Glamping in Italy: 5 Great Options

For some people, the idea of camping sounds fun, but having to set up a tent and survive in the wilderness for a few days without modern amenities is not appealing to many. If you’re someone who wants to experience the essence of camping, but in a way that is like living in a luxurious hotel, you’ll want to check out glamping. Glamping (also known as glamorous camping) is a way for travelers to enjoy being out in nature, but with modern amenities available to use. You’ll have the same camping feeling, but in an environment that has things like electricity and showers.

Why Go Glamping in Italy?

Italy is home to numerous stunning natural wonders. Glamping in Italy will allow you to uniquely experience the forests and beaches that Italy has, unlike if you went and just visited the spots for a few hours. You’ll find plenty of comfortable tents and cabins you can stay in, while surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of nature.

5 Great Glamping Options in Italy

Glamping in Trequanda, Tuscany, Italy

Trequanda, located in the region of Tuscany, is known worldwide for its rolling hills and beautiful vineyards. If you want to experience this unique setting closely, this is a terrific place to go glamping. The towering white tents of this glamping area are situated under ancient olive trees and near colorful vineyards.

It has up to 10 units, and each unit features its own private bathroom, beds, and amenities such as running water and Wi-Fi. Located next to the tents is a pool you can relax in and a vegetable garden you can visit. There is also furniture scattered around the tents which you can sit while taking some time to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery around you.

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Glamping in Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy

If you’re looking for a family-friendly glamping option, this is a great choice. This is a one unit glamping site that can hold up to 5 people and is located on the stunning Maremma Coast. This large tent features a veranda on the front that has a table and some chairs you can use. Inside you’ll find a master bedroom, a smaller bedroom, and a bathroom that is furnished with a shower and supplied with fresh towels. You can spend the day having fun at its private beach or grab a bite to eat at the glamping site’s nearby restaurant.

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Glamping in Montescudadio, Tuscany, Italy

This glamping option allows you to live in a luxurious treehouse that’s wrapped around an old oak tree. Located in Montescudadio (a small town in Tuscany), you’ll be able to enjoy the sights and sounds of both a peaceful forest and roaring sea while relaxing in your glamping quarters. The treehouse can hold up to 5 guests and has an outdoor balcony with tables and chairs.

As you sit on the balcony, you can gaze down at the forest floor and watch some of the native animals roaming around. If you visit during the warmer months, this glamping option also comes with a mosquito net to keep those pesky insects out. This option comes with a private bath and even with a yurt, located nearby, which has a comfortable sofa bed inside you can lounge on.For meals, you can visit the glamping site’s Locanda, which is filled with locally grown and organic products.

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Glamping in Lizzanello, Puglia Italy

This is a very fancy glamping option in the Puglia region of Italy. This glamping choice will have you living in a massive white tent that is surrounded by beautiful trees. Inside this tent is a large bed, as well as a sofa bed.

There’s also a small breakfast area inside that comes with helpful amenities like a fridge and even a minibar. You’ll also find a private bathroom that’s equipped with a shower and fresh towels. If you want to enjoy the day or evening outdoors, you can do so on the deck outside that has a table, a few chairs, and even a gas barbeque.

Also built into this deck is a bubbling hot tub which you can relax in while gazing around at your surroundings. Above the deck are strings of dazzling lights and lanterns which will light the way for you outside and give this glamping spot a beautiful ambiance during the evening. You’ll also find a telescope in your tent that you can use to search for celestial objects in the night sky. This option is located in the city of Lecce, so you can take a quick trip over to the city and view its many historic ruins.

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Glamping in Ischia, Italy

Located on the island of Ischia, this dome-shaped tent glamping choice will give you spectacular views of the crystal blue waters of the Bay of San Francesco. The large dome shape of this space is big enough to hold a king-size bed, sofa, and a private bathroom equipped with fluffy towels and a warm shower. In addition to these amenities, it also comes with Wi-Fi and a laundry service.

On the exterior of this tent is a deck that is surrounded by beautiful native plants and is a wonderful place you can lounge on while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. The medieval Aragonese Castle is located nearby which is just a short walk from this glamping location.

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Glamping in Italy can be a fun and adventurous thing to do. You’ll be able to experience its natural landscapes more intimately but with the comfort of modern amenities. These five options are great places to go glampingin this country. They’re situated by the sea, in the middle of a towering forest, and even in the midst of local vineyards, so you have a wide range of unique places to spend a few days in. Glamping will certainly be an adventure you’ll never forget and help you to experience the beautiful land of Italy much better.

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