When Is the Best Time to Visit Copenhagen

Copenhagen is such a beautiful city. I personally love the summer in Copenhagen. At this time of year the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the trees and flowers are blooming and everybody is out and about, just having a wonderful time. I know, because I have had the chance to live in Copenhagen for several years of my life already. 

However, the summer period is not the only enjoyable season in Copenhagen. Throughout the year, you will find that each of the four seasons have their own charm when visiting the capital of Denmark. Below I will outline some of Copenhagen ́s best and most popular activities for each season.

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This is a guest post by Sanne of The San Sanity blog.

When to visit Copenhagen

Spring in Copenhagen


From March to April the temperature is still a bit low in Copenhagen, but it is starting to get warmer. It often gets around 10-15 degrees these months. Furthermore, there is not as much rainfall compared to some of the other months of the year. 

Check out the average temperature for Copenhagen in spring:

March average temperature for Copenhagen: 41°F high and 32°F low / 5°C high and 0°C low

April average temperature for Copenhagen: 50°F high and 36°F low / 10°C high and 2°C low

May average temperature for Copenhagen: 61°F high and 45°F low / 16°C high and 7°C low


Torvehallerne Copenhagen
Torvehallerne Copenhagen

The warmer and sunny weather also means that people start to get outside more. Some will get their bikes out and start biking around the city. People will be heading towards one of the several parks for an early spring picnic or go to one of the many food markets. Both Torvehallerne and Reffen are popular places to experience the street food of Copenhagen.

Others will most likely be biking to one of the many flea markets which will slather to pup up around the different neighbourhoods in Copenhagen. Going to flea markets and find a good bargain is very popular among the inhabitants in the city. You just never know what you will find. 

It is also during spring that Dyrehavsbakken (or just Bakken) opens up. It is the oldest amusement park in Denmark, located in a beautiful green area just outside the city centre. The admission price is free, however you will have to pay for ride tickets if you want to try one of the many ferris wheels or roller coasters. 

Bakken Amusement Park - spring in copenhagen
Bakken Amusement Park

Every year during Spring there will also be several tourists visiting Bispebjerg cemetery. They are on the look for the characteristic cherry blossoms which starts to bloom. The people coming here will get to experience the breathtaking, pink flowers which take over most of the pathways and avenues in the cemetery. It is definitely worth a visit! Also, remember to bring your phone or camera, as it is most certainly instagram-worthy as well. 

Summer in Copenhagen


The summer months are definitely the most enjoyable once of the year in Copenhagen. The temperature sits around 20 degrees. You will also get to experience the long summer nights at this time of year. The sunset is not until 10pm with the twilight lasting until 11pm. 

Check out the average temperature for Copenhagen in summer:

June average temperature for Copenhagen: 66°F high and 52°F low / 19°C high and 11°C low

July average temperature for Copenhagen: 70°F high and 55°F low / 21°C high and 13°C low

August average temperature for Copenhagen: 70°F high and 54°F low / 21°C high and 12°C low


when to visit Copenhagen - summer

The summer in Copenhagen is without a doubt the time to be outside. Everybody will be out enjoying the long, brighter nights and the many activities which take place this time of year.

One of the most popular things to do during summer is to attend one (or several) of the many festivals in Copenhagen. With the broad selection of festivals there should be something for almost everybody.

I can personally recommended Roskilde Festival which runs for a week around the end of June to the beginning of July. Each year there will be almost 200 solo artists and bands filling up the 8 different stages around the festival. However, the festival is not just about music. People also come here for the many different food stalls, events, and activities. 

I can also recommended Distortion which is a street festival with DJs and people partying throughout the different neighbourhoods in Copenhagen. 100,000 people attend every year. To mention a few other festivals worth checking out I suggest Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Copenhell, Friday Rock in Tivoli, Copenhagen Pride and Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival. 

If you are looking for something a bit more relaxing you should go to one of the harbour baths in Copenhagen. Here you get to splash around in the clean water among lots of other people who are out trying to cool down a bit. One of the most popular places are Islands Brygge harbour bath where you can show off your head dives from the big set of stairs which has been build. 

Amager Beach Park - summer in Copenhagen

If you prefer to go to the beach instead, then I suggest you go to Amager Strandpark (Amager Beach Park). The beach area is a 2 km long artificial island with a big sandy beach. People go here for sunbathing, running, skating, and all kinds of water activities, etc. 

If you are visiting Copenhagen during the summer you will without a doubt also find a lot of people just hanging around in the different parks and green areas of Copenhagen. In relation,  Dronning Louises Bro is a very popular place. Many young people go here every day to spend time with friends, have a cold drink and just enjoy the sunshine. Everybody is in a cheerful mood and you cannot avoid to be positively affected by the good vibes surrounding this place. 

Autumn in Copenhagen

When to visit Copenhagen - autumn


From September the temperature will slowly starts to get lower. At the same time, the average rainfall will start to increase. Most often, autumn in Copenhagen is very wet and starting to get chilly.

Check out the average temperature for Copenhagen in autumn:

September average temperature for Copenhagen: 63°F high and 50°F low / 17°C high and 10°C low

October average temperature for Copenhagen: 54°F high and 45°F low / 12°C high and 7°C low

November average temperature for Copenhagen: 45°F high and 37°F low / 7°C high and 3°C low


Frederiksborg Castle in autumn
Frederiksborg Castle in autumn

Even though the leaves change their colours and the weather gets colder, the city is still packed with things to do. There will be several offers both inside and outside for you to enjoy. 

If you are looking for something to do on a rainy day, Copenhagen has numerous museums to visit. One of the most popular is Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Here you will get to see a stunning collection of paintings and sculptures. To name a few others, I suggest you check out Glyptoteket, The National Museum of Denmark, , The National Gallery of Denmark, and the art museum Nikolaj Kunsthal. 

In the middle of October there is a public, autumn break in Denmark, which means that the capital will attract a lot of people. Copenhagen will therefore also be offering several different activities especially for families with kids. 

Every year Copenhagen also throws a Culture Night in the middle of October. It is on a Friday night where more than 250 theaters, museums, churches, parks, libraries, public squares, etc are open until late in the evening with numerous of special events and activities going on. 

Halloween in Tivoli Gardens - the best time to visit Copenhagen
Halloween in Tivoli Gardens

By the end of autumn, the Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen will also be showing a big Halloween exhibition. It is running from the middle of October to the beginning of November. Here you can explore the many creative decorations including ghosts, spiders and over 20,000 pumpkins.

Winter in Copenhagen

Nyhavn - things to do in Copenhagen in winter


Winter time in Copenhagen can be quite hard and cold. This season often brings an average temperature around 2 degrees and includes a lot of rain and snow. December to February are also some of the darkest months of the year in Copenhagen.

Check out the average temperature for Copenhagen in winter:

December average temperature for Copenhagen: 39°F high and 32°F low / 4°C high and 0°C low

January average temperature for Copenhagen: 36°F high and 28°F low / 2°C high and -2°C low

February average temperature for Copenhagen: 39°F high and 27°F low / 4°C high and -3°C low


Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen in winter
Tivoli Gardens

The darker and colder months during the winter season in Copenhagen, does not necessarily equals the worst months. It just means that you have to be doing something different and appreciate some of the other activities the city has to offer. 

One of my favorite things to do in Copenhagen during the winter season is to go to one of the many locals cafes with friends or family and just have a relaxing and cozy afternoon. In Danish this is what we call “Hygge”. We get a cup of something warm in order to heat up a bit, and maybe add on a piece of cake or danish pastry. Then we simply just enjoy each other’s company. When looking outside, you only see the darkness slightly lighted by the many electrical lights which are filling the streets this time of year. 

This is also the time to get in the spirit for the upcoming Christmas holiday season. In order to facilitate that, you should go visit some of the many Christmas market located in Copenhagen. Every Christmas market is different. Each of them has something different to offer and a unique location, so I highly recommend to visit more than just one. 

The number one Christmas market in Copenhagen is the one in Tivoli Garden. Here the entire family can try the many different rides in the garden, check out the many Christmas stalls, enjoy the thousands of Christmas lights, and the little ones can say hello to Santa. 

Copenhagen Christmas Market in winter

I also recommend you to visit Carlsberg Christmas Market, the markets at Højbro Plads and Nyhavn harbor. Furthermore, you should also stop by the Christmas market in the Freetown Christiania, and the one at Kronborg Castle if you have the time. 

Finally, each winter you will find a number of ice rinks in the different neighborhoods of Copenhagen. One of the most popular is the one placed near the entrance of Frederiksberg Garden at Frederiksberg Rundel. Here everybody is welcome and you can either bring your own skates or rent a pair for DKK 50. 

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I hope the above season guide is helpful to you. It is meant to give you a better understanding of the different atmosphere, charm and things to do in Copenhagen throughout the year. What season would you like to experience in this city? 

Bio: My name is Sanne and I’m a Danish citizen. I currently live in Spain and have just come back from two years in Australia. I love to travel. Recently, I started my first lifestyle blog The San Sanity. It focuses on the topics of Travel, Outdoor Activities, Fitness & Health, and general Inspiration & Recommendations related to everyday life. I hope you will check it out!

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