A Local’s Guide: Things to Do in Noia, Spain

Welcome to my new travel series where local’s share their tips and advice about their hometowns. In this guide, you’ll learn what to see, where to eat and drink, what to buy and all the information needed to make your holidays unforgettable.

On this post, Inma and Jose share their tips on traveling to Noia, Galicia, Spain.

Things to do in Noia, Galicia

Inma and Jose run A World to Travel, a unique travel experiences website that focuses on the great outdoors and cool festivals they come across on their travels. When they are not roaming around the world, they call Noia home, a peaceful but lively town by the sea in Galicia, on the North West coast of Spain.

Top 5 things to do in Noia

  • Start the day with a healthy run or walk by the sea or around the old town
  • Visit the main church and have some tapas with a drink before lunch or dinner.
  • Explore the nearby beaches.
  • Admire sunset from its boardwalk by the estuary.
  • Enjoy its nightlife in the weekends.

Two off the beaten path things to do in Noia

  • Arrive by boat sailing around Galicia’s coast.
  • Rub shoulders with the fishermen early in the morning at the local market.

Top 3 restaurants and bars in Noia

  • Carrocho. Only in Summer, in a nearby beach (Gaviotas) and perfect to admire the sunset with a sundowner! – $
  • Meson Senra. Tapas bar in a truly Galician stone building – $
  • Meson Ferrador. Great daily menu, signature dishes and seafood – $$

The best area to stay in Noia

The town is home to about 15K people. With that size, anywhere you stay you won’t be far from where everything happens!

Traditional dishes to try in Noia

Cockles, clams and other molluscs and seafood are harvested in our estuary, depending on the season.

The best way to get around Noia

On foot. Short distances and no steep streets everywhere!


The best spot to see Noia from above

Any of the surrounding mountains. Pedra Serpal works great for us.

The best souvenirs to buy from Noia

Local food and groceries. Their quality is exceptional.

The best day trips from Noia

If the sun is shining, any beach in the estuary would do for a half a day trip. If you have more time, head to Santiago de Compostela or Coruña, two nearby cities with lots to explore. For more ideas on what to do in our hometown, visit our article with the 10 pictures that will make you want to visit Noia, in Galicia, right now.

Tourist traps to avoid in Noia

Nothing that I am aware of, really. The size of it and the shortness of the high season don’t give much room to tourist traps around here.

Have you been to Noia, Spain? What did you enjoy the most?

Inma and Jose run the blog A World to Travel. You can follow them on Twitter and Instagram.

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