The Cabin Zero Bag Review

Traveling can take you on many thrilling adventures, but having to pack and carry your belongings around can make those adventures a little difficult. There are many items you often need to bring and sometimes certain traveling bags can be too small to hold it all or might even be too large and bulky to carry around. Thankfully, there’s a great travel bag you can use: the Cabin Zero.

The Cabin Zero Bag Review

Its Size

My Cabin Zero measures 55 x 40 x 20 cm. and can hold up to 44L of materials. However, even with its large capacity amount, it’s still lightweight. Altogether the bag only weighs 2 lbs. which makes it easy to carry around. This product is also big enough to fit large items in it, such as shoes.

One of the biggest hassles when traveling is making sure your bag can fit in various spaces, especially in overhead bins. The Cabin Zero is made so that it can fit in a variety of spaces which helps to make it very easy to use and travel around with no matter where you are and what type of transportation you use.

I always travel light, so the cabin zero bag is perfect for me as it fits perfectly in the overhead bins on airplanes and even trains.

Its Materials and Design

My personal Cabin Zero bag, which is called the Purple Cloud, is made with a deep purple fabric that has a stylish orange trim. This travel bag is covered in a waterproof polyester fabric and features a soft orange polyester lining inside it. These materials are heavy-duty which will prevent them from being ruined easily.

This Cloud Zero bag also features lockable zippers which are made of a strong metal. This can help to add extra peace of mind when traveling with it as you won’t have to worry about the zippers being flimsy and breaking off. Because they are lockable, it also gives your personal items inside the bag extra security.

The Cabin Zero offers many styles and designs you can choose from. While my specific Cabin Zero model is from the Classic line, Cabin Zero also offers a Vintage and Military line. You’ll also find a variety of beautiful color choices you can select from like pink, black, and light green.

Its Features

One of the best parts about this travel bag is all of the features it has.Because of these various features, it has made traveling around to different places easy.

It’s Versatile and Comfortable

If you don’t want to carry your bag around, you can easily wear it as a backpack. You can switch between carrying it as a bag and using it as a backpack instantly. It has padded straps on the back of it which you can use to wear it. These straps are comfortable and won’t be irritating to wear. They are also adjustable which means you can easily customize them depending on how you want to wear the backpack. Another plus is that it fits easily inside another bag. As I have told you I always travel light and never check in my bag. On my recent trip to London I wanted to go shopping so I put my cabin zero bag inside my other carry-on and only used it to carry everything I bought on the way back. That way I only had to pay for a check in bag only on my return flight.

It Has a Global Luggage Tracker

A unique feature this Cabin Zero bag has is that it contains an Okoban Global Luggage Tracker. This built-in tracker will help you to keep track of where your bag is located so it doesn’t disappear, which is an often unfortunate reality when traveling. The Okoban Global Luggage Tracker will give you the certain code that your bag has. If your Cabin Zero ends up being misplaced, you can go to the Okoban website and type in the code. You’ll then instantly know where your travel bag is.

It’s Durable

With this product’s 10 year warranty, you can be sure it’s well-made. Its polyester fabric is heavy-duty and tightly sewn to the bag’s construction so you don’t have to worry about it tearing or being ruined easily. This durability is essential when traveling because it will help to keep your belongings properly protected.

It Has Plenty of Packing Sections

Having to fit all of your important belongings into a traveling bag can be very time-consuming. However, with the Cabin Zero, you won’t have to worry about fitting all your items into it like it’s a daunting puzzle. It comes with plenty of packing sections that you fit all of your items in, like clothing, passports and souvenirs, so they’re secure inside. It even has a section for my laptop.

It’s Affordable

Traveling bags are often thought of as being a somewhat expensive item to invest in. The Cabin Zero though is an affordable option. You won’t be breaking the bank by buying it, and better yet, it’s well-made. This is a rare combination as you often either have to sacrifice one or the other when it comes to buying travel bags.

If you’re searching for a travel bag you can use on your next adventure, definitely check out the Cabin Zero. It comes in many different chic designs and styles and has helpful features that will make traveling much easier. The Cabin Zero is also an affordable option which makes it great for travelers who are on a budget.


Check out the full range on the CabinZero website.

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