Best places to visit in Europe in July 2019

Best places to visit in July in Europe - Provence
Valensole lavender fields, Provence

If you are not a fan of spending your summer vacation on a beach, if you like pleasant summer temperatures more than uncomfortably hot weather, then visiting Europe in July is the perfect option for you. During this period there are a lot of sport events in many countries in Europe as well as festivals in which you can enjoy and have fun. Here is a list of the best places to visit in Europe in July, which can help with choosing where to spend your perfect holiday.

Best places to go in Europe in July 2019

Siena, Italy for the Palio

2nd of July 2019

Siena is a great place to go n Europe in July
Piazza del Campo in the preparation of Palio

Palio of Siena is a horse race, held in beautiful Italian town – Siena. Since this is a twice-annual festival, the first year’s race is called the Palio of Provenzano and it takes place on the evening of July 2nd in honour of the Madonna of Provenzano, the image of Virgin Mary which is kept in the church at Provenzano.

There are 10 horse riders competing in bareback horse race where each horse rider represents one district. A huge rivalry is present between the districts and there are over thousand people watching and cheering for their local district. After the race you can enjoy the rest of your evening by taking a walk through the streets of this beautiful town or having a dinner at a local restaurant or go shopping for local handicrafts.

London, England for the Wimbledon Tennis Championship

1st of July 2019 – 14th of July 2019

London is the home of one of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, as well as the oldest and the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. It is tradition that these tennis matches are played on the grass at the All England Club. Ticket prices for this Championship are very expensive, if you can afford it, go for it, you won’t regret it!

Apart from having an opportunity to watch the world’s most famous tennis players compete for a share of Wimbledon’s prize money, you will be served strawberries and cream, which is also a long-standing tradition for this event.

There are many other things you can do while in London like taking a walk next to the Thames river on a sunny afternoon, seeing Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, eating fish and chips, tasting some British beer and of course, seeing the famous Big Ben.

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Belgium and France for the Tour de France

6th of July 2019 to 28th of July 2019 

The famous hairpin curves of Alpe d’Huez – Tour de France

If you are a cycling sport lover, then France is a perfect July holiday destination in Europe for you. Tour de France is 21 day long cycling race, the length of the route is around 3,500km (2000 miles). It is held in France while sometimes passing through neighbouring countries.

The route changes annually, this year the starting point will be Bruxelles, Brussel and the finish will be set in Paris, as always. Tour de France is the world’s most famous French sporting event as well as the world’s most famous cycle race and it would be a shame to miss it if you love cycling.

If you cannot spend three weeks in this country, but you still want to be a part of this sporting event, you can travel to Paris during the last days of the Tour and watch the most important part of the race- the very end of and its ceremony.

Paris, France for the Bastille Day (French National Day)

14th of July 2019

Bastille day parade Paris

This is a day for celebrating French history and culture. Bastille Day is a public holiday which honours democracy and equality in France. On this day, you can expect parties, parades, fireworks and picnics for celebrating the French Revolution.

One of the main attractions on Bastille Day is Firefighter’s Ball, where fire stations across the city open their doors to the public to enjoy delicious food, cheap beer, amazing music and even better energy. If you are questioning where to go in Europe in July, please don’t, because on Bastille Day in Paris there is a type of entertainment for everyone.

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Salzburg, Austria for the Salzburg Festival

20th of  July 2019 to 31st of August 2019

one day in Salzburg - Salzburg castle
Salzburg castle

Salzburg Festival is Europe’s most prestigious summer musical event, and one of the cultural highlights of the year. A town with 150,000 people is known to the world as the Festival City. This festival is held in honour of one of the greatest composers of all time – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

During the festival the whole town is basically turned into a stage, where you can watch several performances for free, but the tickets for the main concerts, operas and plays are very expensive and they sell out very quickly. If you don’t want to miss the performance of the world’s greatest artists of classical music, you should better book your tickets well in advance to avoid any disappointment.

Apart from the festival, Salzburg offers the most luxurious hotels and the most amazing restaurants, coffeeshops, bars, inns, pubs and even nightclubs. Salzburg is also popular for its trick fountains, where you can cool off during the summer day.

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Provence France for lavender fields

Best places to visit in July in Europe - Provence
Valensole lavender fields, Provence

If you visit Provence France at the beginning of July, going to the lavender fields is a must! These fragrant, beautiful purple fields can be found popping almost everywhere in the Provence. The best way to see it is to go on a 9 hour tour by driving through the valley of the Durance River and discover the Plateau of Valensole specializing in the cultivation of lavandin.

You will be able to enjoy this breathtaking sight and take the most wonderful photos. Another thing you can do is go on a wine tasting tour at Chateau La Dorgonne Organic Vineyard. This is a wonderful vineyard in an exceptional lush green setting, surrounded by garrigue.

Tuscany for the sunflower fields

Tuscany is a great place to visit in Europe in Julyin

If purple isn’t your colour, then a dazzling golden yellow must be. Sunflower fields in Tuscany start to turn yellow at the beginning of July and they will stay yellow till the beginning of August. The best fields are right next to the highway, around 15 minutes from Siena.

If you are in Tuscany and having trouble finding these fields, ask the locals, they will send you to the right place. You can go back to the second paragraph of this post and read what else you can do in beautiful Siena.

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It doesn’t matter rather you choose Italy, England, France or Austria, because all these places have their own charm and beauty which you will love. Don’t overthink it, just start packing your suitcases, choose you perfect July holiday destination in Europe and begin the journey!

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