Top 5 unspoilt islands to visit in Thailand

There are hundreds of islands to visit in Thailand. They are famed for their picturesque beaches, crystal-blue waters, and enviable weather. However, because they are so popular many have become overrun with tourism.

Lots of travelers go searching for the best party-islands but others just want to get away from the crowds. Thankfully, as they are so numerous, there are still plenty of unspoilt islands in Thailand.

Although you will need to carefully plan getting from the mainland to these islands, it is relatively economical and easy to fly to Thailand. Furthermore, in the upcoming months the new online Thailand Visa will be available for citizens of all eligible countries, so it will be even easier to enter this beautiful country.

Here are five of the best unspoilt islands to visit. They are untouched paradises which are calm, tranquil, and breathtakingly-beautiful. They are so untouched that your only option is to camp at some of them.

Koh Kradan

Located south of the mainland in the Andaman Sea, Koh Kradan is an idyllic paradise. The 4km long island is surrounded by untouched coral reef which is home to an uncountable amount of marine life. The transparent water and white sand make it a fantastic spot for snorkeling as the visibility is so perfect. Most of the island is a part of the wider Hat Chao Mai National park, meaning that around 90% of the land is protected for conservation. One of the best ways to appreciate the island is go kayaking, it takes around three hours to do a lap around the island.

Koh Jum

Locals have two different names for different parts of the island. The flat, southern part of the island is named Koh Jum and the mountainous north is called Koh Phu. The highest mountain in the north is Mount Phu, which is around 400m high and surrounded by rainforest and rubber plantations. The east coast is dotted by colourful, fishing hamlets and the locals have preserved their traditional way of living. They are incredibly welcoming to visitors and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Koh Jum lies between the two busier islands, Krabi and Ko Lanta.

Koh Tarutao

Koh Tarutao is a protected national park situated in the Satun Province of Thailand, close to Malaysia border. It is peaceful, clean, and and might be the most unspoilt island in Thailand. The stunning, natural scenery is home to an abundance of wildlife including wild pigs, turtles, and crab-eating macaques. It is the perfect island to go on an adventure. The highest mountain rises more than 500 meters, most of the island is covered with thick jungle, and the shores consist of limestone cliffs and mangrove trees. Visitors can either camp or stay in bungalows.

Koh Lao Liang

Koh Lao Liang is only accessible by boat meaning that the number of visitors is restricted. Development has also been limited due to the island’s eco-resort status. Camping by the beach is the only option for those wanting to stay overnight, but those who do are treated to some jaw-dropping views of limestone cliffs as well as stunning coral reefs and white, sandy beaches. It is amazingly tranquil, there is no wifi or mobile reception, few people, and very few boats go there each day. Its unique cliffs make it a popular spot for climbers wanting to go off the beaten track.

Koh Mak

The small, sleepy is one of Thailand’s best kept secrets. Koh mak is a around 40 km away from the mainland and is part of the National Marine Park in eastern Thailand. The island has no nightlife and no crowds. The white sands and clear, blue waters make it the perfect place to relax in a hammock and read a book. For those seeking contemplation there is a Buddhist temple and it is a great place to go hiking. It is 16km², making it the biggest privately-owned island in Thailand.

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