Mycenae Archaeological Site

A month ago I visited one of my favorite towns in Greece, Nafplio for a friend’s wedding. Although I have been to Nafplio many times I never get bored spending more time in this picturesque town. From Nafplio you can see many interesting archaeological sites within a 30-minute drive. That weekend I decided to visit the archaeological site of Mycenae, one of the most famous ancient Greek sites. The Mycenean culture was one of the most important in ancient Greece. The archaeological site of Mycenae is also a popular day trip from Athens.

The Archaeological Site of Mycenae Greece

Driving from Athens, just before Nafplio, lays the ancient city of Mycenae. As you approach the archaeological site you will first see the Treasury of Atreus, burial monument of Mycenaean architecture. It was constructed in 1250 BC and it was believed to be the grave of Agamemnon. Unfortunately, the tomb of Agamemnon, as most tholos tombs was robbed in antiquity.

Treasury of Atreus in Mycenae
Treasury of Atreus
Treasury of Atreus Mycenae
the entrance at the Treasury of Atreus

Your next stop is the main archaeological site the Acropolis of Mycenae. The town of Mycenae was built-in a strategic location. The hill of the Acropolis was low and was built near two mountains making it inaccessible and hard to detect. Also it was on the main route linking Peloponnese with the whole Greece making it easy to control the movement of goods.

Lion Gate The central entrance to the Acropolis of Mycenae
Lion Gate The central entrance to the Acropolis

The hill of the Acropolis was surrounded by a big wall 900m long that enclosed an area of 30.000 m2. From the preserved remains the most important are the Lion Gate of Mycenae  which was the entrance to the Acropolis, the two Burial Enclosures that were part of an extensive prehistoric cemetery, the Vaulted Tomb of Clytemnestra, the Royal Palace, the North Gate, the Temple and the Underground Tank.

Grave Circle A Mycenae
Grave Circle A

Onsite you will also find the Archaeological Museum of Mycenae. In the three rooms you can see many findings from the excavations.

Tickets cost:

Full: 12 €. Reduced: 6 €

Tickets are valid for Mycenae, Treasure of Atreus and the Archaeological site of Mycenae.

Visiting the whole site, including the museum will take you at least 2 hours. Wear sensible shoes and bring a bottle of water and a hat with you.

The archaeological site of Mycenae can be visited as a day trip from Athens and can be combined with a visit to the beautiful town of Nafplio and the archaeological site of Asklipieion at Epidaurus.

How to get to the archaeological site of Mycenae Greece

The easiest way to get there is either by renting a car or by one of the organized tours. There is also the most complicated way of going by public transport (Ktel) for more info click here.

Book a day trip to Mycenae and Epidaurus from Athens here.

The underground spring Mycenae
The underground spring
the Vaulted Tomb of Clytemnestra
the Vaulted Tomb of Clytemnestra

Have you ever visited Mycenae or another archaeological site in Greece? Which one was your favorite?

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  1. I was 16 when I travelled to Greece. I have to say that Mycenae was very impressive, and all the more since there is evidence that they were actually VIKINGS! They migrated south through Ukraine, carving up a swath of temperate Greece, not a bad setup if you ask me.

  2. Looks like a fascinating place to visit, and nice that it isn’t too crowded with other tourists! I loved studying archaeology a bit at uni though it’s always much more exciting seeing things first hand!

  3. This looks like a great archaeological place to explore! I had no idea this existed until I found your post. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing


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