Travel Bloggers Greece at the Xenia Exhibition 2017

The Xenia Exhibition 2017

In late November the Xenia Exhibition took place at the Metropolitan Expo in Athens, something which Travel Bloggers Greece was able to partake in.This 3-day long exhibition finally came back after a 5 year hiatus and was created to help give ideas and encouragement to those who work in the Greek hospitality industry. It was also the first time that Travel Bloggers Greece had a booth at the exhibition and I was quite proud and happy to be able to attend. Below is a little more about this exciting exhibition.

The Xenia Exhibition

At the 2017 exhibition there were over 500 exhibitors that served over 30,000 visitors!Guests were able to find ideas for hotel furniture, decorations, and menus that they can use for their businesses. The exhibition also had specific focuses on areas like construction, energy, and digital technology and featured many different talks and events that were designed to help give a burst of inspiration to businesses that are in this industry.

There Were Many Unique Events

Besides booths, there were also plenty of interesting events that took place here, like the Xenia Smart Hotel, the Xenia Gastronomy Summit, and the Xenia International Hospitality Forum. The Xenia Smart Hotel let visitors walk through a futuristic hotel model and was designed to help show how technology and architecture will eventually change how the hospitality industry does business.

The Xenia International Hospitality Forum was hosted by the Greek Chamber of Hotels and provided fresh intake into the modern challenges of international tourism. This forum featured the Greek Minister of Tourism Elena Kountoura who gave some great tips and advice as to how various partsof the industry can work together to help grow tourism in Greece.

The Travel Bloggers Greece Booth

For our booth, many local artisans and chefs donated some their delicious and unique items for us to display in it. Mourtzis Traditional Sweets gave samples of mouthwatering pistachios that were grown on the island of Aegina and Vlachos Patisseries and Lemonodasos supplied a large pitcher filled with fresh lemonade squeezed from lemons grown on the island of Poros. Besides these, Nissos Beer (the first Greek beer to receive the prestigious European Beer Star) was also given out which visitors could grab at the booth and enjoy.

Our booth also featured a stunning banner designed by Call for Mom, orchids from Flower Wishes by Kalaitzi from Alimos, and Dimiourgoume-Mazi made beautiful Travel Blogger Greece pins our group could hand out to those who stopped by. In addition to all this, we were also able to have an incredible giveaway thanks to the Herodion Hotel Athens which gave out a free one night stay in one of their double rooms to a lucky winner.

How It Helped Connect Bloggers and Businesses

While enjoying the local food and goods from Greece was a great highlight, the main purpose of the Travel Bloggers Greece booth at the Xenia Exhibition was to help connect local travel bloggers with businesses who can work with them and help reach the large network of followers these bloggers have.

Our panel of bloggers was also able to answer questions from visitors about how their business can work alongside bloggers. Travel Bloggers Greece was able to give some advice to different businesses about how they can better market their hotels and sites through their blogs.

The Travel Bloggers Greece trip to the Xenia Exhibition was phenomenal.There were plenty of helpful suggestions as to how those who serve in the hospitality industry can work together to help make Greece become one of the most sought out places in the world to visit. This exhibition allowed our blogging group to be able to connect with many interesting industries and businesses so we can work together to grow tourism in Greece.

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