20 Northern Italy Cities and Towns You Must Visit

The north of Italy is immensely diverse, and you will be challenged to find two cities that are remotely alike; each location comes with its own traditions, charm, and culture. A trip to northern Italy will take you from the chaotic bustle of Milan and the touristy, compact Venice, all the way to the calm and slow-paced Cinque Terre and the Lakes.

The north of the country is also dotted with smaller, lesser-known cities, such as Turin and Padua, that offer all the character of the more famous cities without the crowds. Italy has so much to offer; it is jam-packed with ancient history, as well as Renaissance artworks and architecture, all the way to contemporary culture, beautiful cuisine, and wine. A trip to Northern Italy will always be unforgettable, and this list will help you make the most of your visit, location by location.


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