Best Places to visit in July in Italy

Midsummer is the perfect period to enjoy a relaxing holiday and have a break from the usual busy life: that’s what the majority of Italians do, especially from the second half of the month on.

All the main tourist destinations will be crowded this month, so be prepared to share the beach or the forest with plenty of other people and to face long lines in restaurants, facilities and attractions.

You’ll find hot (or very hot) weather almost everywhere, so it’s not a good period to go sightseeing and it’s best to focus on the natural beauties of the Country instead. Frequent thunderstorms occur in the Northern Regions, bringing some refreshment even in the lowland areas.  

July is the perfect month to enjoy your free time immersed in a beautiful landscape

Best things to do in Italy in July

1. Enjoy a wellness treatment at the Aeolian Islands (Sicily)

What: This small volcanic archipelago is located off the Eastern coast of Sicily and it includes two active volcanos (Stromboli and Volcano). These islands are a very popular summer destination both for their beaches and for their spas. Volcano island is the main spa center with its beneficial thermal muds forming a natural pool.

What to see: if you stay on the Volcano island, you can spend your days between its mud pool and its black volcanic beaches. If you prefer a more active holiday, climb up to the Great Crater! Among the other islands, you can choose Lipari with its ancient castle or Stromboli to see one of the frequent (small) eruptions of this “lively” volcano!

How long: 1 week

Why July: despite the crowds of tourists, these islands offer beaches, pieces of heritage, trekking trails and wellness treatments and they are perfect to vary your activities during your stay.

Weather: the average temperature is 27°C with sunny days

Practical tips: don’t be discouraged by the strong smell of sulfur of the Volcano’s muds but focus on the landscape and their beneficial properties instead!

2. A family beach holiday in San Vito lo Capo (Sicily)

What: it’s one of the most popular seaside locations in Sicily and its main attraction is its 3Km long beach with calm and shallow water. The village itself is really nice with its fishermen’s houses and its Mediterranean scrubs nearby.

What to see: you’ll probably spend most of your time on the beach, which offers both some establishments equipped with all the comforts you may need and some free and public areas. Save some time to visit the “Fortress-Sanctuary”: it is built around the Chapel of S. Vito and it was used as a shelter during the invasions of the pirates.

How long: 1 week

Why July: because it’s one of the typical locations for a family holiday in Southern Italy

Weather: the average temperature is 27°C with sunny days

Practical tips: the beach is perfect for kids because it has many facilities and its shallow and calm water makes it a really safe place.

3. Enjoy a vacation with your friends in San Teodoro (Sardinia)

What: it’s one of the most popular seaside locations in Sardinia and its water is often compared to the Caribbean Sea. It’s a vibrant and lively town attracting young people in search of some fun. It is also close to Mount Nieddu, which is covered with lush Mediterranean scrub.

What to see: the best beaches are La Cinta (the most famous and scenic one) and Lu Impostu (with shallow water and Mediterranean flowers). Don’t miss the climb to the top of Mount Nieddu to admire the landscape from above!

How long: 1 week

Why July: it’s the perfect location both for young people in search of some nightlife and for families with kids searching for a relaxing holiday close to some pristine nature.

Weather: the average temperature is 27°C with sunny days

Practical tips: it’s best to book your accommodation in advance because it’s a really popular summer destination. The best period to book is between January and February!

4. Admire the beauty of the Orosei Gulf (Sardinia)

What: the area surrounding the Orosei Gulf is made of volcanic hills covered with lush Mediterranean scrub, sandy beaches, granite cliffs, and crystal-clear water.

What to see: the highlight of this area is the Oasis of Bidderosa, which is a protected natural area including 5 small coves surrounded by woodlands. The best beaches are Su Barone (where you can see many gray herons), Cala Ginepro (with its bright blue water) and Cala Liberotto (with its bright green water).

How long: 1 week

Why July: because it’s the best period to enjoy a beach holiday immersed in an amazing natural environment!

Weather: the average temperature is 27°C with sunny days

Practical tips: it’s a good choice for families too because kids will love the chance to play in nature!

5. Visit the medieval town of Oristano (Sardinia)

What: Oristano is a nice town located in Central Sardinia. It is small and quiet but it offers many pieces of historical heritage and some beautiful monuments that are worth a visit. From there, you can easily explore some fabulous beaches too!

What to see: simply walk in the picturesque medieval Old Town and admire its ancient churches and monuments. Stop at the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, which is the largest and most important church in Sardinia. If you want to spend some time on the beach, head to Is Arutas, entirely made of tiny quartz crystals.

How long: 4-5 days

Why July: to combine your sightseeing with some time on the beach

Weather: the average temperature is 27°C with sunny days

Practical tips: a good idea is staying at a local farmhouse close to the town. This way, you can rent a car and explore the area while coming back to a peaceful place in the countryside each evening.

6. Explore Gargano National Park (Puglia)

What: Gargano is a promontory located in Northern Puglia and surrounded on 3 sides by the Adriatic Sea. This National Park offers a thick forest (called “Foresta Umbra”), rocky cliffs and many scenic spots and it is especially loved by trekkers.

What to see: other than explore its many trekking trails, you should visit the archeological remains located inside the park like a rock-carved paleo Christian necropolis. Another interesting spot is the wetland near Salso Lake, which is an oasis protected by WWF and inhabited by many local birds.

How long: 1 week

Why July: in summer you’ll find a rich calendar of events and guided tours to learn more about this ecosystem. 

Weather: the average temperature is 23°C with sunny days

Practical tips: if you want to stay by the sea and organize some day trips in the park, choose the nice town of Vieste, which has some of the main beaches in the area.

7. Admire the Alpine landscapes in Gressoney (Valle d’Aosta)

What: Gressoney is a renowned mountain tourism destination located at about 1300m in Valle d’Aosta. From there, you can see Mount Rose and the Lyskamm glacier and you can relax on the banks of the green Gover Lake. For these reasons, it is one of the most popular summer destinations in the Alps.

What to see: the small Gover Lake is just outside the village and it is the starting point of many beautiful trekking trails as well as the perfect spot to sunbathe or take some pictures. Don’t miss a visit to the Savoy Castle nearby: it was the summer residence of Queen Margherita and a visit will make you travel back in time to experience the king’s glamorous lifestyle.

How long: 1 week

Why July: to enjoy the fresh mountain breeze and to escape the hot cities

Weather: the average temperature is 14°C with an alternation of sun and clouds.

Practical tips: to make the best out of your stay in the mountain, choose a camping site or rent a camper!

8. Discover the ancient history of Sirmione (Lombardia)

What: Sirmione is one of the most popular locations on the banks of Garda Lake and it is rich in natural beauties and in historical and archeological heritage. It is particularly suitable for a holiday combining nature, relaxation, and sightseeing.

What to see: the main attractions are the Scaligero Castle and the Catullo Caves. The medieval castle is the symbol of the town and it is one of the best-preserved examples of medieval architecture in Italy. Don’t miss its scenic internal harbor with its drawbridge! Catullo Caeves are not proper caves, but the archeological remains of an ancient Roman villa. This site is very interesting to visit and it will show you another facet of the history of Sirmione. Thanks to its position, it also offers some great views for your pictures!

How long: 1day trip from Milan, Verona or Venice

Why July: thanks to the lake’s microclimate, temperatures rarely rise too much and sightseeing is always pleasant, even in summer.

Weather: the average temperature is 24°C with some rainfalls

Practical tips: if you prefer to stay overnight, save some time to try one of the local famous spas!

9. Immerse yourself in the woods of Valsesia (Piemonte)

What: Valesesia is the name of a mountain valley located in Piemonte, at the base of Mount Rose. It takes its name from Sesia River, which is popular among kayak and rafting lovers thanks to its rapids.

What to see: the main village of the valley is Alagna and from there you can take hundreds of trekking trails leading you through woods, rocky landscapes, and even glaciers. One of the easiest and most scenic trails reaches Pastore lodge through a thick forest including a beautiful waterfall. Another nice place to stay is Varallo, which is close to the so-called “Sacred Mount” (part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List).

How long: 1 week

Why July: to enjoy the fresh mountain breeze and to escape the hot cities

Weather: the average temperature is 16°C with sunny days. There may be frequent thunderstorms in summer, so keep an eye on the weather forecast before and during your trekking.

Practical tips: you should definitely taste one of the local specialties called “Miacce”! It’s a sort of thin and crunchy waffle mostly served with a chocolate sauce but also with honey and/or fresh fruits. You can also find the savory version, served together with local cheese and cold cuts.

10. Experience the Italian-Austrian cultural mix in Merano (Trentino Alto Adige)

What: Merano is a nice mountain town inhabited by both Italian and German-speaking people. Here you can find a cultural mix involving language, food, and lifestyle and creating a unique atmosphere. It is a popular tourist destination for its architectural and natural beauties as well as for its spas.

What to see: local baths are very popular and they are an unmissable stop of every trip to Merano. Another great location is the local botanical garden with its many flowers and plants, but also its many summer events. Of course, you cannot leave before having tried at least a couple of local trekking trails in the woods!

How long: 1 week

Why July: it’s the perfect holiday destination for mountain lovers who don’t want to give up a city atmosphere with all its comforts. It’s also more crowded in winter than in summer, so it’s perfect for a quiet and relaxing vacation.

Weather: the average temperature is 23°C with sunny days. There may be frequent thunderstorms in summer, so keep an eye on the weather forecast before and during your trekking.

Practical tips: have a look at this list to plan your trekking itineraries.


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