Tips on driving in Australia

Have you ever craved to drive along unbelievable white sand beaches looking out over the bright blue ocean? Or maybe to drive through a desert of red sand with no one else around, spotting wildlife along the sides of the road? Then Australia is the perfect country for you!

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world, and the transportation around the country is fantastic, with the wonderful trains and buses. However, if you want to see the secluded beaches, untouched nature, or even just find an epic spot alone in a corner of this large country, you’re going to want a car.

 Having a car gives you the freedom of being able to explore the extensive outback, the small towns sprinkled around Australia with the native aboriginals, or even just to stop and admire the many kangaroos you will surely come across. Driving gives you the freedom you need to properly explore this incredibly country.

 While renting a car may seem like the easiest option, in the end it can be far more costly then simply purchasing a car and selling it back at the end of your travels. The benefit of buying a car from used listing sites like Gumtree is you can reclaim most if not all of the funds you used to buy the car.

Here are a few tips to help you along your road trip while exploring this vast country. While Australia’s main cities are quite large and have significant amounts of traffic, in between cities, or while driving in the outback, you can go long stretches of time without coming up on as much as a petrol station (that’s gas station in Australian). Make sure that you are prepared in case of an emergency while traveling along these roads.

 Make sure your car is properly filled when you come across a petrol station, and if you’re planning on heading into the outback you should bring a spare 20L jerry can of fuel. Ensure that your tires are at the right pressure and that your car has been properly serviced. The outback can reach dizzying degrees of over 45C (113F), so be sure to always have ample water and additional food whenever heading out of the cities.

While in the Outback don’t expect to have service on your cellphone, so always be prepared with maps and pre-made plans of where you plan to go and to stay. The slogan “Stop-Revive-Survive” is one that you will see again and again along the roads in Australia and it is one to take to heart. Truck stops are an excellent choice for an overnight stay and bite if you start to feel drowsy along your drive. Wildlife is ample along these rural roads, so being alert is incredibly important.

Buying a car and road tripping across the unbelievable country of Australia is truly an incredible experience and will allow you to see a corner of it left unseen by most. Being properly prepared for the journey is vital to your safety and will ensure you the best possible trip. Stay safe and be smart while exploring this fantastic, adventurous country.

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