Two Days in Bangalore, a Detailed Itinerary

Every time we hear about this great place, we consider it as the city of technology. But the popularity of Bangalore is beyond being just a tech city of India. From food, culture, historical magnificence, Bangalore never lags. And if you start finding out about what to do in Bangalore, you will end up with a long list of exciting things to do.

Also, if you reside nearby the city, you can plan one-day or two-day itineraries in the city. From Tipu Sultan’s palace to the glory of religious temples, what not to do in Bangalore. Let’s begin to explore the silicon city of India which once served Sultans and their ages. 

This is a guest post by Koyeli from NatureDiary.

Two Days In Bangalore: Where to Stay

Budget: The Signature Inn, The Continentti, and Hotel RR International are the best budget hotels in Bangalore.

Mid-Range: Ibis Bangalore City center and Southern Star, are the best mid-range hotels in Bangalore with modern facilities.

Luxury: If you want to make your stay luxurious, then choose the Leela Palace and the Hotel ITC Windsor.

How to Spend Two Days In Bangalore, A Perfect Itinerary

Bangalore in 2 Days: Day One

You can even visit many places even if you are thinking about what to do in Bangalore for a one-day tour. If you have planned for only one day trip to this gifted city, then you should never miss these top spots to visit. 


Manchanabele - 2 days in Bangalore

The place is about 40 km distant from the central city. Manchanabele is a small village famous for its picturesque dam and reservoir. Visitors come here to relax from the daily city routine. Many recreations and team-building activities are conducted here. The place hosts thrilling sports like kayaking and rafting.

Janapada Loka

Another thrilling location you should mark on your list is the Janapada Loka. The place is about one and half hours away from Bangalore. You can engage yourself in activities like trekking, adventure camps, kayaking, and whatnot! The time from November to February is the best time to visit the place. 

Devanahili Fort

A place to share historic, cultural, and architectural significance at the same time. Devanahili fort is 37 km distant from Bangalore. The fort was constructed by Malla Byre Gowda with clay in 1501. The fort currently is reserved by the Archeological Survey of India (ASI). This fort is open from 7:00 am-8:30 pm every day.


Ramanagara is the place where cultural fanatics often visit. In this cultural place, you will notice the regional art forms through the exhibit. In this large museum complex, you will witness artifacts from categories like Chitra Kuteera, Lok Mahal, etc. The place shelters more than 5000 folk artifacts of the region. 


For all the rock-climbing enthusiasts, Avani is one of the best places to visit near Bangalore. Here, the locals believe in tales for greater religious significance. They believe that the place is the homage to Rishi Valmiki, the author of the great epic Ramayana. You will find temples like Ramalingeshwara and Lakshmaneshwara here. 

So, for your query of what to do in Bangalore on a one-day tour, these five places will be the instant reply. 

Bangalore in 2 Days: Day Two

Now, let’s have a glance at what to do in Bangalore for a two day excursion!


Ooty - 2 days in Bangalore

Ooty is also known as Queens of hills, fascinates tourists all over the world. The pleasant weather of the place makes its place among the most visited places in the world. Your weekend will be all set if you plan to visit this hill station in Bangalore. The botanical garden nearby or the deer park makes the place evergreen. 

Nigiri hills

The blue mountains or the Nilgiri hills have the richest biodiversity in their greenery. Within the two days of the visit, you can do cycling, camping, or a casual tour amidst these hills. The breezing air makes the place romantic and worthy of visiting in summer times. A landscape with steep hills, narrow valleys give the tourists a pleasant experience. 


Hampi  Bangalore

Hampi reminds us of the old history classes. Its intricate designs and architectural illustrations made it one of the UNESCO sites. The site will tell you about the history of the Vijayanagara empire and the temples associated with it. You can rock climb, ride in a coracle on the Tungabhadra River, and more in this place. The place has an absolute scenic beauty with three hills and a flowing Tungabhadra River. 

Tipu Sultan’s summer palace

Tipu Sultan's summer palace
Tipu Sultan’s summer palace

In the Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan’s summer palace, the magnificent architecture, engravings, and Indo-Islamic style pillars will be treat to your eyes.

Bull temple

Bangalore’s shrines are equally fascinating and impressive. The bull temple is built in dedication to Nandi. And the temple is made in a Dravidian pattern. The idol of Nandi, the bull was carved out of a single large granite rock. The tallness of the icon is about five meters. The temple is regularly worshipped. The idol of Nandi is well decorated with garlands.

You can’t miss any of these places when you choose to your Bangalore within two days. 

Practical information for a 2-day Bangalore itinerary

For the visitors who don’t know much about Bangalore, you must know, either English, Hindi, or Kannada to communicate with the locals. In the two days itinerary list, you must note that the city’s time zone is +5.5 of the UTC. Also, Bangalore does not support daylight saving time.

Though earlier getting a taxi in the town was challenging and required early bookings. But, now you can easily instant book a cab from Ola or Uber to tour the city. And lastly, try to book a hotel in the Central Business District, so, that there’s no traffic concern while traveling. 

When is the best time to visit Bangalore?

There’s no specific time of the year where tourists visit the city. That’s why you can visit the city any time of the year. The climate of the city is moderate for the whole year. However, the maximum tourist inflow was between September to February maybe because of the vacations and celebrations.

The most pleasant part of the city is that the temperature never exceeds 35 degrees Celsius even in the scorching summertime. At the same time, the winters are also an ultimate peace here because the temperature never falls below ten degrees Celsius.

The winter season is the best time for the city to plan a tour because numerous festivals are held during that time. You can carry light-spoken clothes to have a soothing experience. 

How to reach Bangalore from other parts of India and abroad?

  • Airways

For foreign visitors, flights are the only option available to reach the IT city. But that should not be a problem for Muscat, Singapore, etc. because Bangalore hosts direct international flights for them. For other visitors abroad, you can book a flight to Delhi international airport and then from there, directly to Bangalore.

Domestic travelers can book a ticket from the nearby domestic airport and fly directly to Bangalore. Daily, Bangalore airport hosts flights from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc. 

  • Roadways

Bangalore also has an enormous bus terminus located in proximity to the railway station. The bus that arrives at the city is generally fully air conditioning.

  • Railways

Railway facilities are available throughout the country. The central Bangalore railway station is associated with different railway stations of Indian states. And on daily basis express trains arrive at the central city from all parts of India. 

How to get around the city

Bangalore is the largest city in the Indian state of Karnataka. The city is also highly advanced in terms of communication and transport systems. You can take regular metro trains that are affordable to visit this incredible city. Metro arrives regularly and will help you to avoid the traffic. And if you are planning a two days trip to the nearby towns and spots, then booking a cab from taxi services will be ideal. You can also book local cars for your two days trip. 

Tips/ Advice

If you are new to this city, then check out these essential tips and advice. 

  1. In your what to do in Bangalore list, you must keep time for shopping. In the commercial street, you will find all the trendy items. And if you miss them, then your trip is not complete!
  2. Secondly, for all the silk admirers, Bangalore serves the best. Here you will find some of the original silk types. Bangalore will remain the stylish capital of India.
  3. Thirdly, if you are a foodie and want to test the best, then you must try Mangalorean Buns which are made from bananas and are served with sambhar.
  4. Bangalore is one of the safest towns in India but, while traveling, be aware of your wallets, mobile, and other devices. 
  5. Also, if you are planning to visit the temples in Bangalore, then dress modestly. Otherwise, you may not be allowed to visit the inner shrine of the temples. 
  6. And lastly, keep all the official documents handy while traveling to Bangalore. 

Thus, Bangalore for years has been a favorite destination to visit for tourists. The number of places to visit here is never-ending. But according to your one-day or two-day plan, you must check the above What to do in the Bangalore list. In this way, it will give you a full-fledged experience in touring the tech city of India. 

Bio: Koyeli is a nature traveler from India. Backed by expertise in environmental science, she has enormous experience in traveling, trekking, and hiking across various travel destinations. She writes on her blog at NatureDiary.

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