Best Shoes for Travelling Europe

The best shoes for traveling Europe will keep your feet super comfy during your travels and prevent your feet from getting tired while sightseeing.  The last thing you want during that your European trip of a lifetime is to waste precious travel days due to sore and tired feet. 

When it comes to the best shoes for walking around Europe, they need to provide your feet maximum comfort as well as be suitable for walking over cobblestones – day after day.  If you’ve never walked over cobblestones before, you will soon realise how difficult they are to walk over in impractical shoes. And it’s not only the cobblestones that are going to get you.  In Europe expect to be walking up and downstairs to reach train stations, museums and even many hotels. 

To help you find good travel shoes for Europe, I’ve put together this guide on the best shoes to wear in Europe.  In this guide, I’ll take you through the various things you need to consider to purchase the best shoes for touring Europe – no matter if you’re visiting Europe during the Summer or Winter months.  I’ll also cover off on some of my favourite women’s travel shoes for Europe that are currently on the market.

So, leave your favourite everyday dressy sandals at home, as they’re just not going to cut it for walking throughout European cities.  After you’ve finished reading this guide – you’ll be well on your way to purchasing the best shoes for sightseeing in Europe.

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My Pick for the Best Shoes for Travelling Europe 

Don’t have time to read my entire best shoes for Europe trip?  Well, below I’ve listed my picks for the best shoes for winter in Europe as well as the best shoes in Europe in Summer.

Best Shoes for Winter in Europe: Columbia Ice Maiden II

When it comes to what shoes to wear in Europe in Winter, I recommend the Columbia Ice Maiden II.  For such an inexpensive boot, its performance is amazing.  I love the cozy liner which provides ample warmth all day and the boots are completely waterproof.  The best thing, they are super cute!

Click here to purchase the Columbia Ice Maiden II boots or keep reading below for the full review.

Best Shoes Europe in Summer: Ecco Damara Sandals

My pick for walking shoes for Europe in Summer are the Ecco Damara Ankle Gladiator sandals.  I just love how these sandals have the perfect balance between providing great comfort and looking fantastic too.  You could easily wear these sandals with a casual outfit for a day of sightseeing, then wear them with a dress later to go out for dinner.

These Ecco sandals are a great choice if you’re after not only the best sandals for walking long distances but comfortable walking sandals that look good too.

Keep reading below for my full review on these walking sandals.

Click here to purchase the Ecco Damara Ankle Gladiator Sandals or keep reading below for my full review. 

The Best Shoes for Walking Around Europe 2019 Comparison Chart 

The table below provides a quick overview of the various options for the best women’s shoes for European travel reviewed in this guide.  Keep reading below for the full reviews.

1. KEEN Elsa III Casual Sneaker Winter $ 4.3 Check Price
2. Adidas Cloudfoam Casual Sneaker Winter $ 4.5 Check Price
3. Skechers Mircoburst Topnotch Casual Sneaker Winter $ 4.5 Check Price
4. Skechers Performance Go Flats Winter     Check Price
5. Born Julianne Flats Winter $ 4.1 Check Price
6. Blondo Villa Casual Boots Winter $$ 4.1 Check Price
7. Brooks Ghost Athletic Shoes Winter $$ 4.5 Check Price
8. Merrell Moab Hiking Shoes Winter $ 4.6 Check Price
9. Adidas Outdoor Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTZ Hiking Boots Winter $$ 4.5 Check Price
10. Columbia Ice Maiden II Snow Boots Winter $ 4.7 Check Price
11. ECCO Damara Ankle Gladiator Walking Sandals Summer $ 4.1 Check Price
12. Birkenstock Yara Walking Sandals Summer $$ 4.1 Check Price
13. Chaco Zcloud X2 Sport Walking Sandals Summer $ 4.4 Check Price
14. Crocs Isabellatstrap Dress Sandal Summer $ 4.5 Check Price
15. Pons 510 – Avarca Classic Dress Sandal Summer $ 4.4 Check Price
16. ECCO Flash T-Strap Gladiator Dress Sandal Summer $$ 4 Check Price
17. Naot Sabrina Flat Dress Sandal Summer $$ 4.3 Check Price
18. Clarks Azella Closed Shoe Summer $ 4 Check Price
19. Teva Verra Sandals Hiking Sandals Summer $ 4.4 Check Price
20. KEEN Rose Hiking Sandals Summer $ 4.5 Check Price


Factors to Consider When Purchasing Good Travel Shoes for Europe 

Before purchasing shoes for touring Europe, be sure to do your research and consider the following factors to ensure you are buying the best shoes to take to Europe. 

1. Type of Shoes for Walking Around Europe 

There is no one shoe type that makes the best women’s shoes for travelling Europe.  There is a range of different shoe types that re perfect for travelling to Europe and as to which is the best for you really comes down to your personal preference and the variety of activities you will be participating in while you’re in Europe. 

Below is a brief overview of the different types of shoes that make the best shoes for European vacation.

Casual Sneakers

A casual pair of sneakers is a popular choice for good shoes for walking around Europe, particularly if you are looking for shoes to travel in Europe during the cooler months.  Casual sneakers come in a range of great colours and designs, and you’re sure to find the perfect pair to suit your personal taste and style.

Just keep in mind that a pair of casual sneakers are not the best shoes to walk around in Europe where it is likely to snow.

Athletic Shoes

For those sporty types, a pair of running shoes make a great pair of Europe walking shoes.  While they may not be the most fashionable, they will certainly keep your feet comfortable and warm in the colder months.

As with casual sneakers, athletic shoes are not the best women’s shoes for touring Europe, where it is likely to snow.

Hiking Shoes

If you’re likely to be going on day hikes through the European countryside, then a pair of hiking shoes is a good option.  A light pair of hiking shoes are versatile as you can wear them not only on hikes but also for city sightseeing.  While hiking shoes are not very fashionable, they will certainly keep your feet nice and comfortable even after a full day of walking.

Some hiking shoes are even waterproof so are a good option if you’re looking for shoes to wear in Europe winter.  However, they are not ideal for super cold temperatures.

Hiking Boots

For those who want to do multi-day hikes or single-day hikes on uneven terrain a pair of hiking boots is a must.  A good pair of waterproof hiking boots are also a good choice when it comes to shoes for sightseeing in Europe in the winter in cities where it is likely to snow.

Click here for my full guide on the best women’s hiking boots.

Snow Boots

If you’re planning on visiting the European cities during the winter months where not only is it expected to snow, but it’s also likely to be extremely cold a pair of snow boots is a must.  A good pair of snow boots will keep your feet suitably warm for enjoying a day of sightseeing.

Click here for my full guide on the best women’s snow boots.

Casual Boots

During the colder months, a casual pair of fashionable boots will look great when you’re out city sightseeing.  Just keep in mind that casual boots are not the best shoes for winter travel in Europe where you will be walking in heavy snow, nor do they keep your feet as warm as a good pair of snow boots do.


A good quality pair of flats are perfect for city sightseeing.  I love them because they are also very versatile and can take you from a day of visiting museums and attractions to the evening when you may have dinner at a restaurant or visit a bar.  The less pair of shoes you have to bring the better – so flats are great for this.

Flats are great for the cooler months too, but not during those winter days when it is expected to snow.  They’re also not ideal in warmer months, particularly if your feet are prone to sweating.


The best shoes for travelling Europe in Summer is a pair of sandals – don’t bother any other time of the year as it’s too cold.  The excellent news with sandals is there are a stack of different styles:

  • Dress Sandals: Dress sandals are similar to what you might wear out during a short excursion at home.  However, when it comes to dressy sandals for travel, you want something that offers a little more support.  Note that even the best pair of dress sandals are not going to provide the support required to be comfortable to wear all day every day.
  • Walking Sandals: These are the best shoes for walking in Europe in Summer – they are perfect for long days of city sightseeing.  These types of sandals are designed to be worn all day every day.  A good pair of walking sandals can be versatile enough to take you from a day of sightseeing to visiting a casual restaurant or bar.
  • Hiking Sandals: For those that need additional support or who also like to go on day hikes, a pair of hiking sandals are ideal.  Hiking sandals provide the ultimate in support and comfort out of all sandal types.  Unfortunately hiking sandals don’t tend to be that fashionable, so if you want a stylish pair of shoes to wear in Europe Summer, consider taking a pair of dress sandals as well for going out in the evenings.

Click here for my full guide on the best women’s walking sandals.

2. Comfort and Support

 When it comes to shoes that you are going to wear day in and day out during your European travels, the most crucial factor is the comfort and support they provide your feet.

Arch Support

The best shoes for walking tours in Europe are ones designed with great arch support, similar to what you’d expect to see in a pair of hiking boots or sports shoes.  Good arch support helps maintain alignment of your foot, maintain good posture and ensures your feet stay comfortable after hours and hours of walking.  Particularly when walking over cobblestones.

Foot Bed

Look for a footbed with cushioning which cradles your foot.  It is recommended that you look for shoes with a curved footbed. 

Deep Heel Cup 

Ideally, your shoes should have a nice deep heel cup to hold your heel in place and support it from all sides.  A deep heel cup also prevents your foot from rolling all over the place in uneven terrain.

3. Traction

Ensure your shoes provide adequate traction on the soles.  The deeper the grooves and the more patterns on the sole, the better stability they will deliver on a range of surfaces.   

When it comes to winter snow boots, a superior grip is essential.  Consider the following when looking for great quality snow boots:

  • Look for outsoles made from hard rubber for waterproof, stability and durability;
  • Lug Pattern: Lugs are the traction bumps on the bottom of the outsole. Look for lug patterns which are deep, thick and widely spread apart for the best traction; and
  • Look for boots with a heel brake (built in the heel area of the outsole which is distinct from the rest of the outsole) for improved traction and to avoid slipping.

4. Adjustability

Look for shoes that can be adjusted to fit your foot securely.   Shoes that can be adjustable allow you to get the perfect fit and even let you adjust for swollen feet.  For sandals, you want nice thick adjustable straps, not thin and flimsy straps which most dressy sandals tend to have. 

5. Material

The best shoes for Europe are ones that are well-constructed from durable materials – you don’t want your shoes falling apart mid-trip.  For good quality sandals, look for ones made with leather uppers, and rubber soles. 

6. Warmth

When it comes to the best shoes for travelling Europe in Winter months, you will need to consider the forecasted temperatures and ensure the shoes you purchase will keep your feet warm enough.  Here are a few things to consider when it comes to the best shoes for Europe in the winter:

Boot Height

Winter boots come in a range of heights including from ankle height to knee height.   As to what is the best boot height for you, comes down to both personal preference and the activities you will do while wearing your boots.  Ankle height snow boots are best for hiking, while higher boots are best for a day of city sightseeing.

Temperature Ratings

Some ranges of brands of snow boots will include a warmth or temperature rating.  In general, the ratings will help you determine how well the boots will perform at temperatures around -10°C (14°F), -20°C (-4°F), -30°C (-22°F) and so forth.  These numbers refer to the lowest temperature your feet can handle while maintaining reasonable warmth and comfort inside the boot.  However, these ranges are not guaranteed because every foot is different, so, use these ratings as a guide only.

 Insulation Types

Insulation for snow boots is often made from synthetic or natural fibres such as sheepskin.  Synthetics tend to be less bulky and lightweight.  Felt and sheepskin insulation tend to be much bulkier but are super cosy for your feet.  They have the bonus that if they do accidentally get wet many of these linings are removable and you can leave them by the fire at night and so will be dry in the morning. 


If you’re going to walking in heavy snow, it’s essential for your shoes to be waterproof.  Look for shoes with a waterproof inner membrane or have an added chemical waterproof treatment to the shoe.  Gore-Tex (often abbreviated to GTX in shoes) is a popular waterproof material used in some of the best snow boots. 

7. Stylish

As well as being comfortable and practical, you of course want shoes for Europe that look great too.  I mean, after all, you may well be wearing these shoes every day during your travels. 

The Best Shoes for Winter Travel in Europe

Below I have listed a range of different type of shoes which are just perfect for travelling to Europe in the winter.

1. KEEN Women’s Elsa III Canvas Sneakers

KEEN is a great brand when it comes to high-quality travel shoes, particularly hiking boots and walking sandals, but did you know they also make great casual sneakers?  If you prefer casual sneakers for your Europe winter walking shoes, the KEEN Elsa III is a great choice.

These canvas sneakers will keep your feet super comfortable despite days and days of sightseeing around Europe.  Featuring a cushioned insole and heel panel, you won’t need to be worried about sore feet slowing you down.  The insoles also have been treated with probiotic technology, which helps break down odour in sweat, so you don’t need to worry about smelly feet at the end of the day.

These sneakers also have a rubber outsole with superior traction, which is perfect for those cobblestone streets.  The exterior of the sneakers has also been treated with a chemical-free product to repel water, so you don’t need to be concerned if it lightly rains.

These lightweight canvas sneakers come in a range of great colours so you can choose a pair to match your Europe travel wardrobe.  They also come in half sizes, which is excellent if you don’t usually fit in standard sizing.

These KEEN canvas sneakers would be perfect if you’re travelling through Europe during the colder months; however, keep in mind they are ideal in super cold temperatures or walking through snow.

Click here to read more reviews and to check the price.


2. Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

The Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe is an excellent choice for everyday wear sightseeing or shopping and come in a vast array of colours for the fashion and style-conscious! 

While these are a casual sneaker, they do have similar features to your basic exercise sneaker.  So if you’re looking for pillow-soft cushioning for all-day comfort and lovely soft material that will breathe, even in the warmer weather, this shoe is an excellent choice.

If you happen to suffer from plantar fasciitis or have a little wider than average foot, this Adidas shoe boasts the Adidas Cloudfoam technology which provides a spongy in-step and cushioning to provide all-day support, comfort and style.  To add warmth in the colder temperatures wear them with a sock or during, the warmer months let the lightweight, breathable upper go to work.

These shoes are for people who like style, comfort and a good deal!  The Adidas Cloudfoam is a great choice for sightseeing and will keep your feet comfortable and ready to go for another day!

Click here to read more reviews and to check the price.


3. Skechers Women’s Microburst Topnotch Sneakers

Skechers is an award-winning brand in the lifestyle footwear industry so you can rely on high-quality and diverse products at an affordable price.  The Skechers Women’s Microburst Topnotch Sneakeris an excellent choice as a day walking shoe that provides style, comfort and just a little dressier than a sports sneaker.

Sleek and stylish this Skechers casual sneaker is made from a soft, heathered jersey knit fabric for added comfort with an interwoven stripe design.  The boat shoe design gives it that little extra style for the days when you want something more than just basic casual. 

This is an extremely comfortable everyday casual sneaker and perfect for those of us with foot problems like bunions.  The Air-Cooled Memory Foam cushions your foot and the burst compound lower profile midsole provide extra flexibility and impact cushioning support.  Perfect for sightseeing and everyday wear.

These Skechers come in four different colours and are so comfortable you will want to buy a pair in each colour, especially with the lower price.  A great option for travelling around Europe!

Click here to read more reviews and to check the price.


4. Skechers Performance Go Step Lite-Solace Shoe

If you after a ballet flat style comfortable walking shoe to travel with then the Skechers Performance Women’s Go Step Lite-Solace Walking Shoe is a great choice. 

This shoe features high-rebound cushioning and Skechers Goga Max Technology that provides anatomically correct arch support and shock absorption performance perfect for day-long touring and travelling around Europe. The soft mesh fabric upper keeps your feet cool, and the rubber outsole delivers multi-directional traction. 

Lightweight and flexible the shoe won’t take up any of your previous travel weight allowances, that’s if you’re not wearing them, and the cushioned midsole provides for exceptional comfort, and your feet will thank you for it.

The Skechers Go Step Lite Solace Walking Shoe would be an excellent choice for the best shoes for Europe in Fall.  Alternatively, they are perfect for warmer European cities during winter months and cooler European cities during the warmer months.  These shoes also come in a range of great colours too.

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5. Born Women’s Julianne

The Born brand is famous for providing quality and comfort, and the Born Women’s Julianne flats are definitely a shoe you need to consider for your European travels.

The Born Julianne flats are a great little shoe to wear every day for the smart, casual look.  While these shoes are definitely not intended as an all-day walking shoe, they are great for visiting a couple of museums or jumping off a bus to your next sightseeing experience.

These ballet flats are hand-crafted from rich full-grain leather with a rubber sole and provide excellent cushioning and support for even the toughest foot. 

Coming in a range of colours and styles, these little ballet flats are great for discovering the cities of Europe and offer a little more appeal as footwear for going straight to dinner after a day out sightseeing.

Click here to read more reviews and to check the price.


6. Blondo Women’s Villa Waterproof Ankle Bootie

These suede Blondo Women’s Villa Waterproof Ankle Bootiesare a great choice when travelling in the cooler weather and provide all-day comfort travelling around Europe. 

They are made from 100% waterproof material and easy-care suede with a low stacked heel and textured sole for enhanced traction.  The removable carbon foam insole and extra heel cushioning provide for that extra comfort needed when hitting the pavements while still feeling fashionable at the same time.  The rubber sole is perfect for a whole range of surfaces and is an ideal boot for the colder climates. 

These boots are perfect for walking reasonable distances and are a great option when travelling if you need something a bit more formal, and that goes with a vast array of outfits.  A gorgeous boot that is comfortable and stylish and every bit the perfect boot to have on your trip to Europe.

Click here to read more reviews and to check the price.


7. Brooks Women’s Ghost

If you’re after more advanced arch support to sustain all day walking performance but don’t want your typical sports shoe design, then the Brooks Women’s Ghost shoe is a perfect choice. 

With Brooks, you are buying quality from over 100 years of making shoes from baseball cleats to roller skates.  They know what they are talking about.  These shoes are made for long-distance comfort and hard surfaces, no matter how your foot lands.  The Brooks Women’s Ghost is structured with an integrated system of shock absorbers which cushion your every step. 

The upper mesh material provides for a soft and secure fit while still allowing for a bit of stretch for the warmer weather days when your feet naturally stretch.  The underfoot spring and softness provide durable and responsive cushion and traction for various surfaces, including those cobblestone walkways around nearly every corner in Europe.

If you’re after a shoe to support your feet, your ankles and your knees while roaming the ever-changing European landscape, then the Brooks Women’s Ghost shoe is a perfect choice.  They come in a vast range of colours too.

Click here to read more reviews and to check the price.


8. Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

If you’re after a hiking shoe for mid to cold weather for day hikes in the European countryside but are also a comfort shoe for city sightseeing, then the Merrell Women’s Moab-2-Vent-Hiking Shoe is a good choice. 

Hiking shoes, in general, are not the most attractive; however the Merrell Women’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe comes in an assorted range of colours to choose from and is probably the least offensive in fashion taste than other brands.

These hiking shoes are great for travelling the countryside in Europe as they are made from M Select DRY technology which seals out water but also allowing the moisture from everyday sweat to escape.  Made from a hardy suede leather and mesh upper they are a perfect all-day hiking shoe for various landscapes and terrains. 

There is a moulded arch shank providing excellent support and air cushioning to stabilise the foot for ultra-comfort.  The outsole delivers high-performance durability and stability for various surfaces, perfect for your European Touring adventure.

Although not the shoe if you plan to stand in puddles of water, all day every day, this is a great option for a shoe to explore Europe in the different daily weather conditions of your European Adventure.  You can’t go wrong with the Merrell brand which has been a top provider of performance outerwear since 1981.

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9. Adidas Outdoor Women’s Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTZ

For those women looking for a waterproof hiking boot either for long day hikes through the European countryside or for walking through the snow during a day of city sightseeing, the Terrex Swift R2 Mid GTZ by Adidas is an excellent choice.

These boots have a rugged outsole which is complimented by grippy rubber to provide a superior grip over all sorts of terrain. Dry, wet, cold, hot, if you can name it, then these boots can go there. A TPU support structure in the midsole ensures stability throughout your foot, a significant factor if you often get aches in your feet.

The lightweight and breathable GORE-TEX build allow for travelling in any conditions – these boots will keep your feet protected from all wet conditions. Also, built-in is an abrasion-resistant mesh, which put simply means that the shoes are durable and won’t tear or break easily.

These hiking boots are versatile in that you can easily go from a day hiking on the mountains to a day or city sightseeing where it’s either snowing or has been snowing and so the streets are slippery.  No matter the weather, these boots will keep your feet not only comfortable but protected from the external elements.

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10. Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Insulated Snow Boots

For women looking for a cosy pair of snow boots to keep your feet protect from the snow during your European winter adventures, the Columbia Ice Maiden IIis a stylish choice. 

The Ice Maiden snow boots are made with waterproof leather and textile upper as well as featuring 200g of insulation to ensure your feet remain warm or cold travel days. They also feature a rubber sole with excellent traction to ensure you stay upright on icy Europe city streets. 

These 9-inch snow boots have a lace-up closure which provides an adjustable and secure fit ensuring snow stays out of your boot.  They have a fashionable and stylish look, so will look great with your travel wardrobe and coming in a range of great colours, including black, tan and red you can pick a colour to match your style.

If your likely to encounter heavy snow during your European winter travels, then a pair of snow boots like these Columbia Ice Maiden boots are well worth considering. 

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The Best Shoes for Traveling Europe in Summer

Below I have listed a range of different type of shoes which are just perfect for travelling to Europe in the summer.

1. Ecco Damara Ankle Gladiator Sandals

These ankle gladiator sandals by Ecco are both super stylish and comfortable, making them a fantastic choice for women after a casual pair of sandals for their European vacation. 

High-quality polyurethane is used for the outsoles which last 2-3 times longer than traditional materials.  These outsoles are made to be flexible and shock-absorbing and require little to no break-in period, making them perfect for walking over those cobblestone streets.  The inlay sole contains a unique soft layer underneath which is designed to wick away moisture and help eliminate foot odour and bacteria. 

Unlike conventional sandals, these Ecco sandals have a roomy toe box so that your toes can spread naturally to support your weight and provide more comfort overall.  While the soft, flexible leather upper naturally moves with your feet.  Many happy customers report that these sandals allowed them to walk for miles every day without getting sore feet, so an excellent choice for the best shoes for walking around Europe in Summer.

Not only do these sandals provide exceptional comfort, but they also look fantastic too.  Coming in four different colour combinations, including blue, red, black or grey, you’re sure to find the perfect colour for your European summer wardrobe.

Click here to read more reviews and to check the price. 


2. Birkenstock Yara

With Birkenstock sandals being so popular, I had to have at least one pair in these reviews, and I’m sure you’ll love the Birkenstock Yara sandals. The comfy leather flat combined with the stylish finish of these sandals allows for these shoes to be useful for a day of light hiking, or a day of city sightseeing.

This elegant sandal features an adjustable ankle strap and toe loop, allowing for maximum comfort which is paramount for long days of walking. Combine this with the Birkenstock classic footbed and shock-absorbing EVA sole, and you have one incredibly comfortable pair of sandals. The Yara’s also feature a leather made with no additional dyes, which keeps the leather breathable, durable and comfortable.

But don’t let all this comfort fool you, the Birkenstock Yara Women’s Walking Sandals remain fashionable and fun. These sandals are versatile enough to take you from a day of city sightseeing to a night out at a casual restaurant or bar

Coming in 15 different styles, the Birkenstock Yara’s are a flexible pair of sandals perfect for any woman’s wardrobe. 

Click here to read more reviews and to check the price.


3. Chaco Zcloud X2 Sport

If you need a pair of summer walking shoes for exploring the European countryside and cities in the warmer weather, the Chaco Zcloud X2 Sport is a great little sandal that provides excellent arch support from its layer of ultra-soft PU for instant-cushion underfoot.

Built into every pair of Chaco footwear is the Chaco branded LUVSEAT platform which provides contoured arch support which is certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association.  The ChacoGrip of the outsole offers for excellent tread for varying condition extremes and is optimal in the wet. 

The quick-drying polyester jacquard lacing or webbing of the top design wraps around the foot and is customisable for each foot.  It also comes in an excellent array of colours and designs to suit every individual style.  All in all, a great summer walking and travelling sandal. 

Click here to read more reviews and to check the price.    


4. Crocs Women’s Isabelle T-Strap Sandal 

The Crocs Isabella Collection of summer walking shoes are incredibly light and comfortable to wear with a little more prettiness than other Croc designed sandals. 

Crocs pride themselves on delivering lightweight, more flexible, 360-degree comfort and use the Crocs Comfort sole, which is sturdy and durable and perfect for summer exploring the European landscapes.

Coming in a range of colours and styles, the Isabelle T-Strap Sandal has a textured rubber footbed capable of walking different road terrains.  They are incredibly light and comfortable to wear, and you won’t need much breaking-in time before your trip begins.  They are ready to go from day one! 

The iconic Crocs brand pride themselves on producing ‘delightfully comfortable shoes’, and they aren’t wrong with these Isabelle T-Strap sandals.  They come in varying sizes and width starting with Roomy – their most generous fit for the wider foot population to a standard size which fits comfortably snug. 

These Isabell T-Strap Sandals are an excellent choice for exploring the European cities and countryside in the warmer summer months. 

Click here to read more reviews and to check the price.          


5. Pons 510 – Avarca Classic Style

The Pons 510 – Avarca Classic Style Sandal is a beautiful sandal made on the Spanish island of Menorca and is a smart option for those travellers looking for multi-purpose sandals that can be worn as a casual or dress shoe on their travels. 

The Pons 510 is made from the finest leather and boast a comfortable, eco-friendly rubber sole made from recycled tyres.  A great sandal for casual walking, but probably not enough support for excessive walking or exploring but still an excellent sandal for the summer months travelling.

Coming in a multitude of bright summer colours, the Pons 510 is an excellent travelling sandal for those of us who enjoy colour and fashion without compromising on comfort.

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6. ECCO Women’s Flash T-Strap Gladiator Sandal 

The ECCO Women’s Flash T-Strap Gladiator Sandalis a comfortable, supporting, go-to sandal for travelling or everyday wear.  The Gladiator style combines comfort and style and is a must for every summer wardrobe.

The outsole is flexible, soft and hard-wearing and is ideal for summer vacations strolling along the beach or casually walking the streets of your favourite European city.  Your feet are cradled in a soft, breathable environment with a gentle heel made from flexible polyurethane to mould to your foot.

These gladiator sandals have a fully adjustable and comfortable strap and buckle closure ideal for the perfect fit. 

So, if you’re after a top-quality and comfortable travelling sandal, suitable for daytime and night-time, the ECCO Women’s Flash T-Strap Gladiator Sandal is perfect– and from a proven, comfortable brand.

Click here to read more reviews and to check the price.  


7. Naot Women’s Sabrina Flat Sandal 

With NAOT footwear acknowledged as one of the top 10 comfort shoe companies in the world, you can rest assured that the Naot Sabrina flat sandal is going to be super comfortable for your European travels. 

The Naot Women’s Sabrina Flat Sandal is made from fine natural Italian leather that breathes and keeps the foot fresh, and the cork and latex footbed which is covered in suede, moulds to the shape of your foot.

The sole is constructed from high-quality rubber that provides shock absorption and latex to retain flexibility and are highly resistant to erosion.  The Hallux support elevated footpad provides natural hold of the toes and releases pressure in the joints of the foot.  There is excellent arch support, and the blend of cork and latex give it flexibility, shock absorption making them perfect for long-term wear.

If you’re after a stylish comfortable and long-lasting sandal, then the NAOT Women’s Sabrina Flat Sandal is a great choice, and you’re buying a quality brand.

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8. Clarks Women’s Azella Revere Flat Shoe 

If even in the Summer months you prefer a closed in shoe, the Clarks Women’s Azella Revere Flat Shoe is a great comfortable casual walking shoe to consider.

This is a great little slip-on travelling shoe with excellent sole traction and a removable soft insole to cushion your underfoot with each step.  The rubber outsole provides exceptional grip on wet and dry surfaces and is the perfect casual shoe that can be dressed up or down on your European travels.

The removable Ortholite moulded footbed provides cushion soft technology to keep your feet from aching after a good day travelling and comes with moisture-wicking PU/textile that keeps your foot fresh and dry all day long.

Clarks have a proud history of providing the best of the best in comfort shoes so this Clarks Women’s Azella Revere Flat Shoe is the perfect addition to your wardrobe – travelling or not!  And some come in a few great colours too.

Click here to read more reviews and to check the price. 


9. Teva Verra Sandals

Teva is one of the best names in the business when it comes to comfortable sandals for travel.  With Teva making so many great sandals for travel, it’s hard to choose one, but these Teva Verra sandals are a popular choice among many experienced travellers.

The Verra’s are made with a synthetic and webbing upper which dries quickly after getting wet, so ideal if you are looking for sandals for a beach vacation.  These sandals also have a sturdy and durable thick rubber sole with water channelling lugs which provides excellent traction. In the heel is a cushioned pad which is designed to absorb impact and the midsole and top sole is made from a contoured EVA foam for excellent arch support. 

These women’s walking sandals have a fully adjustable ankle strap as well as one strap across the foot for a secure and perfect fit.  The straps are simple to use with a secure hook and loop Velcro closure design.  These sandals are even treated with a special antimicrobial coating that helps prevent your sandals from smelling. 

For women that prefer a casual look, these sandals are a great option.  Also coming in 19 different colours, you’re sure to find the perfect colour to match.

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10. KEEN Women’s Rose Sandals

If you’re after a sandal for your next adventure travelling around the countryside and cities of Europe, the KEEN Women’s Rose Sandalsare a great choice.  The closed-toe sandal provides comfort, and the grippy sole enhances control and stability.

The internal sole is engineered to provide excellent arch support and to cradle and cushion the natural contours of the foot, making it the perfect travellers shoe for those of us with feet problems. 

Features include Cleansport for odour control, and adjustable hook and loop closure and specifically manufactured for women’s feet.  The non-marking rubber sole provides exceptional support and traction and is great for walking the different road terrains of Europe sidewalks.

All of the KEEN products are machine washable, so don’t worry if you fall in a muddy puddle, just wash the excess mud away, throw in the washing machine with a dirty towel and they’re as new.

The KEEN Women’s Rose Sandals may not be the trendiest or flattering of summer footwear, but your feet will thank you! An excellent choice for a European holiday taking in everything you can.

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