4 Wonderful Places You Must Visit in Florida

There is no denying the fact that Florida is one of the most popular vacation destinations and there is a reason behind it. Florida has the most beautiful beaches, caves and many other attractions.

The best part is that the sunshine state has a plethora of options available for every traveller. Let us have a look at the different places you can visit in Florida.

Amazing Dry Tortugas National Park

When you go to Florida, then make it a point to visit Dry Tortugas National Park. You will get to see a hundred miles of open water here. This park has seven beautiful islands. The interesting part is that the park does not have any fresh water and this is one of the reasons that it is called the Dry Tortugas.

Another exciting element about the islands is that they are the home to Fort Jefferson. It is one of the largest forts of the 19th century. Plus, the visitors can stay in the park as well. They have two options.

As a visitor, you can stay on a chartered yacht,or you can also spend the night on the island campground. What you will love about this park is that the water is clear. You can go for diving or snorkelling as well.

Out of This World Marie Selby Botanical Garden

If you are a nature lover, then you have to visit Marie Selby Botanical Garden in Florida. The botanical garden offers an excellent display of orchids and epiphytes. If you are a food lover, then there are several dining options in this garden as well, so the visit is bound to be an experience of a lifetime.

Mesmerising Lion Safari

If you are an adventurous sort of person, then you must plan a trip to Lion Country Safari in Florida. It is a drive-through park. Animals live in a cage-less environment in this park.

Marvellous Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

Do you love butterflies? If yes, then you can visit Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. The Conservatory is a butterfly park. You will find about fifty species of butterflies in this park.

There is a controlled climate habitat for the butterflies in the conservatory. You will find waterfalls and butterfly-friendly flowers in this place. Plus, this place offers a learning centre to the visitors as well where they can learn about the different stages of a caterpillar.

By now, you have a clear idea that visiting Florida is worth it. If you want to travel to the US, then you can apply for Esta Visa by submitting an Esta Application form. However, you will only be eligible for this visa if you want to travel to the US for transit, tourism or business.

Plus, it is essential that as a traveller you should not have any criminal record. If you meet the mentioned requirements, plan a trip to Florida, USA today. You will enjoy your trip and will be able to create many wonderful memories.

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