Best Places to Visit in Europe in March 2023

If you’re finding yourself fed up with the cold, gloomy winter months and just can’t wait any longer until your summer holiday, why not book a weekend break to Europe this March? In so many incredible European cities, there is an abundance of great events happening that offer such unique and unforgettable experiences.

March is also an ideal time to visit Europe because there are far fewer tourists, the weather is often very pleasant, and you can discover some really affordable flight and hotel prices. This list will give you a run-down of some of Europe’s festival highlights for March, as well as some other things to do in the specific destinations.

Best places to go in Europe in March 2023

Dublin, Ireland, for St Patrick’s Day

17th March 2023

Best Places to Visit in Europe in March - St Patrick's day Dublin

One of the greatest celebrations in Irish history is St Patrick’s Day, where the whole country comes alive to celebrate on March 17th. Many visitors from around the world are enticed by Irish hospitality and charm, and make a trip to visit this incredible day; pubs become alive with people drinking, dancing, and celebrating their heritage, and there are also many parades and performances.

One of the best places to celebrate St Patrick’s Day is in Dublin, which is the capital of Ireland, and an incredible city. Make sure that you visit the Temple Bar on St Patrick’s Day and have a pint of Guinness; the Bar is one of the most famous in the whole of Dublin, and you will undoubtedly see why once you have visited! Also make sure that you wander around the University grounds, as they are particularly beautiful, and there is so much history to uncover.

Keukenhof, The Netherlands

23rd March 2023 – 14th May 2023

Best Places to Visit in Europe in March Keukenhof

Though many of you may never head of Keukenhof, it is a series of beautiful gardens that are grown for every spring, and welcome visitors from all over the world to admire its magnificent array of colours. It features 800 different types of tulips, which are synonymous with the Netherlands.

This is a great place to visit for both families, as there is a lot to explore for young children, as well as for couples, as the abundance of natural beauty is perfect for a romantic stroll. There is so much to explore at Keukenhof, including mazes, animal shows, places to eat and drink, as well as performances and exhibitions.

Every year, the festival has a theme, and this year it is Flower Power; it is incredibly fitting with the nature of the festival, and it invites visitors to dress up in Hippie costumes and admire and celebrate the wonder of flowers.

Las Fallas – Valencia, Spain

4th February 2023 – 19th March 2023

Best Places to Visit in Europe in March - Valencia Spain

Las Fallas is the perfect festival to visit in March if you love all things big, loud and full of fire! The city literally lights up with some of the most impressive fireworks you will ever see in your life; they are loud, colorful and so incredibly exciting.

There are also an array of different parades, where creative groups design the most outrageous and intricate floats, that they show off to onlookers. There are also many different performances and various forms of entertainment, as well as people dressing up in traditional Spanish attire; the festival is massive in Europe and attracts over 3 million visitors a year.

Aside from the festival, Valencia is a beautiful city; make sure that you visit Plaza de Toros de Valencia, to sample a culture entirely different; here, you can discover a bullfighting arena, and gaze at its sheer impressiveness and enormity.

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Munich Strong Beer Festival – Starkbierzeit

10th of March 2023 – 2nd April 2023

Best Places to Visit in Europe in March - Munich

Munich is located in the traditional region of Germany called Bavaria, and here, one can find some of the country’s most incredible beers. The annual Munich Strong Beer Festival is a relatively small festival that calls all strong beer-loving individuals to the same place, where they can try an array of different German beers, and experience a traditional Bavarian atmosphere, where many people dress up in authentic attire and sing traditional songs.

Aside from the festival, Munich is a great city to visit in Europe in March; there is so much to see and do, including the Hofbräuhaus, which is a traditional Bavarian beer hall, where visitors can indulge in liter-sized beers! It is not for the faint-hearted, but even if you do not like beer, make sure you visit, as it is like something you will have never seen before!

Whichever festival takes your fancy, make sure that you find an excuse to escape to Europe this march. As this list has demonstrated, there is so much just waiting to be discovered, and with the fewer crowds, cheaper flights and accommodation, which is a better time to visit a fantastic European city?

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