Things to do in Krakow in winter

Krakow, Poland, with its mysterious folklore of kings and dragons, miraculous healing waters, and a rich history from the medieval ages through to today.  Krakow is captivating to visit at any time of the year, but in winter the city takes its charm and charisma to a whole new level.

If we could only visit one place every winter, I think Krakow would be it. We love it there! There is so much to see and do. We were there for a week and barely left the Old Town!

There is something that is quintessentially winter about Krakow. It’s the ice rinks, and the snow, and the people wrapped up in big scarves and warm coats, breathing in the steam from a hot chocolate held close to their red noses. And then there is all the things you can do there – even in winter.

things to do in Krakow in winter

Wintery Activities In Krakow

Christmas Markets (Last week in November to the first week in January): Krakow (in fact most of Poland) has somehow managed to escape the distinct Westernisation of Christmas. There is a local charm to the Christmas Markets held in the Old Town Market Square next to the famous Cloth Hall. Here you will find artisan businesses have small wooden stalls selling their wares (and very little of the cheap modern tourist tatt). With everything from handmade clay bird callers, and replica armourers, to smoked meat, and mulled wine, you could quite easily go into sensory shock walking the market path, especially at night when the sights, sounds and smells take on a whole new level of beauty.

Cracovian Christmas Crib Contest (Winter): These szopka are intricately designed, created and decorated houses (about the size of a traditional doll’s house) that are meant to hold a traditional nativity puppet play. Krakow holds a contest on the first Thursday of December, with the winners displayed in the city’s History Museum over winter.

Winter Food and Drink in Krakow

The Best Hot Chocolate in the World: When I first asked my daughter what I should mention when talking about going to Krakow in the winter, she immediately said “THE HOT CHOCOLATE” and she’s not wrong. Any stands in the market square, and most restaurants, will serve you delicious, thick, hot chocolate. Not overly sweet, nor creamy. A spoonful (because it is more like food than a drink) will make you feel like getting a hug from the sun on a snowy day.

Krakow Smoked Meat Stand at Market - Krakow in winter
Krakow Smoked Meat Stand at Market

Jama Michalika: The first time I ate at Jama Michalika I was in my mid-twenties on a tour with some university friends from Australia. We walked it and it was like we were immersed in the history of the place. The birthplace of Poland’s Art Nouveau movement, you walk in and are immediately transported back in time to when the young thinkers, composers, politicians, artists and actors would descend there and pay for their food and drink with art works to adorn the walls.

Hot Smoked Meats, Mulled Wine, Polish Donuts & Warm Cinnamon Almonds: There is not many foods that fundamentally define a European winter like warm smoked meats, and mulled wine served with warm cinnamon almonds, especially when they are bought from a wooden market stand in the old market square. The Polish donuts are melt in the mouth, traditionally eaten in the lead up to lent, you will find them at the winter markets as well.

Krakow in winter - Pierogi
Krakow Pierogi

Pierogi: Speaking of warm foods on a winters day, Pierogi, eaten year-round in Poland, becomes a great comfort food once the snow hits. Especially with a cheesy potato filling. Our favourite place to eat Pierogi is the teeny tiny Pierogowy Raj. There aren’t many seats in this restaurant, and even less room for those seats, but the little parcels of warm peppery goodness will take away any unease about the squishiness of your surroundings.

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Anytime of the year is fantastic, but winter in Krakow is incredible

Wawel Castle:

Although in winter the Dragon’s Den and Sandomierska Tower are closed, Wawel Castle is beautiful to visit in winter. If you are lucky enough to see it in a covering of snow it looks like something out of an ancient fairytale, which of course, it is. It is said that a dragon lived in the cave under the castle and demanded the sacrifice of humans twice a week. Visit the castle and find how the two princes defeated the dragon and then fought over the glory of the kill. Not only does the castle celebrate the folklore of Krakow, but you can also see State Rooms, Royal Apartments, and the Armoury.

St Mary’s Basilica:

Located on the corner of the market square St Mary’s Basillica is, like many other buildings in Krakow, filled with fantastic stories and ornate beauty to hold the attention of its visitors. The Basillica is open most days when Mass is not being conducted. You can even do tours of the tower (tours do not operate in January and February), and after the hustle and bustle of the Cloth Hall and the market square, you can step inside and immediately feel a sense of calm and quiet. A stark difference to the outside.

Golf Cart Tour:

Strewn throughout the streets of the Old Town in Krakow, you will find vendors wanting to take you on a tour of Krakow in a little (and sometimes not so little) golf cart. We have done these tours a few times and never been disappointed. Yes, in winter, you need to rug up, but they are so much fun it would be a shame to miss it. The carts have a clear cover so you are protected from the worst of the elements, and they have a recorded commentary that guides you around various parts of the city as your driver takes you to various locations. The kids absolutely LOVED this tour and would do it again in a heartbeat!

krakow in winter
ArgeySon Driving Golf Cart

The Uncomfortable winters of History

Auschwitz: You really shouldn’t go to Krakow without exploring something of the region’s 20th century history. Yes, it is shocking, humbling, devastating… there aren’t enough adjectives in the world to explain the depth of emotion you can feel visiting here – but everyone should visit, just once. Home to one of the most devastating concentration camps of World War 2, Auschwitz-Birkenau brings a whole new level of devastating amazement in winter. It is cold, freezing most of the time, and us with our warm coats and thick hiking boots were safe and comfortable. It doesn’t take much imagination to feel what it would have been like to be a prisoner here in the winter.

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Auschwitz Poland

Where to Stay in Krakow, Poland

There are a few places you can stay while in Krakow. Below are some of the top choices you can consider staying at while here.

Sheraton Grand Krakow

The Sheraton Grand Krakow is a beautiful place to stay while you explore this city. Located near Krakow’s Old Town and Wawel Hill, it offers terrific views of the nearby river and Wawel Royal Castle which some rooms have a view of. The room here are spacious and come with plenty of helpful amenities like Wi-Fi and coffeemakers. The hotel also features a pool, gym, and sauna guests can enjoy.

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Habitat Apartments

Habitat Apartments, designed with a very contemporary look, are located near the heart of Krakow which makes this the perfect place for those who want to immerse themselves better into this city to stay at. The rooms here feature amenities such as Wi-Fi, TV, and even their own kitchen where guests can prepare meals and snacks for the day.

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Amstra Old Town Luxury Apartments

The Amstra Old Town Luxury Apartments are located near Market Square and feature spacious rooms for guests to relax in. The rooms offer amenities such as Wi-Fi and coffeemakers as well as large bathrooms and even a living room. They also have a balcony attached to them which you step out on to get a beautiful view of the city.

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Grand Ascot Hotel

The Grand Ascot Hotel is situated near Krakow Market’s Main Square and is made with a very stylish modern design. Its rooms are very spacious and offer amenities such as irons, coffeemakers, TVs, Wi-Fi, and desks guests can use to write on. Besides this, the Grand Ascot Hotel also has a sauna and gym guests can use.
Krakow is an intriguing destination to visit not only because of its intricate architecture and unique culture, but because of its rich history. You’ll find plenty of things to do while in this historic city which will leave you wanting to come back to experience more of this stunning place.

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