a sweet treat. What are the best flavors? Wild berries, lemon & coconut, lemon & peach, and sour cherries. Where to taste the best ones in town? La Sora Mirella in Lungotevere degli Anguillara (in front of Tiberina Island), Alla Fonte d’Oro in Lungotevere Raffaello Sanzio (Trastevere) and at Chiosco di Testaccio in via Branca 122.

Enjoy some traditional cooking and dinner

cooking class - Rome at night

You’ll learn how to cook the most typical Roman dishes and you’ll make friends in an informal and warm atmosphere – check the cooking class here. 

Taste all the main local specialties in just one night

This food tour is for real foodies only! It offers 20 tastings and it lasts 4 hours. After that, you’ll be an expert in Roman gastronomy!

Discover Trastevere district by night

Trastevere at night

Every foodie shall spend a night out in this district because it is full of typical restaurants and wine bars offering everything from the aperitivo to the last after-dinner cocktail. It is also the best place to enjoy a romantic dinner in a local trattoria or to gather with friends eating Roman pizza. To explore the best spots of this vibrant district take this guided food tour.

Taste some star-winning cuisine

Rome has many starred restaurants belonging to famous chefs. Check some Michelin starred restaurants here.

Things to do at Tevere River at night

Castel Sant'Angelo - Rome by night
Castel Sant’Angelo

Book a romantic dinner cruise

Every Friday and Saturday night you can book a dinner cruise to enjoy some refined cuisine, some live music, and a beautiful landscape. For more information check here. 

Spend your summer nights on Tiberina Island

From June to September you’ll find a popular event called “Cinema Island”. There will be movies, documentaries, contests, and exhibitions that will not only entertain movie lovers but everybody, thanks to the beautiful location.

Enjoy some fresh breeze strolling along the riverbanks

Romans spend their summer nights outdoor in search of some breeze. One of the best things to do during this season is visiting Tevere Expo. There will be stands, shows, street food stalls and much more. For more information check here.

Things to do in Rome at night if you are less than 25 years old.

Mix with locals in Campo de’ Fiori

Campo de Fiori - Rome at night

In this nice square, you’ll find plenty of young people simply chatting around the central statue with a glass in their hand. Enjoy some pizza outdoor or go to a pub for a typical and relaxed Roman night.

Party all night long in Testaccio district

This area is famous for its clubs, especially the ones located near the Contemporary Art Museum like Piper Club, Alien Club, and Muzak.

Make friends in San Lorenzo district

This area is really close to La Sapienza University, so it is always crowded by young people at any time of the day. Spend an evening there to make friends and enjoy a beer or a glass of wine outdoor.

Romantic things to do in Rome at night

Take your loved one to the Gianicolo

One of the most famous belvederes in Rome. Watching the sunset from there is a popular activity among young couples, but a night walk is also a good idea.

Reach the Zodiac

It’s a nice walk on the top of Monte Mario. It’s one of the best spots for watching the lightened city below and it is not as touristy as the Gianicolo. Just keep in mind that public transports don’t reach the top of Monte Mario so that you shall be prepared to walk for a long time (at least 25 minutes from the last bus stop).

Put a lock on Milvio Bridge

A popular custom among both Italian and foreign couples. It all started with the Italian movies “Ten Feet Above the Sky” (2004) and “I want you” (2007) but this tradition has soon become so popular that any couple that was in Rome “had” to buy a lock and put it there. Couples usually write their names on a lock to be fixed to the bridge and then they throw the key into the river to symbolize an irreversible choice.

Things to do in Rome at night with kids

Enjoy a popular family activity like local Escape Room

Escape rooms are widespread throughout Europe and Rome has many options for role-games lovers! Enjoy a fun night out with the whole family in one of the best settings like Locked Escape in via degli Scipioni 236 (Da Vinci’s Secret), Magic Escape Room in via Bolzano 40 (The Houdini Studio) or Real Game Escape Room in via Falena 11 (Destroy the Ring).

Spice up your family night with a themed tour

The best one is about the mysteries of Rome and it will surely please teenagers and people interested in supernatural adventures. Click here for more information.

Things to do in Rome at night for music lovers

Enjoy the opera

Italian opera is famous worldwide so that you cannot leave Rome without spending some time listening to at least one Vivaldi show! Get some inspiration here. If you visit Rome during the summer months, don’t miss the evocative opera shows taking place at the Caracalla Baths!

Attend a show of your favorite artists

Εvery Italian singer and almost every international star stop in Rome during their tours. Concerts usually take place at Auditorium Parco della Musica, Olympic Stadium or Palalottomatica. For more information and bookings check here.

Discover a new refined genre at the Baroque Festival

Ιf you are in Rome in November, don’t miss this special festival both for the high quality of its music and for the unusual and elegant locations of the shows. For more information visit here.

Enjoy a musical

Ιf you love this kind of shows, Rome can offer you something new every weekend! The best theaters are Sistina, Eliseo, Argentina, and Brancaccio.


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