Best places to visit in Italy in June

In June, summer finally sets in but the majority of Italians go on vacation from late July to late August, so that you won’t find large crowds of tourists around, especially on the beaches. For this reason, June is a relatively cheap month to go on holiday, since hotel fares start to rise in July. In June, you’ll find sunny and nice weather everywhere but you can already experience some hot days, especially in the Southern Regions and on the islands.

June 2nd is Republic Day because in 1946 Italian people voted against the monarchy and the Italian Republic was officially born. If you are in Rome, you’ll probably see the official event chaired by the Italian President at the Altar of the Fatherland in Piazza Venezia.

June is the perfect month for a relaxing beach holiday with few tourists around and cheaper fares.

Things to do in Italy in June

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1. Experience the Tuscan beaches in Forte dei Marmi (Tuscany)

What: it is a nice small town located on the Northern coast of Tuscany. It’s one of the main tourist destinations of this part of the Country not only for its beaches but also for the beautiful countryside nearby. Over the years, it has become a popular destination among local celebrities too and it has acquired a glamorous atmosphere.

What to see: the beaches, of course! They are equipped with any kind of facility and comfort but they are quite expensive. If you prefer a public beach, head to Vittoria Apuana and enjoy its natural dunes. When in town, don’t forget a visit to the medieval fort giving the city its name (“Forte”) and have a walk on the iconic 300m long pier.

How long: 1 week

Why June: early summer is the perfect time of the year to enjoy the beaches without sharing them with a large crowd! You can also take advantage of the lower hotel and beach fares.

Weather: the average temperature is 23°C with sunny days

Practical tips: save at least one day to visit one of the beautiful Tuscan cities nearby. The best options are Pisa, Viareggio, and Lucca.

2. Attend the celebrations for S. John’s Day in Turin (Piemonte)

What: the patronal feast is on June 24th, but the local celebrations go on for an entire weekend. The heart of the feast is on June 23rd: in the afternoon you can witness a beautiful historical parade with hundreds of people in period customs, while in the evening don’t miss the tradition of the “farò” (bonfire). It is lighted in Piazza Castello and it has a wooden stake in the middle holding the image of a bull (the symbol of Turin). When the flames reach it, locals hold their breath and hope it falls opposite to the royal palace to guarantee a lucky year for the city, otherwise it indicates bad luck for the upcoming months!

What to see: Piazza Castello is the heart of the royal neighborhood and it is overlooked by the Royal Palace (the former residence of the kings), Palazzo Madama (housing the Museum of Ancient Art), the Royal Theater (one of the main lyric theaters of Italy) and the Royal Church of S. Lorenzo (the baroque church of the king).

How long: 1 weekend

Why June: to combine your sightseeing with an evocative local tradition

Weather: the average temperature is 22°C with sunny days

Practical tips: if you feel like living St. John’s celebrations to the fullest, don’t miss the drone show in Piazza Vittorio on the night of June 24th.

3. Have fun in the vibrant and bustling Rimini (Emilia Romagna)

What: Rimini rhymes with summertime fun! It is the most popular seaside resort in Northern Italy, especially among young people wanting to party all day and all night.

What to see: Rimini is also a city of art with many pieces of heritage, especially from the Roman period. Don’t miss the Malatestiano Temple (Church of S. Colomba), the Square of The Three Martyrs (the former Roman forum) and the Domus of the Surgeon with its precious mosaics.

How long: 1 week

Why June: to take advantage of the lower fares of hotels, beaches, and sports facilities.

Weather: the average temperature is 23°C with sunny days

Practical tips: after spending a few hours on the beach, the perfect snack is the local piadina! It’s a traditional flatbread mostly filled with cheese, ham, and arugula or with grilled veggies.

4. Immerse yourself in the timeless atmosphere of Como Lake (Lombardia)

What: the most famous Italian lake is located in Lombardia and it is a popular destination for Milan inhabitants and for Italian and international celebrities. It can offer some amazing natural landscapes together with several picturesque villages and small towns.

What to see: the main city is Como, which is really nice and full of heritage. You should visit at least its beautiful cathedral, the church of S. Abbondio and the Voltiano Temple. If you prefer a mountain location choose Brumate and enjoy the view of both the lake and the Alps. If you search for some glamour, head to Bellagio instead! This small town will surely impress you thanks to the elegance of its villas and its picturesque alleys and squares.

How long: 1 weekend

Why June: summer is the best period to enjoy the lake landscape at its best and it’s also the season of the Bellagio Festival! It consists of a series of classical music concerts held in the most beautiful locations of the lake banks! 

Weather: the average temperature is 20°C with sunny days

Practical tips: Como Lake is perfect for a romantic getaway! On a special occasion, don’t miss an idyllic boat tour at sunset! 

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5. Sail around the Egadi Islands (Sicily)

What: Egadi are 5 small islands forming an archipelago located close to the Western coast of Sicily. They’re famous for their crystal-clear water and for their wild and endemic flora and fauna. This Mediterranean ecosystem is perfect to be explored through some eco-tourism activities like sailing, snorkeling or trekking.

What to see: the pristine water of the Blue Cove and the Bue Marino Cove in Favignana island and the trekking trail reaching Capo Grosso in Levanzo island.

How long: 4-5 days

Why June: to sunbathe and swim in this idyllic setting without the hot late-summer sun, that would make sailing pretty uncomfortable.

Weather: the average temperature is 24°C with sunny days

Practical tips: don’t forget to bring your mask and flippers to enjoy some snorkeling! The best locations are Bue Marino Cove in Favignana, Galeotta island and Marettimo island.

6. Enjoy a luxurious beach holiday on the Emerald Coast (Sardinia)

What: the Emerald Coast is a stretch of Northern coast close to the town of Arzachena. It is full of fancy seaside resorts that were mainly founded in the 60s and soon became the symbol of luxury and glamour in an exclusive location.

What to see: the best starting point to explore this area is Arzachena, which is rich in cultural heritage and it is also surrounded by beautiful hilly countryside. The best beaches of the Emerald Coast are Cala di Volpe (with one of the most glamorous resorts of the area), Canniggione (in a deep cove) and the Beach of the Prince (it takes its name from the Arab Prince Karim Aga Khan IV who discovered this area in the 60s and fell in love with it).

How long: 1 week

Why June: to take advantage of the slightly lower prices and be able to spend a luxurious week in an exclusive location.

Weather: the average temperature is 25°C with sunny days

Practical tips: in addition to glamour and nature, you’ll also find a wild nightlife and many clubs indoor and outdoor everywhere, so it’s a perfect location for affluent young people!

7. Enjoy a beach holiday in perfect Southern style in Salento (Puglia)

What: Salento is a peninsula squeezed between the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea. It’s one of the most popular holiday destinations for Italians and it is widely appreciated for its rocky landscapes, its pristine water, and its beautiful Mediterranean countryside.

What to see: Salento is not only made of beaches and countryside, but it’s also full of cities of art! Visit Lecce for example, and admire its nice Old Town, entirely made with local stone. Lose yourself in its narrow alleys, experience its vibrant nightlife and visit the peaceful Olivetani Monastery. Another town that’s worth a visit is Otranto, which is entirely whitewashed, dotted with picturesque views and surrounded by ancient walls.

How long: 1 week

Why June: even if it’s one of the most crowded areas of the country during the summer, you’ll find slightly fewer people there in June. For this reason, it’s definitely the best period if you like a relaxing and quiet holiday.

Weather: the average temperature is 24°C with sunny days

Practical tips: most of Salento’s beaches are pet-friendly, so it’s the perfect destination for those wanting to spend their holidays with their beloved pet!

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8. Enjoy the natural beauties of Palinuro (Campania)

What: Palinuro is a small town located near Salerno. It is part of the Cilento’s National Park and it’s famous for the high quality of its bathing water and for being an award-winning eco-friendly location.

What to see: the main attraction of Palinuro consists of its marine caves, only accessible by boat. The most beautiful beaches are the Bay of Good Sleep in an intimate natural cove and the 5Km long Saline Beach, which is loved by families with kids thanks to its shallow and sandy seabed.

How long: 1 week

Why June: to enjoy less crowded beaches and lower prices than in late summer

Weather: the average temperature is 23°C with sunny days

Practical tips: choose one of the many camping sites of the area to spend some days immersed in the Cilento’s pristine nature. There are also many camping sites located directly on the beach!  

9. Take a boat tour around Capri (Campania)

What: Capri is an island off the Campania coast, just in front of Sorrento. It’s a glamorous location that is popular among celebrities and affluent people, but it’s also one of the unmissable stops of each trip to Naples and the Amalfi Coast!

What to see: one of the main attractions of the island is the Blue Cave, which owes its name to the bright blue color of its water and is one of the main subjects of any tourist’s pictures! Another icon of Capri consists in the “Faraglioni”, which are 3 high rock peaks emerging from the sea just in front of the shore.

How long: 1 weekend

Why June: even if Capri is always crowded, June is a less busy month than July and August and you can better enjoy the natural beauties of the island.

Weather: the average temperature is 25°C with sunny days

Practical tips: even if you just stay in Capri for a couple of days, don’t miss the boat tour to the Blue Cave!

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10. Trekking in the Circeo National Park (Lazio)

What: Circeo National Park is located on the coast of Lazio and it takes its name from the homonymous promontory. Here you can find a mix of sea, mountain, lakes, and woodland, which make this area one of the favorite destinations for trekkers.

What to see: the park has many trails and you’ll be spoilt for choice! Among the most scenic ones you can take the Vecciaro Trail (in a shady forest), the Old Severiana Path (running along an olive grove and close to the Sybille Cave) and the Guardia Orlando Trail (reaching a former military outpost overlooking the sea).

How long: 1day trip from Rome

Why June: to breath some fresh air and escape the hot city

Weather: the average temperature is 21°C with a sunny day. 





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