What to Wear in Italy (May to October Packing List)

If you’re heading to Italy during the warmer months, you’re going to love this guide on what to wear in Italy in May through to October.  This Italy packing list is just what you need to guide you through not only what to pack for Italy in May through to October but also give you some tips on how to dress in Italy, so you totally look the part!

I highly recommend you print off this what to pack for Italy checklist and tick the items off as you’re packing for Italy so you don’t forget anything.

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What to Wear in Italy in May through to October: Italy Packing List

To make it easier for you, I have broken this packing list up into the categories: clothes, shoes, bags, sun protection, electronics, toiletries, beach essentials and travel documents.

Clothes to Wear in Italy: Italy Travel Checklist

From the end of May, the weather in Italy is starting to get warm and so what to pack for a trip to Italy is much different to what you’d pack if you were going during the cooler months.   For clothes to wear in Italy, I recommend you bring the following:

1. Shorts 

Bring 2-3 comfortable pairs of shorts for a day of sightseeing around the cities as well as for the beach.  I like shorts such as the one’s pictured here – click here to check out the price.

2. Tops 

You only need around 3 tops which you can mix and match with your shorts.  I like the tops pictured here – click here to check out the price.

3. Dresses 

Depending on whether you prefer wearing dresses over shorts, I’d recommend you bring 1-2 casual dresses.  You might take more dresses and less shorts or vice versa, depending upon your preference, so amend as necessary.  Dresses like the one pictured below on the left is perfect as you can dress them up for a casual dinner at night too.

Ensure you also bring an appropriate dress (something like the one on the right) if you intend to visit some churches as uncovered shoulders, shorts and mini dresses are not allowed in most churches.

If you like the dresses pictured below, click on the image to find the price.


4. Stylish Outfits

I’d also recommend bringing a few stylish outfits for eating in nice restaurants.  Something like the outfits below would look great.  Click on the images to learn more about the dresses pictured.


5. Pants

A pair of trousers for colder nights.  Certainly necessary if you’re packing for Italy in September and onwards when the nights are starting to get cooler.

6. Jacket 

A light jacket in case it gets a bit cooler especially at nights.  As mentioned above, this is especially true if you’re wondering what to wear in Italy in September, as the weather is starting to get a bit cooler.  3 in 1 jackets are perfect as they keep you warm and protect you from the rain too – click here to find out more about the jacket pictured here.

7. Underwear

I recommend 2 bras and a pair of knickers for each day.

 8. Swimsuit 

What to wear in Italy in Summer will of course include your swim suit!  Bring 2 so you can wear one and let the other one dry.



What Shoes to Wear in Italy

 So above we talked about what to wear when travelling to Italy in terms of clothing, now let’s talk about what shoes to wear in Italy.

9. Sandals 

A pair of comfortable flat sandals for a day of city sightseeing are the best travel shoes for Italy.  Click here for more information about these Teva sandals.

10. Hiking Shoes 

Non-slippery comfortable shoes like these Merrell’s are necessary if you want to go hiking.  Click here for more information these Merrell hiking shoes.

11. Flip Flops 

A pair of flip-flops if you’re visiting the beach.

12. Heels for Going Out 

If you want to bring something with heels, my tip is to bring wedges which are easier to walk in cobbled streets.  Click here for more information about the wedges pictured.  

Luggage and Bags

Of course every Italy travel checklist needs luggage to transport all your things, here’s what I recommend. 

13. Luggage 

I’ve got a separate post on luggage I recommend.  Click here to check it out.

14. Hand Bag 

A small shoulder bag is ideal to keep your wallet and camera with you at all times.  I like one that goes across my body.  Unfortunately some cities in Italy are also known for their pickpockets, so it’s worth investing in an anti-theft bag like this one from Travelon which has built in security features such as slash proof, lockable zippers, hidden compartments and RFID block pockets.  Click here for more information about this Travelon shoulder bag.  

15. Backpack 

A small backpack is essential if you want to go out for a day of sightseeing.  This can also double as a beach bag if you don’t want to bring separate bags.  Again, consider an anti theft backpack like this one from Pacsafe with built in security features.  Click here for more information about this Pacsafe backpack.

16. Packing Cubes  

Packing Cubes, like these ones,  are a must to keep all your belongings organized.

17. Toiletry Bag 

Bring a toiletry bag, like this one,  to keep all your toiletries in as well as a small clear bag for going through airport security.



Sun Protection: Italy Travel Essentials

What to wear in Italy in April through to October?  Sun protection of course!  When packing for Italy, particularly during the Summer months, the temperature can get very high. You should always put sunscreen on to avoid getting burnt and a hat so that you don’t suffer from a sun stroke. Also drink a lot of water. You don’t want to ruin your holidays.

18. Sunglasses 

A necessity for any time of the year!

19. Hat 

You will need a hat in Italy, particularly during those Summer months.  One with a big brim all the way around like the one pictured here is ideal – click here for information about this particular sun hat. 

20. Sunscreen 

The sun can get hot in Italy, so ensure you have good quality sunscreen to protect your face and body.  Choose one that’s at least SPF 30 – like the one pictured here.

Electronics Packing List

When it comes to electronics and tech gear, this is a personal thing, so here are some items you may want to consider.

21. Mobile Phone

Your mobile phone so you can keep in touch with families and friends.

22. Camera  

You’ll know doubt want to take plenty of photographs for your memories.  For the best quality images I use the Sony a6000, which I highly recommend – click here for more information about this camera

23. Memory cards  

Take two memory cards– one for the camera and one for as a backup!

24. Travel Adapter  

Depending upon where you’re visiting, you may need to bring a plug adaptor. Get a universal one like this one here.

25. Laptop / Tablet

Some people like to bring their laptop or tablet it’s up to you.

26. Headphones 

For listing to music or streaming movies on your phone whilst traveling. I like ones like this so as they are noise cancelling ones.

27. Chargers

Don’t forget all the various chargers you need to keep your tech gear charged.

28. Power Bank 

Bring a charger to keep all your electronics fully charged throughout your trip.  Taking endless amounts of photos each day can easily drain your phone while you’re and about.  One like this Anker one is ideal as it is lightweight and can charge 2 devices at once.  Click here for more information about this portable charger




Following is a comprehensive list of all the toiletries you will need whilst in Italy.  You can of course buy all these items in Italy, so its up to you which ones you bring from home and which ones you purchase once you arrive.

29. Moisturizing Cream 

Make sure you bring some moisturizing cream for your face, eyes and body, the sun and sea tend to make the skin dry.

30. A Razor 

31. Make Up

This is a personal choice but bring whatever you might need for a night out.

32. Shampoo and Conditioner 

A small travel size, enough for one week is plenty.

33. Body Wash 

34. Toothpaste and Toothbrush

35. Hair Brush and Hair Ties

36. Deodorant 

It can get very hot in the sun, so you won’t want to forget this one!

37. Medication 

Bring any medication you may require.  At least bring some pain killers, you don’t want to have to be worried about where the nearest pharmacy is just because you have a headache.

38. Motion Sickness Pills 

Only really necessary if you plan on doing any boat trips.

39. Mosquito Repellent: 

For most beach destinations you will need this before heading out in the evening.

40. 100 ml  Non Leak Containers 

Lastly, if you want to travel carry on only you will need 100 ml non leak containers to store your liquids.  Click here to buy these ones from Amazon.



Beach Essentials for Visiting the Islands

If you’re spending any time on the islands, add the below to your checklist.

41. Swim Cover Up or Sarong 

A swimsuit cover is perfect for wearing down to the beach, but you might prefer a sarong as you can also use this to cover your shoulders or legs if you visit a church.

42. Water Shoes 

At some beach destinations there can be a lot of rocks and coral on the beaches so a pair of slip on mesh beach shoes can be useful to protect your feet.  These shoes pictured come in a range of great colors – click here for more information.

43. Beach Towel 

When choosing a beach towel, I recommend one with microfibres that is lightweight and dries fast. Another reason I like it is that the sand won’t stick on it. I would choose a similar to this one.

44. Snorkel Set 

If you’re headed somewhere with fantastic life underwater, don’t forget a good quality snorkel kit.  Sometimes your accommodation might have a set you can borrow or hire, but I like to have my own for that perfect fit. Check out these best seller snorkel set from Amazon here.

45. Floating Device 

Do you want to get some awesome Instagram shots?  Bring along one of these super unicorn floaties.  Or if you want something a little more practical get a simple lie on float for the relaxing on in the pool. Check out this one from Amazon here.

46. Beach Bag  

Bring a beach bag to put all your items in, or if you prefer just use your backpack. Check out the ShyLero XL Beach Bag here.

47. Underwater Camera 

If you’re heading to the Islands, take an underwater camera for those underwater shots, this is vital if your destination is known for great snorkeling.   Click here to check out the Campark Action Camera.

48. Waterproof Phone Pouch  

If don’t want to bring an underwater camera, turn your mobile phone into one with a waterproof phone pouch.  Check out this best seller phone pouch here.

Click here for more tips on what to pack for a beach holiday.

Travel Documents

Last but not least, don’t forget all those important travel documents, money and somewhere to carry it all.

49. Passport / Visa

If you’re headed overseas, don’t forget to bring with you your passport and check if you require a visa.

50. Passport holder 

Consider a RFID passport wallet like this one pictured.

51. Travel Wallet  

These come in handy when you have multiple tickets for transport, tours and hotels as well as somewhere to keep your passport and foreign currency.  Click here to read my guide on the best travel wallet for women here.

52. Money

When I travel I want to have with me a variety of options concerning money. I always have some cash, my debit card so that I can withdraw money from the ATM’s and my credit card. As with the rest of the EU (with few exceptions), Italy uses Euro as their currency, which you can exchange from majority of foreign currencies at exchange booths pretty much everywhere in the tourist hubs.

53. Security pouch 

For keeping your money safe.

54. Travel Insurance

Never leave home without it!

Other Things you Might Bring 

  • Italy travel guide.
  • Books make great company for the time you will spend on the ship, at the airport and on the beach. You might want to check these incredible travel books.
  • Travel Pillow: Useful for long flights or ferry rides.  I really like the kind pictured here as you can use it in multiple positions. 

How to stay connected in Italy

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