The best tree house hotels around the world

costa rica tree house

If you are tired of your usual adventure of a visit to your favourite beach, mountain hikes or even a park safari, why don’t you try out tree house hotels? I know, this reminds you of your childhood memories but these tree house hotels are not located in someone’s backyard, on the contrary, you find them on very exotic tourist attraction destinations. The following are the best tree house hotels around the world.

  • Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa

This is a true definition of class and luxury. Chewton Glen is a five-star hotel that is located on a 130 acre land on the south coast of England. This tree house hotel will have you redefine your arsenal meaning of a class. There is a king-sized bed and you get to enjoy the view of the National park. Considering that this hotel has been credited as one of the best hotel in the country (UK) in various occasions proves that the services here are next to perfection.

Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa
  • Skyhouse retreats

Located on the Weedon hills in Denmark, Western Australia, Skyhouse retreats is one to give a try if you want to have a perfect view of nature. There are houses from ground level to the top tree canopies. The glass wall from the floor to the ceiling enables you to have a view of everything Mother Nature has to offer. Whether you are bathing, lying in bed or simply cooking you can enjoy the 360 degrees view of everything that is happening around in the forest. There are numerous birds of all kind that will ensure you stay entertained throughout the day.

  • TreeHouse Point

If you love adventure then TreeHouse Point should be your new gig. Located just 30 minutes from Seattle and along the Preston-Fall city, Washington: This shall surely become your favourite hangout place once you pay a visit. The beautiful forest, the river, and the cool breeze make the environment romantic and a perfect ideal place for engagement, renew of vows and even weddings. At TreeHouse Point, they also offer accommodation for meetings and guided tree house tours.

  • Bangkok tree house

Bangkok is famously known to be a very busy city, there are a handful industries and this is evidenced by the huge layers of smoke escaping from most industrial buildings. What can be more of more relief away from to the city’s bustles other than resting in a tree house? Bangkok tree house allows you to sleep and rest on a tree; you also get to enjoy eating their organic vegetables that are grown on the site and above all get a good view of the river. If you love a romantic setting then this is your gig, Bangkok tree house has outdoor showers where you can bathe under the moonlight as you watch the numerous fireflies.

Bangkok tree house
  • Costa Rica Treehouse

Ever wondered how watching the sunset at a parrot’s view would feel like? Then Costa Rica Tree House should be your next destination. Located just off the main road that runs through La Fortuna, the place is convenient and easily accessible and offers breakfast in bed. Located on 70-acre wildlife reserve this makes the area have an amazing view. You can get to see the amazing waterfalls, beautiful river and the wildlife available. And, considering the fact that most of Costa Rica Tree houses are private this is an ideal setting for weddings.

There is always a spark of magic in sleeping in a tree house, maybe it’s the feeling of seclusion and privacy away from the day to day life bustles or basically the cool breeze and amazing view. This post has walked you through to 5 tree house hotels that you should actually consider if you crave for adventure and of course you need not be afraid of heights.

Have you ever stayed in a tree house?


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