The Best Surf Spots in the World

Whether you are a beginner or experienced surfer, there is one feeling which never gets old. That is taking in the beauty of your surroundings at some of the best surf spots in the world. You may be wondering how to identify these global hotspots, well luckily, we have you covered.

Here we will describe some of the true gems of the surfing world which you have to check out. This guide is sure to make the next surfing destination you select one of the best you have ever experienced.  

The best places to surf around the world

#1 San Lorenzo, Portugal

This amazing and peaceful location just around 50km from the Portuguese capital Lisbon is one to live long in the memory of many surfers thanks to its amazing beach and sandbar. Here is a perfect location to try your fishboard on a calm day, or tackle some awesome breaking waves for more experienced boarders.

There is little doubt from many of the top surfers who have descended on this once sleepy town that it among the top locations for surfing along the Portuguese Atlantic coast, if not the entirety of Europe.  It really is a hidden treasure.

#2 Bundoran, Ireland

Bundoran -The best places to surf around the world

Sticking in Europe for our next destination, if you can brave the elements, Bundoran, on the west coast of Ireland provides some of the best surf on the planet. This wild location is also a place of astounding natural beauty from which you can travel the Wild Atlantic Way of Ireland and discover some of the most amazing scenery and warmest welcomes to match the world-class surfing.

At most times of the year here, you will certainly need your a surfing wetsuit, but once you get acclimatized to the colder water, you will certainly not regret you choice of location.

#3 Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii - The best places to surf around the world
High waves of the famous Big Beach

Returning to a U.S. location for our next choice, Hawaii is of course the bream location for any surfer, new or old. The amazing white sandy beaches and a region steeped in surfing history and culture play a tremendous role in the appeal of Maui as a top surfing hot spot that has remained in place for generations.

With a reputation that precedes itself, surfers should be ready to experience some of the biggest and best waves of their surfing lives here. A surfing visit to Hawaii will live long in the memory and likely only serve to increase your passion and enthusiasm for the island and the activity.

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#4 Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

Jeffrey’s Bay - The best places to surf around the world
Jeffrey’s Bay

One of the world’s most intense surf experiences. This is not one for beginners, but if you are an experienced surfer, heading down to South Africa to try out some of the most exhilarating waves in the sport is an absolute must. This location has attracted many of the best surfers in the world year after year, and is infamous for runs of up to 300 meters.

This is certainly not for the faint of heart, but if you are a really passionate surfer who is looking to step up their level and experience unparalleled excitement, this is certainly the place for you.

#5 Rincon, California

Rincon - The best places to surf around the world

Going back to the west coast, when the conditions lie up perfectly, this spot produces some of the best right-handed waves in the world. California is already an ideal domestic location in terms of climate and conditions, making it one of the most popular places for your next surfing trip.

If you are looking to catch some really legendary waves though, Rincon, California may be just the perfect location, with year round possibility to experience some of the most well-known breaks in the industry of any place in the world.

#6 Kuta, Bali

Kuta Bali - The best places to surf around the world
Kuta Bali

Already one of the most well-respected, and sometimes feared beaches in the world. This is one of the most popular global destinations for all level of surfer. You can take some informative lessons as a beginner which will help to shape your growth into being a top-class surfer, or if you already have the knowledge and experience, you can take to the waves immediately for some of the most prolific surf experiences of your life.

With a year-round ideal climate for surfing, and miles of endless sand, it is quite easy to see why this places attracts thousands of surfers on an annual basis.

#7 Philippines

Surfing-in-Siargao -The best places to surf around the world
Surfing in Siargao

With so many amazing surfing spots to choose from, it is impossible to select just one from the Philippines although perfect waters of El Nido often offer some of the best surfing conditions anywhere in the world. Here surfers can have some of the most exciting surf experiences of their lives, and also be very well occupied if the conditions are not ideal.

There are multiple activities to do when the waves are flat here in the Philippines, these range from snorkeling, to scuba diving, and whale watching. Each one of these activities can bring joy and excitement to the entire family.

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#8 Costa Rica   

Costa Rica   - The best places to surf around the world
Costa Rica

Another location with an endless amount of beautiful surf spots, among some of the best in the world, which will take your breath away. Besides the perfect conditions, Costa Rica is an increasingly popular and also ideal location for spending spring break or Semana Santa.

Particularly at these times of year, surfers ranging from top professionals to complete beginners flock to the beaches of this beautiful nation. With so many travelers and surfers in the same location, you can be guaranteed a range of other fun activities to participate in when not on your board. This all combines to make various areas of Costa Rica extremely popular surf destinations.

#9 Phuket, Thailand

Phuket - The best places to surf around the world

Phuket may be more well-known for its busy and vibrant social scene featuring many backpackers and free-minded travelers. These warm island waters though also play host to crowds of surfers every season.

They are undoubtedly attracted by a combination of good conditions for new surfers to learn, and also reputedly some of the wildest parties anywhere on the surf scene.

This, in combination with the crystal clear waters and all most perfect year round conditions, make Phuket a very attractive proposition for most surfers.

#10 Fuerteventura, Canary Islands

Fuerteventura - The best places to surf around the world
Fuerteventura La Pared beach

The Canary Island, owned by Spain, and just off the North African coast of Morocco, are some of the best kept secrets in the surfing world.

The often tough sea conditions combined with a hot weather year-round climate, make this the perfect spot for experienced surfers looking to catch some of the fiercest waves in the world. This is why particularly the island of Fuerteventura has attracted many top surfers and others in recent years.  

With so many amazing surf spots around the world to choose from, you can be guaranteed that you next trip on the water will be one which can be added to your bucket list if you are to choose from one of the locations we have mentioned.

These provide everything from idyllic beach settings, to exciting social opportunities around your spring break or vacation period. Whichever location you choose is one which can be perfectly suited to your needs as a surfer and also ensure adequate availability of other activities to do when the conditions may not be perfect for boarding.

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