Explore Mallorca with a Mallorca Pass, save money and time.

Mallorca is a Mediterranean daydream. It is the gem of Spain’s Balearic Islands and is not to be missed if what you desire are luxurious resorts, limestone mountains and crystal clear azure waters. Not only this, but Mallorca is rich with history and ancient remains. If you want to fully experience and enjoy everything Mallorca and its capital Palma has to generously offer, a Mallorca Pass may be the perfect option for you.

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Advantages of the Mallorca Pass

Plenty of advantages and benefits come with the Mallorca Pass. As well as discounts, there are more than 30 attractions available for free at your fingertips including Luc Monastery, the Crystal Church and the Chopin Museum as well as free admission to amusement parks and the hop-on-hop-off-bus. A travel guide to Mallorca is included with travel tips and a map. Not only can you explore Mallorca at your own pace and enjoy complete flexibility on which days to use your pass within the 14-day validity period, you will also save yourself a significant amount of precious money and time.

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Below are just some of the interesting things to do in Majorca that come free with the Mallorca Pass:

  • Cathedral of Palma, a striking Gothic Roman Catholic building and the most famous landmark of the capital, first built in 1300 by King Jaume II.
  • Hop-On-Hop-Off-Bus Tour, a chance to see all the top attractions in Palma at your own leisure with narration by an audio guide, available in seven different languages.
  • Guided Bicycle Tour of Palma, where you get to explore the city in a charming way with a trained tour guide who will give you plenty of information at the sights you stop at.
  • Convento de San Francisco (Basilika), an ornate and beautiful church complex and the second largest church in Mallorca.
  • TrenArenal (Tourist Train), a mini train that takes you through the beach promenade, Playa del Palma. The 4.5km journey takes you from Can Patilla to El Arenal and back.
  • Palma Aquarium, a park that offers 55 aquariums and 8000 sea animals as well as boasting the second largest rooftop garden in Europe.
  • Aqualand El Arenal (Waterpark), the largest of its kind in Mallorca offering 16 different pools and around 20 waterslides.
  • Convento Iglesia La Porciuncula (Glass Church), where visitors have the opportunity to learn about the spirituality of the Franciscan Order and view the mesmerising and colourful glass windows.
  • Museo Chopin (Museum of Chopin), where famous composer Chopin lived in the Winter of 1838 – 1839. It is still home to the piano which he used for his musical compositions.
  • Cuevas de Hams (stalactite caves), discovered in 1905 and now one of the most important and popular attractions on the island. It features unique stalactite structures and captivating subterranean lakes.
  • Santuari de Lluc (Monastery), considered the spiritual centre of the island and a pilgrimage site open for all to enjoy the beautiful view and find peace.
Mallorca Pass

In addition to these attractions, you can explore the turquoise coasts of Mallorca with a boat tour, discover the enchanting city by foot with a guided walking tour and soak in the history of the island through its many other monasteries, churches, and palaces.

Below are just some of the interesting attractions that have a discount with the Mallorca Pass:

  • Mallorca Wine Tours, a detailed and high-quality experience which includes a visit to two bodegas, a train ride through the vineyards and a wine taste-test with tapas.
  • SKUALO, a company which offers adventurous outdoor excursions like snorkelling, paddle boarding, kayaking and the exploration of sea caves.
  • Forestal Park, where both adults and children alike can combine fun and exercise by going on climbing courses on a variety of difficulty levels.
  • Menestralia, a glass-blowing factory housed in a recreated castle where visitors can see the production in action as well as learn more about the art of glass-making.

Here is an overview of the types and prices of the Mallorca Pass available:

Mallorca 1-Day Pass

Child (5-12 Yrs) – €19.90
Teen (13-17 Yrs) -€29.90
Adult – €39.90
Senior (65+Yrs) – €29.90

Mallorca 2-Day Pass

Child (5-12 Yrs) – €29.90
Teen (13-17 Yrs) -€49.90
Adult – €59.90
Senior (65+Yrs) – €49.90

Mallorca 3-Day Pass

Child (5-12 Yrs) – €39.90
Teen (13-17 Yrs) -€59.90
Adult – €79.90
Senior (65+Yrs) – €59.90

Mallorca 5-Day Pass

Child (5-12 Yrs) – €49.90
Teen (13-17 Yrs) -€79.90
Adult – €99.90
Senior (65+Yrs) – €79.90

Mallorca 7-Day Pass

Child (5-12 Yrs) – €59.90
Teen (13-17 Yrs) -€99.90
Adult – €119.90
Senior (65+Yrs) – €99.90

You can buy your Passes online and print it out at home, have it sent via a QR-code to your smartphone or have it delivered through the post. You can also purchase your Passes at the Tourist Center in Palma, located at Passage Particular Joan XXIII, 3, 07002 Palma.

The Pass becomes active the moment you use the first service and the days you use it do not have to be consecutive. What is especially great about this Pass is that it is all inclusive of taxes, booking and service fees, meaning there are no surprises whatsoever. It is an affordable, and convenient option to see all the significant sights and attractions of Mallorca in a stress-free way. By saving time, money and hassle, what more could you ask for?

To find out more information and purchase your Passes, you can visit Mallorca Pass.

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Explore Mallorca with the Mallorca Pass. see all the major attractions in Mallorca and save money and time

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22 thoughts on “Explore Mallorca with a Mallorca Pass, save money and time.”

  1. The Mallorca City pass definitely seems like a worthwhile investment! I love city passes. In Paris, I used a city pass for three days, and the cost benefits (and lack of lines!) were definitely awesome. Great post. Cuevas de Hams sounds like something I’d love to experience.

  2. I’m always a fan of getting the local tour pass, because they usually include the hop on/hop off bus tour. Such a time saver, and convenient for people like me who have trouble figuring out the public transportation systems!

  3. I have been wanting to visit Mallorca for a few years now! I hope we can make it happen this year! I will totally be down to get the city pass, there are so many places of interest it stops at! Awesome deal!

  4. Mallorca was my very first trip away from the UK and loved every moment of it, (even through it was to an all inclusive resort in Alcudia with all those other British/German holiday makers wanting to drink all the time besides the pool. But the cathedral in the city is truly amazing 🙂

  5. Oh I love the idea of the pass ! And because you can use it for 14 days which is well enough time to see it all! And it so convenient that you can buy it online so you can spend all your time exploring !

  6. Mallorca is a beautiful city! I loved walking around the area near the cathedral. Such a vibrant area! I would love to head back there and see more of the city and beyond that to the rest of the island.

  7. I first learned about Mallorca when my Spanish exchange student vacationed there. (her family owned a country house) Now, many of our Expat friends are moving there from Panama. Spain is really on fire right now. Thanks for the closer look at Mallorca.

  8. These types of passes are always great if you are planning on checking out several attractions in a city–looks like Mallorca has some great things included in the pass! I would love to check out the Cathedral, bike tour and some of the museums. It’s cool that they offer discounts on certain activities, as well!

  9. Hi Chrissy,

    I love that these passes cover 30 locations. Awesome deal. Some passes are OK but not inclusive enough for me to buy. This one has it covered big time. From the stunning beaches to jaw-dropping architecture, definitely a must buy.



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