Are you planning a trip to Greece? This amazing destination has captured the hearts of travelers for centuries. Whatever you hope to discover here – from ancient archaeology to contemporary art, from the most famous beaches to the most remote gorges and mountains – we would love to guide you. Please see below how to make the most of your visit to this enchanted land.


A vibrant contemporary European capital with an ancient soul, Athens is like no other city in the world. We’ll help you get the most out of the city no matter how long you’re with us, with ideal itineraries for stays from just one day to several. We’ll also help you get around with ease. Finally, we’ll share how to enjoy the city like a true Athenian, with tips on the most exciting neighborhoods, the hottest restaurants, and the best cafes and bars.


Greece is one of Europe’s most fascinating destinations, with multiple identities. The interior is fascinating, from the deepest of gorges to hike in, to the mountain of the gods of the ancient world, all linked by endless vineyards and olive groves. The coasts and beaches are as lovely and dramatic as those of the islands. mainland Greece is a splendid nature destination throughout the year, from skiing in January to snorkeling in June.


The expression “spoiled for choice” doesn’t even come close when you’re describing the pleasures of the Greek Islands. Greece has over 220 inhabited islands (that’s from a total of 6000), and they each have their own personality. You are sure to find one – or more likely several – that you’ll fall in love with, and we’d love to help you with that.


Are you just in Greece for a short time? The Argo-Saronic Islands are very close to Athens. But they all deliver the remote Greek Island experience you’ve been dreaming about. Whether you’re looking for a Doric temple or a contemporary art event, these storied, cultured islands will add depth to your Greek journey.


Perhaps Greece’s most iconic family of islands, the Cyclades are defined by the purity of their architecture and the beautiful wildness of their landscapes. This most famous group includes Santorini and Mykonos. But you can also experience the intense beauty of the Cyclades on much quieter islands. We’d love to introduce you to all of them.


The Ionian Islands have a delightfully independent character. First of all, they’re by themselves off of the west coast of Greece. Secondly, they have a gentle – and delicious – Italian influence. Thirdly, they’re known for being beautifully lush and green. Fourth, the Ionian sea is famously jewel-like. Discover these islands with us – from the sophistication and elegance of Corfu, to the remote wonder of tiny Antipaxos.


North Aegean The Islands of the North Aegean are sometimes called “the Other Aegean” because they have such distinctive strong characters. Are you an oenophile? Then get yourself over to the PDO paradises of Samos and Lemnos. Do you love a mix of rich ancient Greek history, cosmopolitan culture, and an exotic eastern accent? Then Lesvos is the answer. This is also the birthplace of the refined culture of ouzo – an honor they share with beautiful Chios. You’ll have to compare to see who truly gets it right. There are just some of the choices of the North Aegean – let us introduce you to this lush and beautiful group of Island


The Dodecanese The name means “twelve islands” – but there are actually more. This family of islands in the southeastern Aegean has a rich and complex history that has left them with a fascinating cultural heritage. There are medieval castles, Byzantine riches, and exotic traces of Ottoman presence, in addition to the glorious monuments of ancient Greece. And don’t even get us started on the world-famous beaches. We’d love to introduce you to the tremendous variety of Dodecanese.


Above the Cyclades and east of the islands of the North Aegean are the lush – and luscious – Sporades. Live your “Mamma Mia” experience here – this Greek fantasy was set in Skopelos. These four gorgeously green islands are known for their dreamy beaches and romantic harbor towns. Whether you want to have a fun, cosmopolitan beach party experience, or a peaceful island holiday, the Sporades will have exactly what you’re looking for.


In a category of its own, Greece’s largest island is like its own beautiful, exotic country. The cuisine is fabulously unique, and the history is far more ancient – as you’ll see at Knossos, the glorious and mysterious Bronze-age Palace of the Minoans. Crete has some of the most famous beaches in the world. But this mountainous island is also a paradise for hikers, with many famous gorges, including the epic Samarian Gorge. There are also hundreds of fascinating caves. And Crete even has its own tiny islands. The culture and beauty of Crete and the character of the Cretans will enchant you, whether you are seeking some of Greece’s most sophisticated, luxurious experiences, or some of its most rugged and wild ones


This second-largest of the Greek Islands is separated from mainland Greece by a narrow strait, making it one of Greece’s most accessible island experiences. It is also one its most varied – Evia has areas in the south that capture a Cycladic atmosphere, while the north is dense with fragrant pines, reaching to the lovely beaches. There are many sites from antiquity to satisfy the curious, fantastic lush hiking routes, and – for a taste of luxury – even a world-class historic thermal spa by the seaside. Let us introduce you to this varied and charming island experience.