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How do you decide where to go on holidays? I usually spend a lot of hours online trying to figure out how the destination looks like through photographs and google earth. That is going to change with Tripinview.com, the 1st visual travel website that helps you see popular summer destinations exactly as they are.


Through Tripinview.com, the visitor has the chance to discover the Mediterranean coastline and specifically the coasts of Portugal, Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Malta, Greece, and Turkey. There are available more than 300 hours of video and 800.000 high definition photographs taken by helicopter that cover meter by the meter the entire Mediterranean coastline.


There are 3 ways available to search for a destination:

  1. If you know exactly where you want to go or the exact location of the destination on the map (for example Santorini) you then can simply use the “map search” function. You either enter the name Santorini in the search or you find it on the map.
  2. There is a “build your trip option” if you only know the country or countries you want to visit. You then have to choose the country/ countries and the type of trip you are interested in (couples, family, culture, gastronomy. nightlife etc). After your selection, a choice of places that meet your criteria will appear on your screen.
  3. If you just need travel inspiration you can choose one of the site’s recommendations that change very often.

Generally, the site is very easy to use. One of the best features is that the videos and photos are synchronized. So if you are watching a picture and you want to see a video, the video will start from the exact location of the photo and the other way around.


Through the search tools available in the site you have the chance to explore more than 500 seaside destinations and 8.000 points of interest like beaches, ports, marinas, hotels etc and see them exactly as they are in reality. You can even book your hotel through the website after you have seen many photos of it and discover how close it is to the beach, other nearby beaches and points of interests nearby. You now have a true knowledge if the seaside resort that claims it’s on the beach actually is.

Also in every destination, you will find useful information about the area and weather statistics for the past 10 years.

Tripinview is also available in mobile application for IOS and Android.

Even if you are not planning for a holiday anytime soon, you are probably going to spend hours just watching videos and exploring the Mediterranean coast. I know I will.

Here is a taste of Greece through Tripinview.

Have you ever used Tripinview? Did you find it useful?

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